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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Since the Kia brand began to create the “Generation Z” concept, the new models that followed, without exception, have very distinctive styling characteristics. The K5 Kaiku, which entered the mid-size car market last year, has a quite stunning design, and now the smart running Ace will replace the old smart running in the home compact SUV market. Unlike the sports-focused K5 Kaiku, the smart running Ace that debuted this time is more like a tough guy who understands fashion, and the sense of heaviness has become the future design trend of Kia SUV series. Want to know what this tough guy looks like? Let's take a look together now.

● Learn about Ace in 30 seconds in advance:

1. The new car will provide two sets of power systems, 1.5T and 2.0L, and different power models will adopt the GT version or the urban version.

2. Smart Running Ace will provide five exterior colors and three interior color styles to choose from in the future. Blue will be the main color of the car.

3. The appearance and interior styling have been greatly adjusted to cater to the latest styling trend. It is expected to be launched in July.

● The appearance design of the smart running Ace pursues toughness and strength.

The starting point for this generation of domestically produced smart running is the NP that was unveiled in 2017. This model designed for the Chinese market has attracted the attention of many masculine men with its unique toughness and sense of strength since its debut. With the debut of this remodeled model, the smart running Ace, which is injected with current popular elements, not only does not weaken its tough temperament, but even because of the new front face design, it is visually more aggressive. Perhaps this feeling is the spirit that the Kia brand wants to convey.

In terms of creating a sense of sportiness and fashion, the smart running Ace still has very obvious characteristics. First of all, the 1.5T model of the smart running Ace will be equipped with a GT-Line exterior package, a more sporty front face, orange trims and black that can be seen everywhere. The rearview mirror + black luggage rack are the particularly conspicuous features of the kit. The goal of this diversified combination is obviously to cater to the aesthetic trend of the current young people and make the smart running Ace a favorite car for young people. Of course, it's not just about the styling. This time, the smart running Ace also introduced the cool-toned Mikong Blue as the main color for the first time, which looks really cool visually when matched with the tough styling. The other four colors (Pearl White, Vibrant Orange, Desert Gold, Ebony Black) remain unchanged, and the total number of body colors to choose from remains five.

Smart Running Ace is a mid-term redesign of the Smart Running series. It is natural that there is almost no change in the side shape. From the side, the overall outline of the smart running Ace still tends to be a traditional SUV. This is very different from the design of the previous generation smart running or the Kia KX5 that uses small windows without C pillars. This regular line gives people a strong, With a down-to-earth feeling, the loading capacity of the car's interior space may also benefit from the styling, and the practicality is guaranteed to a certain extent. According to the data released at the Shanghai Auto Show before, the length, width and height dimensions of the smart running Ace are 4530/1850/1695mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640mm. Except for the slight increase in length, the remaining dimensions have not changed.

The GT version and the urban version also have some differences in some details of the side and rear. First, the orange lines near the bottom of the car body and the color of the rear bumper lower guard can distinguish the identity of the two versions. The rim shape is also one of the important features to distinguish between the GT version and the urban version. The 18-inch rim of the former is simple and stylish, while the latter has more spokes, which tends to create a sense of luxury.

Compared with the old model, the adjustment of the tail shape is still very obvious. The vertical LED taillights and the upward-moving license plate are the most recognizable features of the smart running Ace. In addition, the additional stamping lines on the tailgate, the silver trim and the horizontal lines at the bottom have played a considerable role in enhancing the sense of hierarchy. At this time, coupled with the embellishment of the “virtual” exhaust, people can't help but speculate about the smart running The dynamic performance of Ace is geometric.

● The interior styling is based on the “future high-tech cockpit”.

Many models will also make a lot of modifications to the interior when they are remodeled, and the smart running Ace is no exception, and I think that the renovation of the interior of the new car is still very successful. Let’s take a look at the styling first. The design team used the “future high-tech cockpit” as the basic concept to create the interior of the new car. The center console uses an asymmetrical style. In addition to the black as the main tone, the GT version and the urban version are in Orange or brown leather is added as an embellishment in some details. This contrasting color design has a pretty good visual effect.

Although the center console is still made of hard plastic as the main material, the application of the orange/brown soft fabrics of the GT version and the urban version on the center console is quite pleasant to us. It can play a considerable role in improving the temperament of the vehicle. Great effect. The technological sense configuration is not inferior to other competitors in the same level. The full LCD instrument and large-size touch screen have been very popular in the ranks of compact SUVs. The smart running Ace is equipped with the UVO car entertainment based on Baidu Smart Interconnection System 3.0. The system, the interface is simple but the functions are rich, it is very helpful to the users in daily travel.

● The GT version of the seat shape is different, and the space performance is almost unchanged.

The GT version of the seat is more sporty than the old one. The orange stitching in the same color as the interior and the GT-Line embroidered logo on the seat back are one of the features of this version. In contrast, there are fewer changes in the shape of the urban version of the seat, but the brown seat looks very luxurious and seems to cater to the aesthetic preferences of the elderly. The space performance of the new car is basically the same as before. Both front and rear passengers can get a relatively spacious sitting posture, which belongs to the mainstream level in the same class of SUVs.

● Article summary:

Smart Running Ace not only continues the tough style of the old model, but the renewed front face and interior also have a stronger visual impact, a stronger sense of fashion, and may be more attractive to the target group (young users). The brand-new styling Ace has very distinctive features, just like the definition I gave it at the beginning. Although it is ultimately an SUV for family users, the overall shape has been built to resemble a hard-core off-road vehicle, with a heavy feeling. Full. The new car will be officially launched in July. Are you still looking forward to its price if you are interested in it? Stay tuned.