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[YesAuto model shopping guide] I don’t know if you still remember the first two episodes of the “Heroes behind the scenes” series that we launched before. If you don’t remember, it’s okay. You can click on the link below to check it out. In the first two episodes, we introduced 12 parts suppliers involved in various parts of the car. Although their popularity may not be as well-known as the logo on the front of the car, their role and importance are completely worthy of the title of behind-the-scenes heroes.

The 12 manufacturers in the previous two articles have their own advantages. As the third episode of this article, we will mainly introduce suppliers that provide auto manufacturers with active safety configuration, especially body stability control systems. The products they provide directly affect the active safety of vehicles. The height of this is directly related to the personal safety of the passengers in the car and should not be underestimated.

If you missed the first two episodes of the “Heroes Behind the Scenes” series, please click on the link below to view

Hero behind the scenes! Introduction to Six Famous Parts Suppliers

Hero behind the scenes! Introduction to Six Famous Parts Suppliers 2

What is the body stability control system? What does it do?

The body stability control system represented by Bosch's ESP is a high level embodiment of the active safety configuration of today's vehicles. It includes the functions of the ABS anti-lock braking system and the ASR traction control system. It can use the computer to analyze the information fed back by the on-board sensors to know the current driving state of the vehicle. If the state is abnormal, it will take corresponding measures to reduce the possibility of danger.

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Robert Bosch GmbH

Although most of the names of behind-the-scenes heroes are unfamiliar to most people when they are mentioned, Bosch is different. This name is as well-known as the car manufacturers that it provides accessories, and this is the second time Bosch has appeared in this series of articles.

Robert Bosch GmbH (Robert Bosch GmbH) has a long history of one hundred years, and its development mileage is almost as long as the car itself. But at first Bosch’s business had nothing to do with automobiles. It first set foot in the household appliance industry, especially with high-end accomplishments in refrigerator products. Afterwards, focusing on the rapid development of the automotive industry, Bosch began a new attempt in this field. As early as 1926, Bosch established an automotive after-sales service workshop in Shanghai. The headquarters of Bosch is Stuttgart, Germany, which is the hometown of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Although Bosch started in the household appliance industry and currently has a good market share, the real pillar of Bosch is now its automotive technology. The annual revenue from automotive components and technical products accounts for 60% of Bosch's total sales. In terms of active safety technology, the ESP® body stability control system invented by Bosch has raised the safety performance of vehicles to a new level.

What we are already familiar with is Bosch's eighth-generation ESP products, which are equipped on many models in the domestic market. The latest ninth generation ESP® has also been put into mass production this year. The new product is smaller and lighter than the previous generation, and has more extensions like the “stop & go” of the adaptive cruise control system. Features. I believe that in the near future, we will see a certain car's advertisement indicating that this car is equipped with version 9.0 ESP®.

TRW Automotive Inc. (TRW Automotive Inc.)

TRW Automotive Inc. (TRW Automotive Inc.) is a manufacturer from the United States that also has a long history, and relatively speaking, it appears more pure in terms of automotive accessory products and technologies. TRW Tianhe Group was founded in 1901, only a dozen years later than Bosch. At first, it mainly involved the aviation and automotive industries, and later became a pioneer in electronic components, computer and software engineering. However, in 2002, the general group ceased business for some reason, and the main body was divided into three major parts, and the current TRW Automotive Group is one of them.

TRW Automotive Group provides car manufacturers with configuration related to safety performance. Among them, passive safety configurations such as airbags and seat belts occupy a larger share in the OEM market. TRW also has in-depth and mature research and development results in active safety configuration. The existing products include collision warning system, steering force control and emergency automatic brake assist functions, and the body stability control system developed by it is called ESC.

TRW's headquarters is located in Michigan, the United States, and the Ford Group is also in the same state, so it is only natural that the Ford Group is called TRW's largest customer. Previously, Ford-related brands such as Volvo's models are also using ESC products provided by TRW. At the same time, TRW has also expanded its business and factory construction into China, and some of its own brand models have also been equipped with ancillary products they provide.


If you talk about Teves, I am afraid that most domestic consumers don't know what it does, but if you mention Continental Group, many people should have heard of it. The Teves company was acquired by the German Continental Group from the American ITT Group in 1998. This acquisition enabled Continental to make considerable progress in automotive chassis and brakes.

