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[YesAuto Model PK] When purchasing a mobile phone, we not only consider various hardware configurations, but also pay special attention to the battery capacity, because it directly determines how long your mobile phone needs to be charged. But when buying a car, not many people seem to ask the salesperson of a 4S store: “What is the battery capacity of this car?” Because in people's consciousness, the car does not seem to be charged manually. Yes, the car will charge itself, but do you understand the construction principle of the car battery? Do you know the capacity of your vehicle battery? Do you know how much it costs to change a battery for your car at a 4S shop? If you don’t know, please read on.

Battery structure and principle

Car batteries (also known as batteries) are divided into two types: ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Although the specific structures are different, the basic principles are the same. The charging and discharging of the batteries rely on the active material on the electrode plate and the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte through chemistry. The reaction is achieved. The electrode plate is divided into a positive electrode plate and a negative electrode plate, both of which are composed of a grid frame and an active material. The active material of the positive electrode plate is lead dioxide, and the active material of the negative electrode plate is lead.

From the point of view of ease of use, the biggest difference between ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries is that ordinary batteries require regular replenishment of electrolyte, while maintenance-free batteries do not. The reason is that the grids of the two plates are different. The grids of ordinary batteries mostly use lead-antimony alloys, and the hydrogen evolution overpotential is low. Therefore, a large amount of hydrogen is precipitated at the negative plate at the end of charging, which causes more water loss and needs to be added regularly. Distilled water. The maintenance-free battery uses corrosion-resistant lead-calcium alloy on the grid, and the hydrogen precipitation overpotential is much higher than that of lead-antimony alloy. Therefore, the amount of hydrogen precipitation during charging is greatly reduced, and the water loss is only about 1/10 of that of ordinary batteries.

Several important data of the battery:

Rated voltage: Under normal circumstances, the voltage of a family car battery is 12V.

Capacity: It represents the amount of electricity discharged from the battery under certain conditions (discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.). Generally, the capacity unit of a car battery is Ah (Ampere Hour). For example, a battery with a capacity of 45Ah can be continuously discharged for 45 hours if the continuous discharge current is 1A; if the continuous discharge current is 5A, then it can be continuously discharged for 9 hours. The higher the capacity of the battery, the better, otherwise it will affect the use of automotive electrical equipment. Of course, the higher the capacity of the battery, the higher the price.

Low temperature starting current (CCA): In addition to the above two data, we have a label “CCA” on the battery, which indicates the starting current that the battery can provide to the engine when it is in a low temperature state. That is, the value is the current discharged by the battery before the limit feed voltage when the battery is discharged at -18°C for 30 seconds. For example: the CCA value marked on a 12V battery shell is 450, which means that at -18°C, before the voltage drops to 7.2V, it can provide 450A of current for 30 seconds.

To put it bluntly, to see the quality of a battery, in addition to seeing how much electricity it can store, it also depends on its ability to amplify current. The larger the maximum discharge current, the more powerful the battery is when starting the car, and the motor rotates faster. The vehicle is easier to start, this data is very important when starting the vehicle in winter. Like the capacity, the larger the data, the better. It is provided on demand when it is in use. It is not powered by the maximum current at all times, so there is no need to worry about hurting the circuit. This number only represents its capacity.

In addition, the low-temperature starting current of a car battery is also related to the vehicle's exhaust. Therefore, the same brand of models may sometimes cause different battery models due to different exhausts. However, in general, for the convenience of procurement, manufacturers often use the same battery for models of the same model. For example, the 1.6 model will use the same battery as the 2.0 model.

Vehicle displacement Approximate CCA value 1.2—1.6L 350 1.6—2.0L 500 2.0—3.0L 650 3.0L or more 750

In the previous battery surveys, we have shown a number of mainstream compact cars on the market. This issue will focus on several new models recently launched and several old models not mentioned above. In fact, manufacturers will hardly make changes to the battery for facelifts or replacement models. This is also true for several new models investigated in this issue.

2012 Fox

The new Focus uses a maintenance-free battery the same as the old Focus. The battery capacity is 60Ah, and the starting current is 590A under low temperature. In addition, the new Focus battery is also marked with a battery life of 105 minutes, that is, when the car is off, it uses a current of 25A. When the battery voltage reaches 10.5V, the time is 105 minutes.

