[YesAuto crash test interpretation] As the crystallization of the cooperation between Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz, the Infiniti Q30 (referred to as Q30 in the text) uses the Mercedes-Benz MFA front-wheel drive platform and is equipped with the same 2.0T engine on the Mercedes-Benz A 260. For such a compact car with Mercedes-Benz pedigree, Infiniti has performed boldly in the exterior design, which on the whole is better for young people who pursue beauty. So how safe is the collision safety of the car body that carries its styling design? Let's take a look at the answer given by the European E-NCAP Crash Test Center.

● Vehicle overview

● E-NCAP collision test results

● Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier

● Frontal collision with 100% overlapping rigid barriers

● Side collision with deformable mobile barrier

● Side column collision test

● Whiplash test

● Child occupant protection

● Pedestrian protection

● Active safety

● Summary

Infiniti Q30 can not only be equipped with AEB high-speed brake assist, lane assist, and speed control assist systems, but also comes standard with active engine compartment cover technology. Through the active engine compartment cover technology and the optimized design of the front part that is prone to collide with the human body, the Infiniti Q30 has achieved high results in pedestrian protection. At the same time, shortcomings are exposed. The whiplash test shows that it has a greater risk of injury to the neck of the driver and the rear passenger in a rear-end collision. But from an overall point of view, the scores of the four major tests accounted for more than 80%, so the active and passive safety of the Infiniti Q30 is worthy of a five-star evaluation. (Auto House Text/Picture Xia Zhimeng)