[YesAuto Evaluation] “One inch long and one inch strong”, this is definitely a six-character mantra of Bailing in the domestic medium and large luxury car market. It is obvious that the extended rear row and luxurious configuration to impress the elderly and gold leaders are obvious. The right way. So in order to open up the market, Infiniti also specially created an extended version of the M series for China under this guiding ideology. Such measures to cater to consumer tastes are rare in Japanese luxury brands, and Infiniti M is the “first crab” Japanese car in this class.

At present, the extended version of Infiniti M has two different power options: the M35hL equipped with a hybrid power system replaces the original M37, and the other is our test protagonist M25L today. After the environmental protection label was affixed, the price of M35hL soared, and the price of high-end models even exceeded 800,000. This is obviously no longer within the consideration of rational consumers. Fortunately, after the configuration upgrade, the price of the M25L as the main sales force only increased slightly. However, in the face of the three powerful German opponents A6L, 5 Series Li and E-Class, what magic weapon can M25L come up with?

Regarding the configuration and space experience, I won’t go into details here. For more information, please refer to our previous articles.

Power: low rotation force output is not a strong point, but the rear acceleration ability is outstanding

M25L still uses this V6 naturally aspirated engine code-named VQ25HR, which belongs to the high-performance version of Nissan’s VQ series. The suffix of HR stands for high-speed and high-performance. It is a rear drive specially designed for the front longitudinal structure by Nissan. Four-wheel drive models are developed. Except for the JX35, Infiniti currently uses VQ series engines for other models on sale in China with the HR suffix. VQ25DE or VQ35DE are mostly used in vehicles with horizontal engine layout, such as Tianlai and Loulan.

The engine performance parameters have not changed compared with the old model, but it is still considered first-class in the naturally aspirated engine camp: 235 horsepower (173kW) bursts at 6400 rpm, and it reaches the maximum of 253N·m at 4800 rpm. Torque, the parameters are better than 523Li and A6L 30FSI.

The Nissan VQ series engine can be regarded as a legend in the history of naturally aspirated engines. It has also become a good story to be selected as the World's Top Ten Engine for 14 consecutive years. The VR38DETT twin-turbocharged engine on the Ares GTR is also developed from the VQ series. Coming. Even today, it seems that the VQ series engine is still good enough. Compared with the small-displacement turbocharged engine that has been popularized by similar models, it has no advantage in power and fuel economy, but the smooth linear power output is still Its advantages.

For the gearbox, the M25l uses a 7-speed automatic manual gearbox, which also has a downshift and oil replenishment function in sports and manual modes. In addition, M25L provides four different driving options, namely Snow (snow), Eco (economy), Standard (standard) and Sport (sports). In different driving modes, the throttle response speed and gearbox shift logic will be adjusted accordingly.

In the standard mode, the response of the throttle is too sensitive. To start off smoothly and comfortably, you must always pay attention to the range of your right foot. This problem was mentioned in Luo Hao's previous test of the M25 (click to view the related evaluation article). As a medium and large car that will be a selling point in the future, such a sensitive throttle adjustment is difficult to understand.

After switching to sport mode, the throttle response speed does not change much, but the gear shift logic of the gearbox will become more radical. As long as you maintain a certain throttle depth, the gearbox is willing to maintain the speed above 3000 rpm. At this time, the power The response and enthusiasm for downshifting are satisfying. However, this 7-speed automatic gearbox, which is known to have adaptive learning function, seems a bit stunned when accelerating sharply. When you need it to drop two gears in a row, it always appears dragged and not determined enough. Fortunately, in manual mode, the procrastination of downshifts can be improved to a certain extent. In general, the overall performance of this 7AT is quite satisfactory, which is a little bit worse than ZF's 8AT.

If the throttle is not treated roughly, the cooperation of the engine and the gearbox is still very tacit, and the linear and smooth power output makes people feel relaxed and comfortable in daily driving. Although it is slightly gentle at low revolutions, with the maximum power of 235 horsepower and the characteristics of high forwarding force, the M25L's mid-to-rear acceleration performance is impressive. It can still be used at full throttle at 80km/h and the speed exceeds 5000rpm. It has a feeling of pushing back, such performance is rare for its displacement, and the sound of the engine is very sexy at high speeds.

