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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] At the 2016 Asian Consumer Electronics Show that opened on May 11, Pioneer brought many automotive technology products. As a well-known company among automotive electronics manufacturers, Pioneer naturally brought a lot of leading technology and technology products to the CES exhibition. In addition to the currently widely discussed autonomous driving technology and the Internet of Vehicles, more practical products such as fatigue detection systems have also been released in the safety field. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to Pioneer's exhibits.

● Autonomous driving related technologies:

Technology related to autonomous driving can be said to be one of the focuses of the Pioneer CES exhibition. Pioneer's autopilot system includes a vehicle system called 3D-LiDAR, of which LiDAR is called light detection and ranging, which translates to laser detection and measurement technology. Improve the accuracy of its own location positioning through methods such as high-precision maps, driving environment recognition, and landmark capture.

Pioneer integrates 3D-LiDAR and high-precision maps on the basis of the previous car navigation positioning technology, it can also realize the automatic driving function, and make the automatic driving system achieve the characteristics of high performance, miniaturization and low cost. At the same time, it adopts new The technical autopilot system can also achieve very good performance in long-distance driving and in rain and snow.

● Low Light Night Vision Technology

The main function of this technology is to use the ordinary visible light in the urban area at night and realize the night vision ability under the premise of only turning on the ordinary headlights. The night vision technology will be provided to OEMs for use as original accessory products, and it is hoped that large-scale manufacturing will reduce the manufacturing cost of night vision components.

● Drowsiness Warning System (Drowsiness Warning System)

The fatigue detection system was developed by Pioneer in cooperation with Suzhou Qingyan Microvision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. under the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Two samples are used to determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue. One is to check whether the driver’s facial expression is drowsy through the camera, and the second is to determine whether the driver is sluggish or other abnormal operations on the steering wheel. According to reports, Pioneer developed this system based on about 20,000 video samples collected in the previous 10 years, and its judgment accuracy can reach 90%.

● Electric vehicle cruising range inference system (Pioneer Ameba System)

Regarding the inference system of the electric vehicle's cruising range, we did not get much introduction at the scene. However, from the information provided by Pioneer, the system is based on Baidu's data and can infer the maximum range of electric vehicles that can be driven with the current electricity according to the map and road conditions, so that electric vehicle owners can predict whether the vehicle can reach the goal in advance. Land and return. In addition, because the map also integrates the distribution and usage of charging stations, this also allows electric vehicle drivers to have more peace of mind when using the car.

● Pioneer and Baidu's cooperation in Internet of Vehicles

Pioneer and Baidu also have a certain degree of cooperation in the Internet of Vehicles. The cooperation projects include hardware/software systems for car phone interconnection, music and in-car sound field adjustment technology, cloud hardware support (real-time location services, reminders, vehicle butlers, data analysis and cloud Hosting, etc.), in-vehicle voice interaction, etc. The two parties also consider cooperation with Baidu UBI auto insurance, intra-city logistics and other services through Pioneer’s own technical reserves. Baidu CarLife in-vehicle system was provided in the Pioneer booth of the CES show for visitors to experience.

■ Article summary:

Like other exhibitors at CES, Pioneer has also brought a lot of innovative technologies in terms of in-vehicle interconnection systems and autonomous driving. The night vision function and fatigue detection can be said to be Pioneer’s new highlights at this exhibition, as well as comparisons. Other exhibitors are ahead of competitors' products in safety systems. Except for the products launched in cooperation with the company, Pioneer did not disclose on the scene whether it has also carried out similar research and development work with the OEM. We also hope that Pioneer’s fatigue detection and night vision functions can also be carried on more mass-produced models. , Instead of just becoming an element of high-end luxury models showing off technology.