[YesAuto Test Drive] Since someone developed a hard-top convertible sports car, the CC model has a trend to replace the soft-top convertible sports car with stronger practicality, better sealing and sound insulation, and even the most stubborn manufacturers have also Treachery. Although Volkswagen is a latecomer in this field, it is not lagging behind at all. As an alternative to the Golf Convertible, EOS takes the hardtop convertible sports car to a higher standard.

To say that EOS is the new standard is not an exaggeration. The first is the most important roof structure of a convertible sports car. In the past, it was basically a two-stage structure with a relatively simple structure. Volkswagen developed a 5-stage CSC roof for EOS. Second, in the past, the convertible sports car either opened or closed the roof, and EOS designed the sunroof on the basis of the convertible, which is also a precedent for a hard-top sports car. Then there is the quality of the Volkswagen PQ35 platform product itself.

From the outside, the shape of EOS is not very trendy. The U-shaped front face, drop-shaped headlights, and taillights are all common styles for the public. The wheelbase of 2578mm is exactly the same as that of the Sagitar and the fifth-generation Golf. But as long as you press the button, after 25 seconds of complex mechanical structure changes, EOS completely becomes another look. If it is accompanied by sound effects, it is simply a scene in Transformers, and every passerby will stop and watch the whole process.

After the deformation is completed, the sun shines into the carriage. The EOS interior is still very familiar, and it is also in Sagitar style, but the details of the decoration are different. The large screen in the center of the center console is Volkswagen's latest RNS510 multimedia system. It has long been heard that its function is very powerful, and it has been equipped on the domestic Magotan. After a simple try, the first impression is that the menu logic is very clear and easy to use. The touch screen also makes the operation more intuitive, eliminating the trouble of fiddling with various knobs. In addition, it is compatible with various media, including SD cards, etc. .

The practicality of the roadster is always unsatisfactory, especially in terms of space. However, EOS is doing relatively well. The rear seats are no longer a decoration. It is not a problem for two medium-sized adults to sit in, but the angle of the backrest is somewhat straight, and the comfort of long-distance driving is not good. Perhaps the most annoying thing about almost all coupes is that there are no windows in the rear, while the rear triangular windows of EOS can be raised and lowered, so passengers sitting in the rear can enjoy the same treatment as the driver. EOS also provides a manually installed rear seat partition, which is both a rear windshield and can prevent items placed on the rear seat from being stolen.

Although the convertible sports car does not have to act as a household all-rounder, short trips are inevitable, and the small luggage compartment space is always a headache. When EOS opens the roof, the luggage compartment has a volume of only 205 liters, but after closing the roof, the luggage compartment can be expanded to 380 liters. With the space of the rear seats, it is also fully capable of general tasks.

At present, imported domestic models are equipped with 2.0TSI engines. This Volkswagen Group’s leading engine is also very common in China, and the power values are already well-known. However, the powerful torque of 280N·m, the ultra-wide torque platform of 1800~4500 rpm and the liter power of 100 horsepower are still very admirable. These data are close to the level of BMW's 2.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Matching this engine is an advanced 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. 2.0TSI plus DSG is also a classic combination of Volkswagen, which is exactly the same powertrain as the Golf GTI. I have always heard about how smooth DSG is and how fast the shift speed is. Some people even say that the fun surpasses the traditional manual gearbox. Today I finally have the opportunity to learn about it.

The 2.0TSI engine is completely unburdened to promote the lightweight EOS. Although the peak torque will not be ushered in until 1800 rpm, it will not feel fatigued at low speeds, and the power will explode at any time in the high speed range. Although the power is strong, EOS is not irritable, the output of the engine is very restrained, and the DSG gearbox also contributes to it. From the start to the high speed, the power is always very consistent. The smoothness of shifting completely prevents the CVT gearbox. If it is not for the change of the tachometer pointer, the driver will not notice the upshift at all, and the transmission efficiency of DSG is CVT. incomparable. In daily driving, the gearbox always likes to keep the engine speed at 1800-2000 rpm, which happens to be the range of maximum torque output, and the power is waiting for dispatch at any time. If you step on the accelerator a little bit deeper, the gearbox will respond immediately, sometimes even continuously down 2nd and 3rd gears, and the speed remains above 3000 rpm for a period of time, and then return to the normal gear after the driver is calm.

However, even if the DSG gearbox is considerate, it will inevitably be a bit boring, so EOS has also designed shift paddles on the steering wheel, but the small paddles can double the fun. When you want to overtake, just touch the paddle lightly, and EOS will instantly transform. It is also easy to release the manual mode. Just hold down the upshift paddle for 3 seconds and it will return to the D gear state.

Although the shift gap of the DSG gearbox has surpassed that of a well-trained racer, but without the clutch pedal and shifting action, I always feel that it is not refreshing enough. For those who insist on manual shifting, they may not be particularly concerned. . But DSG's excellent ride comfort is indeed very obvious in helping comfort. In addition, because the power transmission is more direct and the loss is smaller, the effect of DSG in reducing fuel consumption is also more obvious. Therefore, from all considerations, the DSG dual-clutch gearbox is definitely the best transmission scheme at present. Although DSG is currently only equipped on Volkswagen's high-end imported models, it will not be long before the DSG gearboxes from Volkswagen Dalian Transmission Plant will appear on domestic models, and it is said to be the most advanced 7-speed DSG gearbox.