If you have no idea about the above numbers, the following popular sayings are easier to understand. Endurance means the time this battery allows you to drive with the headlights on when the generator on the car is not working, and you must drive the car to the repair shop to maintain your car during this time. For example, the 105 minutes marked by this Fox means that at night when your car's generator is not working, you can still run for 105 minutes with the headlights on. Of course, if you don’t turn on the lights during the day, you can run for a longer time. .

After this and past investigations, we found that the battery surfaces used by Changan Ford and Mazda cars are not marked with the name of the supplier. Therefore, it is difficult to judge whether the price of the original battery is high or low, and the owner will not change the battery in the future. It is easy to buy a new battery of the same model from the original factory on the market. Judging from the two values of capacity and low-temperature starting current, this battery is more than enough for a compact car. However, the price of 626 yuan for the battery accessories given by the 4S shop is not low, plus the replacement labor fee of up to 120 yuan, the total price reached 746 yuan, ranking the second highest among the several cars we surveyed this time.

2012 Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy

The new Sylphy has a relatively short time to market, and most people agree with its appearance, and its handling is somewhat improved compared to the old model. The new Sylphy has added a 1.8L model this time, and it has a relatively balanced performance in terms of power, fuel consumption and comfort.

Dongfeng Nissan is currently one of the few car manufacturers that still uses ordinary batteries. The previous two battery surveys involved Dongfeng Nissan models, including 2008 Tiida, 2012 Tiida and New Sunshine. Among them, the 2008 Tiida uses a Fengfan brand battery with a battery capacity of 45Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 300A. The new Tiida is different. The battery brand is changed from the original sail to HITACHI (HITACHI), the model is 55B24L, the capacity is still 45Ah, the low-temperature starting current is 370A, and the data has been improved. The same is true for the new Sunshine.

The battery model used by the new Sylphy surveyed today is still Hitachi 55B24L, the price of accessories is 526 yuan, and the labor cost is 39 yuan, totaling 565 yuan. Although the price is cheaper than Fox, from the perspective of battery type and capacity, we infer that the battery cost of the new Sylphy is certainly not high.

2013 Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida

The new Lavida launched by Shanghai Volkswagen this time is a mid-term facelift, and there is no change in power. Regarding the appearance of the new Lavida, I believe that many people have already guessed it before they have met. The popular designers seem to have only a little routine, and it is definitely not an exaggeration to describe it as “lack of novelty”. But even so, I am still optimistic about its sales.

Since the launch of the new POLO, Shanghai Volkswagen has shrunk the battery. The battery capacity of the new POLO has been reduced from the previous 60Ah to 51Ah, but the price of the accessories has not changed. According to 4S shop technicians, the batteries of the new and old Lavida and POLO are exactly the same. Although the capacity has shrunk, but on the whole, Shanghai Volkswagen's Warta battery is still very well-known. The price of accessories given by the 4S shop is 622 yuan, and the labor cost is 70 yuan, totaling 692 yuan. Due to the brand, the working hours of Skoda Octavia with the same battery are half cheaper.

2012 Beijing Hyundai Langdong

Long Motion can be regarded as one of the main competitors of the new Lavida. In the past two years, the competitiveness of Korean cars has been rapidly increasing. Not only the appearance of the vehicle is dynamic and stylish, but the power system has also improved significantly. Therefore, Langdong attracted many young consumers as soon as it went public.

Langdong’s battery is the same as Yuedong, the brand is Fengfan, the capacity is 60Ah, and the low-temperature starting current is 550A. Both data are higher than those of Rena with a displacement of 1.4L. This battery capacity is completely sufficient. Since Longdong has just launched on the market, there are currently no specific battery accessories and working hours prices in the 4S store. We can only refer to the price of Yuedong for the time being. The battery accessories are 552 yuan, and the working hours are 60 yuan. Compared with other brands, this price is in the middle. Level.

The rapid development of China's auto market in recent years has shocked the world. Various automakers have also used their best efforts to seize the market. There are several pairs of brothers who come from the same platform or use the same power system. Since they are from the same manufacturer, the batteries are likely to be the same.

