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[YesAuto Model PK] The Arrizo 7 just launched last week can be described as a great work of Chery Automobile in recent years. Its appearance and interior design, as well as the overall workmanship, give people a refreshing feeling. The car is definitely a seeded player. In this market, BYD Su Rui is also a very popular fighter with its rich configuration, user-friendly design and excellent price-performance ratio. Today, we will put together the representative works of these two compact cars of their respective brands to compete in strength.

We chose the Arrizo 7 1.6L DVVT CVT Zhixiang Edition and Su Rui 1.5TID automatic luxury models. Although they belong to the second top models from the configuration table, according to the editor’s understanding from the 4S store, the current truly top-equipped Ai Neither Ruize 7 nor Su Rui have been officially launched on the market, and the two models mentioned in this article are actually the highest models that consumers can actually buy at present. If you compare them, you can better and more completely present the two models. There are differences in all aspects of the car. At the same time, these two models are still relatively high-profile products in the current Arrizo 7 and Su Rui car series.

Compare models in the text
Model Arrizo 7 1.6L DVVT CVT Premium Edition Su Rui 1.5TID automatic luxury type
Guide price 113,900 yuan 92,900 yuan
Market preference No

About 4,000 yuan

The material in this article was collected before the Arrizo 7 was launched. We used the size and configuration of the two cars and the purchase intentions of the 4S stores as the basis for determining the comparison models. However, the official guide price of the Arrizo 7 (7.89-12.69 million) Yuan) is beyond our expectations. Among them, the single guide price of the 1.6L DVVT CVT exclusive version is 21,000 yuan more than that of the Su Rui 1.5TID automatic luxury model. If the Su Rui’s market discount is included, the price gap between the two cars has reached 25,000 yuan. The gap can be described as Very big! But this does not prevent us from taking a look at the performance of these two models from the product level, and whether the Arrizo 7 is expensive or not makes sense. Today we first compare the static performance of the two cars, including appearance, size, interior space, workmanship, and materials. As for the dynamic comparison test drive and test, we will offer you the test car in the future. (The above two cars are referred to as Arrizo 7 and Su Rui)

Appearance: Both cars have a simple and modest style

Whether it is Arrizo 7 or Su Rui’s appearance, there are not too many mavericks. The overall design style belongs to the modest and concise type. Although there is nothing memorable, but it is also consistent. Mainstream aesthetic. According to the staff of the 4S shop, many people’s first reaction when seeing this car for the first time is: “Well, this car looks pretty good.”

In terms of body size, the length and height of the Arrizo 7 are slightly inferior to that of the Su Rui, but it has certain advantages in wheelbase and width. In terms of car side details, the window frame trim of Arrizo 7 has been treated in black, which has a stronger overall sense than the same color window frame with Su Rui.

The rear shape of the car, Arrizo 7 and Su Rui are also relatively modest, but the visual effects are obviously taken in two completely different ways. Among them, the layout and lines of the rear lights of Arrizo 7 make the whole car look. It is relatively wide. In the tail light group, the brake lights of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui both use LED light sources, while other fog lights, turn signals and reversing lights are still ordinary halogen bulbs.

Both cars use the current mainstream 205/55 R16 tires in compact cars. Arrizo 7 uses Giti Comfort228 series tires, and the market price is about 380 yuan/piece. Su Rui uses Maggie. The market price of Sri Lanka MA656 series products is around 460 yuan/piece.

Interior: the configuration is very rich, the layout and color matching are relatively similar

The center console of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui adopts a more mainstream color scheme of upper black and lower rice, and the overall shape and the layout of various functional blocks are also similar.

In terms of materials, the center consoles of these two models are basically made of hard plastic from top to bottom. We are not surprised for this class of models. In terms of seam control and surface texture treatment of plastic parts, the performance of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui is quite satisfactory, and the overall level can already compete with compact cars of the joint venture brand at the same price.

The steering wheels of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui both have multi-function buttons. Among them, the cruise control function provided by Arrizo 7's automatic transmission model is not available in this Su Rui mentioned in this article. The side-view image function is not available in Arrizo 7, so the functional performance of the two can be said to be a tie. In addition, the outer ring of the steering wheel of the two cars is relatively thick, and the speed Rui is more leather-wrapped to feel better. The disadvantage is that the steering wheel of both Arrizo 7 and Surui can only be adjusted up and down but not stretched back and forth. I hope that this problem can be optimized in the future for small changes.

The feature-rich in-car entertainment system is a configuration that many self-owned brand models are proud of. In this regard, Arrizo 7 and Su Rui are naturally not to be outdone. Both cars are equipped with 7-inch touch-sensitive LCD capacitive screens, with navigation, reversing video, Bluetooth phone, video playback and other functions. On this basis, Su Rui also has more on-board digital TV functions.

The shape of the air conditioning panel, Arrizo 7 looks more technological, and although the human-shaped air outlet button is reminiscent of Volvo in design style, it is really convenient to use. For this kind of detailed design study and reference, I think it is still acceptable. As for the feel of the buttons, knob damping, etc., both cars are doing pretty well. In addition, Su Rui also has two highlights that Arrizo 7 does not have, that is, electronic handbrake and remote control driving.

The sunroof is obviously larger than the Arrizo 7. It is 50mm longer in width and 30mm longer. The overall area is 0.29 square meters for the speed sharp and 0.25 square meters for the Arrizo 7.

Space: The front headroom of Su Rui is slightly smaller / the rear legroom of both cars is good

The seats of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui are leather-wrapped. The main driver's seat is 6-way adjustable, and the co-pilot's seat is 4-way. In terms of the comfort of the seat, Arrizo 7 has better wrapping, but the seat cushion and seat back are harder, while the Su Rui's is just the opposite. The softer seat padding is easier to please people, but On the other hand, its lateral wrapping is a little insufficient. As for which is better, it depends on personal preference.

