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[YesAuto Reverse Time] Hello, everyone, the Mercedes-Benz 300 E repaired in the first season of “Reverse Time” is now back. This time the task is to modify this car, but because of the original repair effect, we chose one Cars that are not in ideal condition are being refurbished. Now I can only make small changes and not move much. The first part let me start with the worst interior.


The results of the interior parts are satisfactory, but the construction shop said that this kind of old car is very laborious to rebuild, mainly due to the aging of the parts. Fortunately, the vehicle manufacturing standard is high, otherwise it will be difficult for them to complete all the work. Next, components such as the steering wheel and instrumentation will be gradually changed overseas, focusing on refitting the appearance of the vehicle, let us wait and see. (Picture/Zhu Xuran from Home of Cars)

[YesAuto Reverse Time] The previously refurbished Mercedes-Benz 300E has already begun to be refitted, but due to other work that has delayed a lot of time, now we will start to remodel the exterior of this car one at a time, with the same AMG model as the goal, of course, we have to think about it. The same is definitely not possible, such an old car can hardly find the corresponding modification parts in China, so it is just as good as possible according to the appearance of AMG.


When I came to the modification shop with a copycat modification, the other party was almost dumbfounded, but in the end I agreed to make the modification as perfect as possible. Judging from the current results, it has already had some effect. Next, we need to paint again. The paint on this car was not good, and many places have burst. The next issue will show the details of the painting and the final state of completion. (Picture/Zhu Xuran from Home of Cars)

[YesAuto Reverse Time] In the content of this issue, the painter used putty that is rich in ten cars to make the texture of this cottage better. It is worthy of recognition before the comparison of the paint effect of the whole car. At the end, please don’t have colored eggs. miss.


Although this W124 was surrounded by copycats in desperation, the installation process of the refitting shop and the craftsmanship of the painter made the whole car look away from the negative label. In the future, some mechanical failures of this car will be ended first, and it may continue to be upgraded later. . The biggest cost of playing an old car is that it is very time-consuming, and it is impossible to get fat in one bite. After that, we continued to modify a “Lexus” LS400, ready to participate in the large-scale modified car gathering organized by iAcro this year. (Picture/Zhu Xuran from Home of Cars)