2012 Dongfeng Citroen Sega/2011 Dongfeng Peugeot 408

Among the two major domestic PSA brands, Citroen always seems to have an impression of sports and full of personality. Sega is a car suitable for young people. Its main advantage is chassis tuning. Almost everyone who has driven it thinks it is a car with good handling (compared to other competitors in the same level), and of course the disadvantages are also very great. Obviously, the 4AT gearbox, which has long been outdated, has obvious frustration when shifting gears. As for the front face after the change, different people should have different opinions, so I won't make too many comments here.

The 408 produced on the same platform is a model with Chinese characteristics. It has a large body, spacious space, rich configuration, and looks mature and stable. It is an out-and-out home hand with the same shortcomings as above.

According to the technical staff of the 4S shop, the Dongfeng Citroen Sega and Dongfeng Peugeot 408 use the same battery. The battery of the original model is a camel brand with a capacity of 60Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 640A. The follow-up accessories are divided into two brands: Camel Or Bosch, which brand of accessories introduced by different 4S stores is determined by the 4S store itself, but the price is the same. What is worthy of recognition is that no matter which type of battery, its capacity and low temperature starting current are very good. And the price of the battery accessories given by the 4S shop is also relatively cheap, the same is 490 yuan. In terms of working hours, Citroen is slightly more expensive at 72 yuan, while Peugeot only costs 30 yuan, which is the cheapest among the several cars surveyed.

Shanghai GM 2012 Buick Hideo/Chevrolet Cruze

Hideo is divided into a three-box version (GT) and a hatchback version (XT), and there is no difference between them in terms of battery. There has been no change in the appearance of this car since its launch. The sedan model (Yinglang GT) has an atmospheric and stable appearance, which is more suitable for middle-aged people, while the Yinglang XT is more sporty. The interior workmanship can also be regarded as the highlight of this model. Chinese people pay attention to face when buying cars. Both the exterior and interior, coupled with the Buick brand's status in people's minds, are enough to ensure Yinglang's sales.

Although the Cruze and Yinglang have little connection, they are also branded models under Shanghai GM, and they still share many accessories. Compared with the more mature Yinglang GT, the Cruze's appearance is more dynamic, more suitable for young people, and the price is relatively cheap.

Yinglang and Cruze use the same battery model. The battery brand is Fengfan, with a capacity of 60Ah and a low-temperature starting current of 525A (except for 1.6T models). In view of this, European and American brand models are still more generous than Japanese manufacturers in terms of battery procurement. However, there is a problem that makes people very puzzled. Chevrolet, which has a lower brand positioning, turns out to be more expensive than Buick's accessories and labor costs. For the same battery model, Buick 4S shop only costs 451 yuan, while the price of Chevrolet 4S shop is as high as 719. Yuan, including working hours, the difference between the two brands is 278 Yuan only in terms of battery replacement!


Model/battery Maintenance-free Brand Capacity (Ah) Low temperature starting current 4S shop accessories price hourly wage Total price
New Fox Yes Ford exclusive 60 590 626 yuan 120 yuan 746 yuan
New Sylphy no Hitachi 45 370 526 yuan 39 yuan 565 yuan
New Lavida Yes Varta 51 480 622 yuan 70 yuan 692 yuan
Long moving Yes Windsurfing 60 550 552 yuan 60 dollars 612 yuan
Sega Yes Bosch/Camel 60 580/640 490 yuan 72 yuan 562 yuan
408 Yes Bosch/Camel 60 580/640 490 yuan 30 yuan 520 yuan
Hideo Yes Windsurfing 60 525 451 yuan 60 dollars 511 yuan
Cruz Yes Windsurfing 60 525 719 yuan 70 yuan 789 yuan

As can be seen from the above table, among the 8 models investigated in this survey, only Dongfeng Nissan New Sylphy uses ordinary batteries, while other models all use maintenance-free batteries. Although the regular maintenance of ordinary batteries is not very troublesome, and the service life is equivalent to that of maintenance-free batteries if they are well maintained, the cost is still relatively cheaper after all. In addition, it is not difficult to find that the battery capacity and low-temperature starting current of Japanese cars are generally small and the cost is cheaper. This is already a fact.

Finally, from the perspective of the price of accessories, it is expected that the quotation given by the 4S shop is higher than the market price, but some manufacturers are indeed outrageous. In fact, as long as we search on Taobao, it will be clear that most of the battery prices of this class of models are between 400-500 yuan. So if you are willing, I think it is more cost-effective to find a reliable repair shop to replace the battery, and the replaced battery can be depreciated by tens of yuan.