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[YesAuto Car Design] Through-type headlights are a popular trend in car design in 2018, ranging from tens of millions of supercars to tens of thousands of civilian households. The design of through-type taillights has developed like a blowout in this year. Car companies Strive to incorporate it into the design language of their new car products to increase brand highlights and increase attention.

The penetrating taillights originated from Lincoln in the United States. The inspiration should come from the 1961-69 (fourth generation) Lincoln Continental penetrating tail grille. At that time, the taillights were still on both sides of the car body, and the tail had a penetrating grille.

After the replacement of the Lincoln Continental Continental (fifth-generation 1970-1979 models), in order to unify the body design, the rear lights were integrated into the rear bumper to make the vehicle design highly uniform.

The early Lincoln Continental Continental taillights were only semi-finished products, separated by the license plate. At that time, this design was matched with a three-dimensional and angular body, which was more visually pleasing.

After the mid-term facelift, Continental has a complete through-type taillight design. The striped double through-type taillights complement the two silver chrome bars on the side of the body and the black body waistline.

However, the through-type taillight design did not last long in the Continental car series. The 1980 Continental Mark VI replaced the through-type taillight with the bulge of the trunk spare tire and changed back to the original taillight design.

It was not until 2012 that Lincoln modernized the classic through-type taillights, and the second-generation MKZ concept car came out, and the through-type taillights once again appeared in people's vision.

In 2014, Lincoln brought five of its models into the country. At that time, the through-type taillights were integrated into the body design. The through-type taillight design of the new Lincoln brand opened up the solid thinking of taillight design and brought new shapes.

The return of the Lincoln brand and the design that pays tribute to the classics have caused a wave of new fashion trends in automotive design. The penetrating taillights have been officially promoted and popularized in the new era, and then major manufacturers have competed to absorb this new design.

In 2017, the penetrating taillight design began to take shape like bamboo shoots in the winter. In 2018, as more models were upgraded, the through design reached the climax of a blowout. This design has become a fashion trend this year, and more and more car models are following the trend.

Design requires inheritance and innovation, not blind reference or plagiarism. Good-looking skins are the same, but interesting souls are one in a million. Just imagine, everyone has the same face, what else does it mean? (Photo/Text Car Home Kang Yu)