In terms of space, after a 176cm height experiencer gets into the two cars and adjusts the seat height to the lowest, the headroom of the Arrizo 7 is about 3 fingers, and the speed sharp only has 1 finger up and down, which is a bit cramped. Entering the back row at this time, the head space of Arrizo 7 is 3 fingers, and the speed sharp is 2 fingers; the legs, the two cars basically have a margin of about 2 punches, for the compact car, the performance is very good Up.

Although the official luggage compartment volume of the two cars is not much different, the Arrizo 7 is 455 liters and the Su Rui is 450 liters, but the rear seat back of the Arrizo 7 can be tilted 4/6 when the seat back is down. The maximum depth can reach 1850mm, which is useful when occasionally carrying longer items.

Safety configuration comparison: six airbags, body stability system have

Safety configuration, the performance of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui are very satisfactory. Take the two models we have compared and experienced as examples, such as ABS+EBD, ESP body stability control system, hill assist, 6 airbags, etc. Everything is readily available. It can be said that the sincerity of both Arrizo 7 and Su Rui in terms of safety configuration has far surpassed the joint venture brand models of the same price. This is very commendable!

Security configuration comparison
Model Arrizo 7 Su Rui
Main/passenger seat airbag
Side airbag
Head airbag (air curtain)
ESP body stability control
Ramp assist

Power/chassis comparison: naturally aspirated with independent suspension or turbocharged with torsion beam

In terms of power and chassis structure, the difference between Arrizo 7 and Su Rui is relatively large. Among them, Arrizo 7 was first put on the market with 1.6L naturally aspirated engines, and the matching gearboxes are 5MT and CVT. Su Rui provides 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.5T in-cylinder direct injection + turbocharged engines. In terms of gearboxes, Su Rui provides 5MT, 6MT and 6DCT (6-speed dual clutch).

Comparison of power system and suspension system
Model Arrizo 7 Su Rui
Displacement 1.6 1.5T
Maximum power 126 horsepower/6150rpm 154 horsepower/5200rpm
Maximum torque 160N·m/3900rpm 240N·m/1750-3500
Gearbox type CVT 6 DCT
Front suspension type MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type Multi-link independent suspension Torsion beam non-independent suspension

Taking the two models compared in this article as an example, Arrizo 7 uses a 1.6L+CVT combination, while Su Rui uses a 1.5T+6DCT combination, so from the engine data performance, regardless of the maximum power The torque is still superior to the Su Rui, there is no suspense about this.

As for the chassis structure, Arrizo 7 uses a combination of front Macpherson + rear multi-link, and Su Rui is a combination of front Macpherson + rear torsion beam. In terms of structure alone, which is more advantageous? I think everyone should be very clear in their hearts.

Maintenance: The first batch of Arrizo 7 customers will get free maintenance for 3 years, and the warranty period will be extended to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers.

In terms of the manufacturer's official vehicle warranty period, the Arrizo 7 is 3 years or 80,000 kilometers, and the Su Rui is 4 years or 100,000 kilometers. In terms of time and mileage, the Su Rui is longer. However, for the first batch of customers who purchase Arrizo 7, the manufacturer will also provide two preferential treatments, namely extending the warranty period to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, and giving free maintenance for 3 years, which can be said to show a great Sincerity. But in any case, Arrizo 7 and Su Rui, in terms of vehicle warranty period, show generosity that surpasses many joint venture brand models of the same level, which is very good!

As for the maintenance price, the cost of the Su Rui 1.5T model is around 370 yuan and the maintenance cycle is 7,500 kilometers once. Arrizo 7 has just been launched on the market, and the specific maintenance price has not yet been announced, but according to the prediction of the staff of the 4S shop, the regular maintenance cost should be around 250 yuan, which is similar to the previous Chery A3, E5 and other models, with a cycle of 5000 kilometers. once.

Edit comment:

Whether it is Arrizo 7 or Su Rui, they can be said to be the best in the current independent brand compact cars, and represent the highest level of their respective brands in this segment of the market, and they have also undertaken the brand revival. Important task. Therefore, from the perspective of the models themselves, both Arrizo 7 and Su Rui are doing quite well, and they have initially been able to compete with models of joint venture brands at the same price.

Arrizo 7 2013 1.6L DVVT CVT Exclusive Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.39 million

Due to the differences in car-building concepts and design orientations between Chery and BYD, Arrizo 7 and Su Rui still have significant differences at the product level. Arrizo 7 is completely “positively developed” by the new R&D team of Chery International. A new product, from the exterior and interior design, to the degree of humanization to the chassis structure, etc., but it is a pity that the power selection of the models listed in the early stage is relatively single, and the price is similar to that of the self-owned brand models of the same level. The ratio is obviously more expensive, and it is not an advantage compared with many joint venture brands!

Su Rui 2012 1.5TID automatic luxury type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

9.29 million

As for Su Rui, it is equally excellent in terms of user-friendly design, materials and workmanship, and has a strong power system, as well as eye-catching configurations such as remote control driving. The most important thing is that it is more affordable. Not to mention the power advantage, the Su Rui with the same configuration alone is about 25,000 yuan cheaper than the Arrizo 7. For a car with a total price of only 90,000 yuan, the 28% difference is really not small!

The article is not over yet, there is a detailed parameter configuration comparison table of Arrizo 7 and Su Rui related models on the last page, please click here.

Arrizo 7 and Su Rui related model parameter configuration table: ≮$14782,12716|1,2,6,3,4,5,7≯≮#14782,12716|1,10,9,6,2,8, 7,3,5,12≯