ECO mode is a bright spot

The ECO modes I have been exposed to in the past are basically tasteless, but the ECO mode on the M25L makes me shine. In addition to the more traditional ECO mode settings such as slower throttle, lower speed during constant cruise, and warnings on the dashboard, the M25L also adds an interesting “ECO Pedal” design. When the gas is applied too hard or the throttle exceeds a certain depth, the accelerator pedal will produce an upward reaction force, the purpose is to prevent your non-energy-saving and environmentally friendly behavior, and such an interesting setting will always make people unable to bear it. Go tease it. Of course, you can also choose to forcibly depress the accelerator to the end. At this time, the system will still make the gearbox upshift in advance and limit the engine speed to below 3500rpm. In addition, the ECO mode has another advantage: the slow throttle can effectively alleviate the problem of throttle sensitivity in the standard mode and make the start smoother.

M25L is also equipped with a safety barrier system called Safety Shield (click to view detailed technical analysis articles), including a full set of safety assistance functions such as adaptive cruise, aligning assistance and lane keeping. Among them, the full-speed intelligent cruise system (ICC with full speed) and the distance control assist system (DCA) are the most noteworthy configurations. With the cooperation of these two systems, the M25L can still easily complete the auto-following action even at low speeds that are close to creeping. This means that you can rest assured that the vehicle is in a smooth or congested state. Take care of the trivialities of speeding up and slowing down by yourself. The disadvantage of this system is that once the car is completely stopped, the following state will be automatically released. In addition, when it finds that a car merges into the lane within a safe distance ahead, the system takes a few seconds to recognize the vehicle in front. Before the recognition is completed, the vehicle will only accelerate forward on its own. At this time, if it is not switched to manual operation as soon as possible Driving, there is a danger of rear-end collision.

Control: comfortable and balanced

Compared to its body, the M25L’s steering wheel size is very small, the hydraulic steering power is not light or heavy, it feels a bit sticky, there is not much road feeling feedback, and the front of the car is also a bit slow. You will know this as soon as you get started. A car that takes a comfortable route. However, its overall steering feel is still very smooth, and its performance is in line with its status as a luxury mid-to-large car.

The suspension is the most pleasing part of the M25L vehicle. The structure of the front double wishbone and rear multi-links retains a certain sports tradition, but for this class of models, the chassis comfort is undoubtedly the first priority. of. Flexible and stable adjustment, it is natural to deal with ordinary road bumps, and it is even more impressive when dealing with bumps such as deceleration bumps or deep manhole covers. The suspension can quickly respond to the bumps of the road to maintain the stability of the body. , The compact and flexible end section can cleanly absorb most of the uncomfortable vibrations. The comfort reflects the qualities that a luxury car should have. The overall feeling is better than that of the 5 Series Li and A6L.

Providing such excellent comfort does not mean that it completely abandons the control. It can also feel the solid lateral support of the suspension when cornering. It also has a good control of the body roll when merging. It feels very flickering. slight. It can be said that the M25L is more ideal for the balance between comfort and handling than the domestic 5 Series Li and A6L.

About the back row

There is also a very special setting for the rear row of the M25L, that is, the height of the rear seat is significantly higher than that of the front row, so that the theater-style seat design with low front and high rear allows the boss or guests in the rear to have a better view. It also feels great to sit down and sit down, but for tall friends, this can also cause headroom depression. In addition, rear passengers can also enjoy the treatment of electric suction doors, which is unique in the same class of cars. In addition, the M25L is also very good in terms of rear configuration, comfort and space. If you want to score, M25L The rear row is certainly not lower than the A6L and 5 Series Li.

Next, let's take a look at the final test results.

Accelerated testing

After turning off the ESP and starting at 2500rpm, the rear wheels will slip slightly, and the entire acceleration process after that is very smooth. The frustration of shifting at high revolutions is not strong. After several attempts, the M25L's best acceleration score is 9.17 seconds. This is not a very ideal result compared to models of the same level. The nominal power of the VQ25HR engine is very high (235 horsepower), but why is the acceleration result not fast? There are probably two reasons for the analysis. First of all, due to the high-rotation adjustment of the engine, the engine cannot output peak torque before 4800rpm, which leads to a lot of losses in the starting stage of 2500-4800rpm in the first gear (the peak torque speed of A6L 30FSI and 523Li both appear at about 3000 rpm. ); Secondly, the gearbox was not firm enough when shifting from the first gear to the second gear, and a certain amount of time was wasted.

