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[YesAuto Model PK] Changan Ford Escape has attracted much attention since its debut in China. Its advanced power system, popular aesthetic appearance and reasonable pricing make it a hot star in the current SUV market. At the same time, Mazda also brought a new SUV built with Chuangchi Blue Sky technology-CX-5, which has been imported into the domestic market. At this Shanghai Auto Show, the domestically produced CX-5 jointly produced by Mazda and Changan also appeared in our vision. Obviously, it will participate in the competition of domestically produced compact SUVs. One of its rivals is the Escape.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, the hatchback Changan Mazda CX-5 (hereinafter referred to as CX-5) is no different from the imported version we tested before. However, we have not yet obtained the information about the model and configuration, and the price is of course. No way to know. Therefore, in this comparison, we will try to ignore the direct comparison of the two car configurations, and focus on the comparison of appearance, interior design, size, and space. We found the Changan Ford Escape 2.0T top model (hereinafter referred to as Escape) that we tested before. If you are not familiar with it, you can click here to read the previous test article first.

Appearance comparison

On the whole, the Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5 are both types that are more in line with the public's aesthetics, but they still have different design orientations. The Escape is relatively more “wild-match”, while CX-5 is younger. In addition, don't overlook one point: at least for a period of time, your chances of seeing a wing tiger on the street will be much higher than that of the CX-5.

From the details of the front face, it is not difficult to see the difference between the design styles of the two. CX-5 uses simple curves to depict a smooth and sporty body; while the wing tiger has a more sense of design, with complex lines and irregularities everywhere. The regular shape can be said to be exactly the opposite of the design idea of CX-5.

The side lines are also the same. In fact, the two have similarities in many places. First, the rear windows are made of privacy glass; second, the body surround, including the wheel eyebrows, are made of black plastic material, which highlights the off-road style. At the same time, it can also reduce maintenance costs when minor scratches occur; moreover, at first glance, the wheel shapes of the two cars are the same.

The 19-inch wheels of the CX-5 are obviously more domineering, and SUVs in the same class are rarely equipped with wheels of this size as standard. In terms of tires, the two cars coincide: CX-5 is equipped with the Bridgestone ECOPIA (green song companion) series, focusing on fuel economy, front and rear wheel sizes 225/55 R19, the brand is different from the imported high-end models of Toyo tires; The Escape is equipped with Goodyear Assurance FUEL MAX tires, which are also energy-saving oriented. The front and rear wheel sizes are 235/50 R18.

The mid-to-high wing tiger has many high-tech configurations, such as automatic parking. The side-pointing radar probe is equipped with top and second top configuration. If the CX-5 is made in China and still does not have this configuration like the imported version, then this will become one of the advantages of the Maverick.

The rear is the same as the front of the car. The CX-5 has always adhered to a simple style. The “soul movement” design concept gives it a soft but masculine line, simple and dynamic; the wing tiger is still the image of a somewhat bulky and big head. It gives people a sense of security, and looks at the details and has a sense of design.

The reversing image is another configuration that the Maverick has more than the imported CX-5. At present, the domestically produced Maverick and the top model of the imported CX-5 are at the same price level. If the CX-5 is domestically produced, the price will be greatly reduced. , Then Mazda can add some high-end models to match the Maverick configuration.

Appearance summary

These are two SUVs that look more popular, and they are also two cars with very different design styles. One of them looks heavier and more secure, and the other is more dynamic and younger. At present, the imported CX-5 is in the same price range as the domestically produced Mavericks, but the Mavericks are clearly superior in terms of configuration. The show car we saw did not have any more configuration than the imported version. If it is a top-of-the-line model, the price range of the CX-5 may be lower than that of the Maverick in the future.

● Interior comparison

In terms of interior, the domestically produced CX-5, while copying the imported design, also continues its excellent workmanship and materials. The appearance of large areas of soft materials makes the interior of the CX-5 look simple and not simple; if It is said that the interior of CX-5 is good in workmanship, but the interior of the Maverick is stronger than the design. The use of three colors of black, silver, and rice, as well as the three-dimensional shape, all add a lot of points. The combination with the 8-inch My Ford Touch touch screen is a few blocks away from the CX-5. Than configuration? This is indeed not the strength of Mazda CX-5, regardless of whether it is domestically produced or imported.