The most famous product of the German Continental Group should be a variety of tires. From bicycles to heavy-duty trucks, you can find your own suitable models on the Continental product line. In fact, the Continental Group does not lag behind in the research and development of active safety configuration. It can provide common high-end safety configurations, including the body stability control system from Teves.

In the domestic market, Teves' products can also be seen everywhere. Many manufacturers such as Changan Suzuki, Changan Automobile, and Geely's models are equipped with ABS systems provided by Teves. The Teves body stabilization system can be found on Volkswagen and Skoda models. Both models use Teves' MK60 version of the body stabilization system. Compared with the Bosch 8.1 version used by Audi A4L, the ESP of Sagitar and Octavia has only four channels, at the same time, the weight is larger and the memory is smaller. However, due to this configuration The equipment of these two cars has surpassed rivals of the same level in active safety.

MANDO Co., Ltd.

The three mentioned above are all established European and American manufacturers. In the emerging Asia-Pacific region, we can also find many manufacturers specializing in auto parts. South Korea's Mando Co., Ltd. is one of them. Compared with its peers with a history of over 100 years, Mando Co., Ltd. is quite young. This company was founded in 1962. All of the company's business is related to automobiles, and mainly involves three aspects: steering system, braking system and suspension system.

In addition to the production of various drum and disc brake systems, MANDO also has a series of products for different grades in the field of active safety configuration, from the most basic ABS, mid-end TCS traction control to the highest-end ESC electronic stability There are control systems, and now a relatively complete product line has been formed.

Since it is a Korean manufacturer, MANDO's customers are all from South Korea, including Hyundai and Kia, the two brands of South Korea's largest automobile group. However, there are not many models equipped with body stability control systems that these two brands have put into production in China, but as long as there are, they must come from MANDO.

Delphi Automotive LLP

Like Bosch, Delphi also appeared in the “Heroes Behind the Scenes” series for the second time. It is also a super veteran auto parts supplier, with 171 wholly-owned manufacturing plants employing nearly 190,000 employees worldwide. Delphi’s headquarters and TRW Tian’s contract are in Michigan, the United States. Therefore, it can be said that these two companies are the most direct competitors. Just like TRW and Ford have a good cooperative relationship, Delphi has always been the largest automobile group in the United States—— The right-hand man of GM Group, because Delphi was originally part of GM Group.

Just like Zhang Lei introduced before, Delphi has a very wide range of automotive fields, from body control to overall wiring, from electronic control components to fuel system, they produce almost all internal components. At the same time, Delphi is also involved in motorsports, providing high-performance engines and electronic control systems.

Since Delphi separated from General Motors and became an independent company in 1999, General Motors Group has become Delphi's largest customer. Almost all of the ESC body stability control systems that we can see in the domestic market on the models of the GM Group's brands are from Delphi's factories. In fact, the name ESC (Electronic Stability Control) was also first used by Delphi in the United States.

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd Advics, Hosei

Speaking of Japan's Aisin Seiki, the first thing we think of must be its outstanding achievements in the field of automotive transmissions. Many models sold in China are equipped with automatic transmissions produced by Aisin. However, there are actually four subsidiaries under the entire AISIN Group. Aisin Advics (Hosei) is one of them. Its main business involves chassis and braking technology. It also produces its own research and development of ESC. Vehicle electronic stability control system.

Founded in 1949, Aisin Seiki has a long history of development, but Advics is the least qualified among the four subsidiaries. It was just established in 2001, but in the development process of the ESC system But not lagging behind peer competitors. The latest ESC model developed by Advics is ADS-V2P, which is known as the smallest product of its kind at present, and weighs only 1.7kg. However, the weight of the 9th generation ESP® of Bosch we mentioned just now is slightly lighter and only 1.6kg. .

At present, domestic models equipped with ESC systems produced by Advics are mostly concentrated under the Toyota Group, including high-end Lexus models, all of which Advics provides corresponding active safety configuration products.

Full text summary:

With the in-depth development of domestic automobile culture, while we understand automobile brands, we should also pay more attention to the manufacturers that make silent contributions behind these automobile brands. Their innovation or breakthrough in a certain field may be able to transform a certain kind of automobile. Performance is improved to a new level. In terms of active safety configuration, Bosch is currently developing faster, and other manufacturers have their own advantages. The body stability control system is also developing in terms of smaller size, lighter weight, larger memory and more flexible function expansion. You may wish to study the body stability control system on your car which manufacturer provides which model. (Zheng Yu, Home of Wen Auto)