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[YesAuto Auto Show Apocalypse] The great French military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte famously said that soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers, but this sentence is not so good today when companies in other fields have announced that they have stepped into the auto industry. Applied. It seems that their purpose is not to make a good car in the traditional sense. So, their involvement in the automotive field is really just an act of burning money and playing tickets? What does it mean to enter the automotive field? Let us take a look at their respective “hole cards”.

When the historical almanac turned to 1969, the word “Internet was born” appeared on it. The inventors and users of that year never thought that today, 47 years later, the blue planet we live in will be changed by this invention. Our distance has been shortened as never before, and the transmission time of information has become in seconds. unit. Now, the tentacles of the Internet have begun to extend to the car field, which has a history of a century.

From the early announcement of the development of self-driving cars by Apple, to Xiaomi cars that have been dismissed, as well as Singularity, PATEO, Harmony, etc., which are building cars on the road, the concept of cross-border car building is for ordinary people. Words are no longer unheard of.

■ Role conversion: from Internet people to Internet autobots

With the announcement of many IT and Internet companies that they have stepped into the field of automotive design, R&D, and manufacturing, more and more former Internet people have become Internet Autobots. This is not only a quiet change by adding a few words to the title, but also It is the industrial layout, or a sign of the birth of a new industry in the future.

The written language interpretation of the Internet + strategy is to use the Internet platform and information and communication technology to combine the Internet with all walks of life, including traditional industries, to create a new ecology in a new field. To put it simply, “Internet + XX traditional industry = Internet XX industry”, of course, the actual effect is by no means a simple addition!

So, what will car + Internet produce? This is a new future that no one can accurately foresee. It will not only change the means of transportation around ordinary people, but also redefine the way of travel, and even a new way for people to obtain information. It is precisely because of seeing the future of Internet+ that more and more companies try to integrate their own understanding into new automotive design, R&D, and manufacturing links, eager to become pioneers in this blue ocean.

After new concepts and new products are introduced to the market, they will inevitably bring new revenue growth points for enterprises. The development of new markets will also help enterprises gain new user groups, thereby promoting the sales of existing products, and various benefits will prompt enterprises. We cross-industry and enter the automotive field.

■ From transportation to information acquisition tool

With the addition of Internet companies, or companies in other fields, traditional vehicles that allow people to move from point A to point B will gain new identities in the future, and cars will help people make better use of their current consumption on the road. If you want to do all of this, you need to have the ability to drive automatically. For the entire automobile industry, this is not just a simple replacement and upgrade, but rather a subversion.

Many years ago, the car was a symbol of the status of people who got rich first. A few years ago, it began to enter the homes of ordinary Chinese people. Now it has become an object that meets people's individual needs and shows their individuality. In recent years, people’s urgent need for information has caused automobile OEMs to pay attention to the design of interconnecting cars with the outside world. Therefore, some Internet companies are taking advantage of their existing advantages to try to integrate and optimize some functions of current automobiles. Among them are Baidu Group and Ali Group.

-Baidu and Changan

Baidu, founded by Robin Li in Zhongguancun, Beijing in January 2000, is now China's largest search engine. In these years of development, its service tenet has changed from “giving you what you need” to “understanding what you want”. At the end of last year, Baidu and China CITIC Bank initiated the establishment of Baixin Bank, which meant that it entered the financial field, and the cooperation with Changan represented a further expansion of its product range.

At present, one of Baidu's methods to enter the automotive field is to embed its mature products into cars and machines. The purpose is to make the products more time and more opportunities to appear in the lives of users. In this cooperation process, new products will also get broader testing opportunities.

If Baidu's cooperation with Changan is a tentative test plan to push its products into new markets, then Ali Group has gone a step further. Car and machine products are only one of the links, plus today’s popular cloud technology. As an aid, its goal is to understand consumer habits and improve them.

-Ali and YunOS

While Baidu was cautiously putting its mature products on cars for testing, Alibaba took the bold step to integrate cars with popular wearable devices. Through a unified operating system, we will try our best to eliminate the barriers between different operating systems and models of various types of equipment. The result is Roewe RX5 on the one hand, and YunOS operating system on the other.

The YunOS mounted on the Roewe RX5 is a smart device operating system product under the Alibaba Group. It integrates Alibaba’s technical achievements in cloud data storage, cloud computing services, and smart device operating systems. It can be used in smart devices. A variety of smart terminal devices such as mobile phones, smart set-top boxes (DVB/IPTV/OTT), and Internet TV. At present, Alibaba has put this concept into action. The Roewe medium-sized SUV RX5 is a product developed jointly by Alibaba Group and SAIC.

Through the establishment of a convenient operating system, convenient mobile terminals, and rich background cloud services, Ali provides an experience that is closer to modern people's habits than traditional car-machine systems. Eliminating barriers, advocating ease of use, and preparing for the interconnection of more products in the future are one of Ali's important goals for entering the automotive field. At the same time, using existing advantages and cooperating with mature car companies can avoid risks to the greatest extent, and at the same time obtain first-hand information on consumer demand. This is also the “game method” for many companies to enter the automotive field across industries.

It’s like actors who are accustomed to portray positive roles in comedies, and idol stars play ugly girls to broaden their play. For companies that enter the automotive field across industries, the purpose of entering the automotive field is not to make their own models that are well-known in history and broaden themselves. Product lines and increasing audiences are the goals of their unremitting efforts. Of course, this is by no means the ultimate form of future automobile development.

■ We are serious about making cars

If Baidu and Ali are trying to integrate with traditional cars based on their own advantages at this stage, then some companies have plans for a longer term. In their plans, self-driving cars will become the foundation of everything, and people will enter In the car, you will enjoy more customized information that the company brings to each individual, and LeEco is one of them.

In fact, LeEco founder Jia Yueting has always had the dream of building a car in his heart. When he founded LeTV in 2004, he announced that he would enter the automotive field in the future. However, 12 years ago, Lao Jia did not explain how LeEco will enter the automotive field in the future. This former network technology administrator of Yuanqu County Local Taxation Bureau in Shanxi Province has used 12 years to prove that the promise he once made is not empty talk. .

Today's cars have more and more configurations and technologies, which means that the barriers to entry into this field are getting higher and higher, and it also means that opportunities are increasing. Instead of squeezing all capital in one step to build a good car that can compete with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, it is better to provide certain parts for it, or optimize the lack of it.

This is LeEco, a company that cooperates with Aston Martin and launches its own concept sports car, and a company that will build a complete ecosystem of “platform + content + terminal + application” based on the video industry, content industry and smart terminals in the future. plan.

■ What is the intention?

For the Internet or IT industry, this is an era that only recognizes the first but not the second. One of the purposes of entering the automotive field is to drive each “flagship” into the area that is still in the blue ocean as soon as possible. Judging from the results currently shown in the eyes of the world, it is not the ultimate goal of these cross-industry companies to build a car with a history. It is the purpose of these companies to come from across industries to make consumers remember their brands, and even develop usage habits, form user stickiness, purchase other products of their own brands, and build a complete ecosystem.

Full text summary:

In the short term, when autonomous driving technology has not yet become popular, Internet companies and IT companies use their own preparedness and grasp of user needs, and after cooperating with car companies, they can implant more targeted products into traditional cars. It is bound to get a better experience. In the future, after the popularization of autonomous driving technology, with music as a representative, new-concept-designed cars or mobile products will change our travel habits, and the profit model of enterprises will also shift from sales and maintenance to profit from a complete ecosystem.