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[YesAuto Technology] Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are involved in autonomous driving technology, and autonomous driving technology has become a development direction for future cars. But this kind of “high cold” technology is too far away for us. In comparison, a reliable and complete driving assistance system is the most grounded. The well-versed Audi has applied a series of driving assistance functions to the new Audi Q7 (hereinafter referred to as the new Q7) in one breath. We have already analyzed the vehicle technology of the new Audi q7 (“Familiar Strangers New Audi Q7 Technical Highlights Analysis”). The driving assistance system can be said to be the “primary stage” of autonomous driving technology. Today we will mainly talk about it. The driving assistance function of this car.

● Traffic jam assist function

The congested road conditions during rush hours consume a lot of our time and energy. Audi's traffic jam assist system solves this problem. When we go home from get off work, we only need to press a button on the back of the steering wheel to relax our hands. And both feet, let the new Q7 automatically follow in the “big force”. It uses the radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors in the front of the car to keep a safe distance from the car in front at all times, so that we no longer worry about rear-end collisions.

Brief description of the working process of the traffic jam assist system:

In order to better understand these functions, please click to watch the following video:

● Open door and get off hazard warning function

“Open the door and be careful!” We often hear this sentence when getting off the taxi, because there are often traffic accidents caused by not paying attention to the vehicles behind when opening the door. Audi's getting off hazard warning system solves this problem. It uses the rear radar to monitor in real time whether there are passing vehicles behind it. When you find a vehicle is coming, your door opening action will trigger the alarm to sound a warning sound. At the same time, the linear warning light and lane change assist indicator light on the door panel will also flash to warn the people in the car not to get off. This guarantees the safety of both inside and outside the vehicle.

● ACC+ navigation system realizes new fuel-saving strategy

The full name of ACC is Adaptive Cruise Control, which means adaptive cruise control system, which can automatically control the speed of the vehicle to keep it within a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The new Q7's adaptive cruise control system and navigation system are combined. Relying on the powerful database of the navigation system, the new Q7 can also automatically adapt to the road speed limit standards and other traffic signs, such as when the vehicle speed is faster than the road limit in the adaptive cruise mode. When the speed standard is high, it will automatically decelerate. In addition, the gear position of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the road conditions to keep the vehicle in a more economical driving state.

● Actively brake to avoid traffic accidents

When you drive a brand new Audi Q7 through an intersection, it can help you spot passers-by suddenly crossing the intersection in time, and remind the driver in advance that it will actively brake when the driver does not respond accordingly. Avoid accidents. The realization of these active braking functions is based on the front radar and camera, and the braking system is controlled by ESC.

In addition, Audi's official website also said that in the future, it will release a new active brake function, that is, when the driver turns or U-turn at a lower speed, if there is a vehicle passing by, the new Q7 will help the driver to actively brake to avoid collision between the two vehicles. The video demonstration is as follows.

● Trailer assist function

There are often people around us who claim to be masters of parking and warehousing, but I think the best parking skills are those drivers who drive large trailers, because it is very difficult to park such a large trailer into a parking space. In order to make parking more convenient, the new Q7 is equipped with such a trailer assist system. When it is used as a tractor, combined with a dedicated tow bar, the towed vehicle or compartment can be operated through the MMI knob to make the trailer move backwards. Even simpler, which facilitates parking and warehousing actions. For example, if you want to turn the towed car to the left when reversing, you only need to turn the MMI knob to turn the towed car to the left; while pressing down the MMI knob, you can keep the towed car moving in a straight line.

●Other driving assistance functions

Edit summary:

Seeing this, we can actually find from the new Audi Q7 that autonomous driving technology is getting closer and closer to us. The traffic jam assist system on the new Q7, the combination of ACC and navigation system, and automatic parking are all the foundations of autonomous driving technology. I believe that with the continuous strength of car driving assistance systems, one day it will be so powerful that no humans are needed to drive the car, so that we can completely enjoy the pleasure of the journey. And these driving assistance functions of Audi are solid footprints step by step on the road of autonomous driving technology.