Brake test

Although the acceleration is not strong, the braking performance of the M25L is impressive. It is easy to adapt to the adjustment of the brake pedal's front loosening and rear tightening. When the brake pedal is fully braked, the output is linear, and the ABS spring foot is hardly felt. Thanks to the good front-to-rear weight ratio (53:47) and the special shock absorber arrangement structure of the front suspension, the body posture remains very stable during full braking, and the tire grip cannot be faulted. It seems to be an understatement. The braking performance is stable within 37 meters, and the final average score is 36.37 meters, and the multiple braking performance is also very stable. Such performance is really surprising, you know, this result is already comparable to the average performance sports car.

Noise perception

Japanese luxury brands have always been very careful in sound insulation and noise reduction, and Infiniti is no exception. The V6 engine runs quietly at low speeds, and the compartment is also in place for tire noise and road noise. The only downside is that the engine noise is too loud when idling. .

Fuel consumption test

During the test in one afternoon, M25L drove a total of 3 hours and 27 minutes, of which about 50% of the loops at speeds above 60km per hour, and about 50% of the congested roads in cities below 30km, the total length of the journey was 101.8km, and the average speed was 29.3km/h , It consumes 10.14L of No.95 (Beijing standard) fuel, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 9.96L. The test basically simulates the road conditions of a general city car. The fuel consumption performance of less than 10L is very good for a medium and large car weighing more than 1.8 tons. If the ECO mode is used, the fuel consumption performance should be lower.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars : no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car / hybrid : no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV : no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium- sized car/medium-sized SUV : no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

<Note 1: Pure hardcore off-road vehicles, large SUVs , performance sports cars , super sports cars , this site does not carry out fuel consumption testing>
<Note 2: Our reasonable fuel consumption reference values for each level are based on most models of this level. Some non-mainstream models have a large impact on their fuel consumption due to their size or displacement across grades. Let’s talk about it separately>

to sum up:

In general, the Infiniti M25L has a commendable performance in terms of interior luxury, rear configuration, space performance or chassis quality. In actual tests, the excellent braking results are even more amazing. In addition, the 150mm longer rear space, the powerful adaptive cruise system, and the bright rear electric suction door are all its advantages. If you look at the product alone, the M25L is indeed a good car, and its overall quality is completely comparable to the A6L. , 5 Series Li and Mercedes-Benz E-Class are the mainstream luxury mid-to-large vehicles in China.

Going back to the price, the M25L maintained the starting price of 498,000 yuan for the old short-wheelbase version, but the high-end model has an increase of 30,000-40,000 yuan due to the configuration upgrade. The luxury version of the M25L we tested increased the price from 588,000 to 628,000 after adding rear electric suction doors, interactive in-vehicle information and communication systems, and silver powder-coated solid wood interior panels. The rise is also reasonable.

If we combine the price quotations of several domestic competitors, the situation will be less optimistic. Currently, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series Li's German rivals start at around 400,000 yuan. In addition, E-Class and A6L have considerable price concessions. The starting price of the M25L is 100,000 more expensive. Even if the current maximum discount of 30,000 is included, and the “benefits” of free maintenance of 100,000 kilometers for four years are also included, its price is still higher than that of several mainstream domestic products. The model is a bit taller.

In the final analysis, the same long-wheelbase model, the M25L, which has a high price, low visibility and individual appearance, and several German rivals are actually not enough to compete. After all, those middle-aged consumers who have a lot of money are in line with the traditional and practical principles when choosing a car. How many people will consider the M25L? Those young business elites who like excitement and pursue difference are actually the real target of M25L. (Photo/Text/Photographed by Li Yi, Car Home)

At present, M25L has different degrees of discounts throughout the country. If you are interested in this car, you may wish to click to enter the local dealer page to check the price, current car and other information.