The instrument panel shape of the two models is basically the abbreviation of their interior style. The three-circle design CX-5 has no other decorations except for the external barrel decoration, while the wing tiger boldly adopts an irregular shape and Melt more color combinations. In the design of the steering wheel, the CX-5 with a thicker grip ring provides a more solid feel than the Maverick, but when it comes to the functions on the steering wheel, the domestic Mazda CX-5 is once again defeated.

As we all know, the Mazda CX-5 took a big hit in the configuration as early as when it was imported. The configuration coefficients such as adaptive cruise and lane departure are not compatible with us. Therefore, I believe that the domestically produced CX-5 will basically not have anymore. “Shrinking” behavior, but it is also difficult to make an increase in allocation. Be more rigorous, let's pick some things we can see for comparison. First of all, judging from the cars on display at the Shanghai Auto Show, the domestically produced CX-5 retains engine starting technology, which is one of the few configuration advantages when facing many competitors. However, since then , Whether it is the sunroof form or the rear configuration, the CX-5 is completely defeated in front of the Escape.

● Ride space

The performance of the two models in the riding space is evenly divided. Although the CX-5 has better headroom, the bulge of the floor in the middle of the rear row also drags its hind legs.

● Storage space

The domestic CX-5 and Yihu both exposed some areas for improvement in the storage space. For the CX-5, the abundant storage space in the front row is its advantage, while the small door storage compartment is its shortcoming. The problem faced by the Maverick is the opposite of that of the CX-5, lacking. The front-row storage compartment allows mobile phones and other things to be placed in the cup holder, but the larger door storage compartment provides greater use.

From the size point of view, the two cars that have won each other are basically at the same level, and the one that can really distinguish between the two is the configuration and design. First of all, the second-row seat of the domestic CX-5 adopts a 4:2:4 down style, which is unmatched by a 4:6 split wing tiger; secondly, the trunk of the CX-5 is designed with Escape does not have the handle to lower the seat. However, as a top-equipped model, the Maverick’s inductive opening and electric tailgate are enough to make up for its disadvantages in the trunk link, but this is also limited to the top-equipped model. Other models of the Escape do not. Such advantages.

● Power system

If the 2.0T wing tiger is used as a competitor, then even with the Chuangchi Blue Sky technology, CX-5 cannot take advantage of the parameters. Perhaps the ability to eat “coarse grains” can be counted as CX-5's strengths, but this Obviously, it cannot make up for the lack of parameters. In addition, the gearboxes of the two models are exactly the same, both are 6-speed automated manual gearboxes.

From the perspective of the show car, the suspension of the CX-5 still adopts the imported version of the front MacPherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension; the Maverick also adopts the same suspension form, from this From a point of view, the two cars are tied. From the previous test of the performance of the Maverick and the imported version of CX-5, they are both fun-driving SUVs. During intense driving, the suspension response speed is very fast, and comfort can also be taken into account in daily driving. , If you don’t compare the test drive, it’s hard to compare it. If I have the opportunity to bring the two cars together in the future, I hope to try it and draw conclusions.

● Full text summary

From a positive point of view, the domestic CX-5 that was unveiled at this year’s auto show is almost the same as the imported model, which means that the domestic CX-5 has inherited the advantages of imported models, but has not Make up for the lack of configuration. This also caused it to basically not have a handy configuration when facing models such as the Escape. Of course, if the configuration is very different, it will definitely be reflected in the price. Taking the imported CX-5 as an example, the price of the top model is 281,800 yuan after it is made domestically. At this time, when compared with the Maverick of the same price, the difference in configuration between the two is also possible. To further narrow down. In the end, whether the domestically produced CX-5, which avoids the reality and hits the illusion, can seize a portion of the market share from the Escape, it depends on whether it can perform better in terms of configuration or performance in terms of price. (Photo: Shi Muhua/Li Weilong)