In addition to the TSI and DSG-based powertrain, the suspension and steering systems of Volkswagen's current latest models have also undergone significant changes. The soft ribs of the non-independent rear suspension of the PQ34 platform have been completely resolved, and the products of the PQ35 platform have been completely upgraded to a 4-link rear suspension, which improves the stability and comfort. The steering change is also very thorough. In the past, Volkswagen models (represented by the fourth-generation Golf and Bora) have a strong sense of road on the steering wheel, and the steering wheel is also very powerful. Although there is full driving pleasure, the comfort of daily driving is also greatly affected. . The new steering system has become softer, and although the road feel is no longer clear, the steering accuracy has been improved. Although it has some impact on driving pleasure, the improvement in comfort is more obvious. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons, I am more willing to accept the current steering system.

In the winding mountain road, the DSG gearbox adjusts the power very delicately. Listening to the music, opening the canopy, bathing in the sun, breathing in the fresh air, what a pleasant enjoyment. Although EOS does not have an amazing appearance and will not attract the envy of passers-by, the feeling it brings will make people who drive it enjoy it. Of course, it still cannot avoid the narrow application range of a convertible sports car, and the price of more than 400,000 yuan is not cheap, so it is destined to be a leisure car for only a few people.

Volkswagen EOS parameter configuration table

Model picture
Basic parameters EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Model name: EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Quotation: 44.80 million
Brand: public
level: Sports car
engine: 2.0L 200 horsepower L4
Gearbox: DSG dual clutch gearbox
Length × width × height: 4407×1791×1443
Body structure: 2-door 4-seater hard top convertible
Length (mm): 4407
Width (mm): 1791
Height (mm): 1443
Vehicle weight (Kg): 1557
Wheelbase (mm): 2578
Front track (mm): 1545
Rear track (mm): 1553
Minimum ground clearance (mm):
Body structure: Hard top convertible
Number of doors (pieces): 2
Number of seats (a): 4
Fuel tank capacity (L): 55
Luggage capacity (L): 209-380
engine EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Displacement (cc): 1984
Displacement (L): 2.0
Way of working: Turbocharged
Cylinder arrangement type: L
Number of cylinders (a): 4
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs): 4
Compression ratio: 10.5
Valve structure: DOHC
Bore: 82.5
stroke: 92.8
Horsepower (hp): 200
Maximum power (kW): 147
Maximum power speed (rpm): 5100
Maximum torque (N·m): 280
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 1800-5000
Engine-specific technology:
Fuel: gasoline
Fuel label: No. 97
Fuel supply mode: Direct injection
Cylinder body material: aluminum
Cylinder head material: aluminum
Environmental protection standards: Euro IV
Gearbox EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
name: DSG dual clutch gearbox
Number of gears: 6
Gearbox type: AT
Chassis steering EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Drive mode: Front Predecessor
Front suspension type: MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type: Four-link heavy-duty coil spring
Power type: Electro-hydraulic assistance
Wheel brake EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Front brake type: Dish
Rear brake type: Dish
Front tire specifications: 235/45 R17
Rear tire specifications: 235/45 R17
Spare tire: Not full size

Safety equipment EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Driver's seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Knee airbag:
Electronic anti-theft:
Central control lock in the car:
remote key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
ABS anti-lock brake:
Braking force distribution (EBD):
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC/ATC):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA):
Body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC):
Lifting (air) suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Power steering with speed:
Active steering system:
External configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Manual sunroof:
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Rearview mirror of the same color:
Same color anti-scratch strip:
Sports version bracket:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Internal configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Leather steering wheel:
Rest pedal for left foot:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel front and rear adjustment:
Multifunction steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:
Cruise control:
Parking assistance:
Reverse image:
Multi-function display:
HUD head up digital display:
Seat configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Leather seats:
Sports seats:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Power seat memory:
Seat heating:
Front seat center armrest:
Recoil central armrest:
Front row cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Seat massage/ventilation:
The rear seats are down as a whole:
The rear seats are down proportionally:
Multimedia configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
GPS navigation system:
Multimedia control system:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Center console LCD screen:
Rear LCD screen:
External audio input (AUX, USB, iPod):
Support MP3, WMA:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD converter:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 speaker system:
4-5 speaker speaker system:
6-7 horn speaker system:
Speaker system with more than 8 speakers:
Lighting configuration EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Xenon headlights:
Automatic headlight:
Turning headlights:
Front fog lights:
Rear fog lamps:
Adjustable headlight height:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/Rearview Mirror EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Front power windows:
Rear power windows:
Anti-pinch function:
Electric rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror heating:
Rearview mirror electric folding:
Manual rear sun blind:
Electric rear sun blind:
Rearview mirror anti-glare:
Rear side sunshade:
Sun visor makeup mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator EOS 2.0TFSI DSG
Manual air conditioner:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
Air conditioning in the car:
Car refrigerator: