At this Shanghai Auto Show, the Great Wall Haval “Dog” family brought a X DOG concept car. The X is regarded by many as infinite possibilities. This also heralds the new journey of the Haval “Dog” series. The official announced on the spot. In addition to the series of future models, at least five models are planned to be exposed. It can be seen that the off-road attribute is only one of the “dog” family, and it will cover more personality and trend areas in the future.

From this X DOG, we can see a lot of cross-border elements. The “black plastic” style front bumper and middle net make it look quite outdoor and hardcore, and can reduce maintenance costs, but the exquisite headlights make it have Has a certain fashion taste.

The headlight is a full LED structure, and the interior is a cross-shaped design, which fits well with its “X” human design. The upper part of the round lamp is also decorated with a light strip, like a dog's eyebrow?

The shape of the rim is also quite distinctive. The five diamond-shaped structures form a very stylish rim, and there is also a contrasting color design, combined with the upper “hard plastic” wheel eyebrows, which gives it a sense of cross-border. Improve a lot.

From the positive point of view, this X DOG still has some design language of its own, which not only combines the elements and materials of outdoor hardcore models, but also makes it full of fashion in the details and surrounding embellishments, which makes us again Think of the original intention when the tank 300 was launched.

On the side, the car adopts a suspended roof design style, which significantly enhances its design and integrity. The presence of hidden D-pillars allows the visual characteristics to continue to the rear of the car, and the characteristics of high front and low rear make it look more It feels like a luxury hardcore model.

The door also uses the hidden handles that are popular in the field of new energy. In addition, the body is designed with the same color. It can hide its presence when it is retracted, and it can have a full sense of ritual when it pops up. It really is 6!

The handle of the rear door adopts a high-position hidden design. This design allows the handle to be cleverly hidden in the C-pillar. The waistline at the C-pillar makes this car look full of power.

The roof's “longitudinal rail” also adopts a more streamlined design, and the hard and soft elements once again appear in the roof configuration.

The overall feel of the side is as mentioned above. The power of the hard-core off-road vehicle, the color and the fashion of the shape, the two can coexist very harmoniously. It is no wonder that it is called X DOG, because it is really difficult for you. “See it clearly”.

Coming into the car, sci-fi sense? young? Or vitality? These powerful lines shape the unique style of X DOG. The LCD screen on the steering wheel makes it full of a sense of technology, and the large screen of the center console combined with the rough outline of the lower part gives it some “little tough guys.” the taste of. “X Concept” has been integrated into every detail of this car.

From the picture, we can see that the screen of the steering wheel is displaying the information of the media. For young people, the all-terrain system may not be their most concerned, but it is absolutely impossible to lose music during the trip.

The location of the air-conditioning outlet is also arranged with a small-sized display screen to display temperature and air volume adjustment. From the field point of view, the adjustment operation here has also become a touch mode, which is for a hardcore element. In terms of the model, it can be described as another “collision of elements.”

The traditional central control area also uses a full-touch mode, from which you can see the seat comfort control system. The traditional knobs and buttons have basically achieved a complete “group destruction” on this car. It is not necessarily the best to use, but it is indeed a trend.

The front seats have a strong sense of layering. This is not only due to the sewing method, but also related to the color and shape. It looks full of wrapping, and it also has a youthful taste and a sense of science fiction.

The side of the front seats is also designed with a practical function. “Stripe storage space, which is very suitable for storing drinks or drinking glasses. This fixing method is not only novel, but also further enhances its “hardcore elements”. Attributes.

The rear seats and the front seats adopt the same design concept, full of layers, bold colors, and youthfulness everywhere.

Coming to the rear of the car, it is very commendable. This car uses a more streamlined “small school bag” design. The spare tire is very cleverly integrated into it, but it does not appear too hardcore and rough. Who says fashion and hardcore cannot be harmonious Together?

Through this X DOG, we have not only been able to spy on the huge “dog family”, but also let us have more expectations for the dog series models. It is no longer just synonymous with hardcore style, but can span many fields and Style series models, hardcore? fashion? Cross-border? pioneer? These words are difficult to accurately define it, maybe they are not, maybe they are all included.

Although it is just a concept, it also sees the possibility of the future, just like its X, all possible.

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