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[YesAuto in-depth experience] People who are familiar with American car culture will certainly not be unfamiliar with pickup trucks. These big guys with a length of more than 5 meters and a displacement of more than 4 liters have always been a symbol of the American people's pursuit of free life. The scenes of driving a pickup truck and towing a RV or a yacht and a family outing often appear in Hollywood movies or American dramas. With the continuous development of my country's automobile culture, some economically strong car friends have joined the ranks of pickup truck owners. We will bring you detailed experience articles on three models: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, Dodge RAM1500 and Ford F-450. Today, I will bring you the first article of the American pickup experience series, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, which is affectionately called the “Raptor” in China.

When it comes to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, one has to mention the Ford F series pickup truck. This model, which was born more than 60 years ago and has undergone 12 generations, is a legendary model in the history of American automobiles. It has ranked first in sales of pickup trucks in the United States for 35 consecutive years, and the annual sales of various models of its series in North America are calculated by hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The SVT Raptor can be understood as a high-performance off-road vehicle of F-150. It is developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT). It can have a high speed even on non-paved roads and can be counted as off road. On the sports car.

Body size: The size is full of pressure, and the appearance is sporty

In fact, I have been psychologically prepared before the experience, because occasionally I have seen Toyota Tundra or Sequoia in the street or in the basement. The momentum that surpasses the full-size SUV model can really bring people an invisible pressure. But when you really stand in front of it, that kind of aura that is half your head still forms a big aura.

SVT Raptor does not use the front face design of the original F-150, and it can even be said that there are earth-shaking changes between the two. As a high-performance car, the SVT Raptor puts away the exaggerated chrome-plated mesh design used by Lao Mei, instead it incorporates the black grid mesh that is more common in high-performance cars. Although the four black letters of FORD are not so conspicuous, It can also make you faintly feel a bit murderous.

The front face of the vehicle has great potential for modification, and the installation of auxiliary lighting and winch has become the first choice for everyone. If you don't want to go to war, you can install auxiliary lighting fixtures on the reserved positions on both sides of the bumper, and the bottom of the four letters of FORD is also a good place to install LED lighting. The winch naturally occupies the middle position. After all, even the Titanic hits an iceberg, so it is very necessary to spend some money to improve its self-rescue ability.

Comparison of body size parameters
Raptor Tundra Land Cruiser BMW X5
Length mm 5895 5329 5150 4857
Width mm 2192 2029 1970 1933
Height mm 1991 1935 1945 1776
Wheelbase mm 3688 3220 2850 2933

The article has been mentioning the pressure brought by the huge size, so what is the size of the Raptor? If we only say that its size is 5895×2192×1991mm, but this is still somewhat abstract, so we might as well adopt the method of comparison. Let’s take a look at the BMW X5 that we often call the domineering. It turns out that the gap between them is really big, not one lap or two laps, and the Land Cruiser even the smooth road, which is also an American pickup, also lost the battle. , The physical examination of these two powerful opponents is enough to prove the strength of its size.

In fact, F-150 is available in a variety of versions according to the cab and cargo box. They are the ordinary cargo box short cab version (5364mm), the extended cargo box and long cab version (5837mm), and the extended cargo box and short cab version. (5532mm) etc. Today this car is a four-door standard version (Crew Cab).

Although SVT Raptor is inferior to Wrangler in passability, its performance is still better than Prado, which is similar in price. Moreover, Raptor's original design is not rock climbing. It emphasizes the high-speed experience on non-paved roads such as sand and gravel. One major difference between it and other off-road vehicles.

The dual-exhaust pipe is located on the side of the car body, which is more individual, and the exhaust sound produced by it after starting is also very pleasant. Although it is a high-performance car pursuing speed, Raptor still has not escaped the fate of installing trailer equipment. Raptor can not only take you to experience the extreme speed of offroad, but also take the whole family to barbecue camping.

High-profile Americans have not forgotten to install some small LED lights around the car body as decorations. This design can be seen in the four corners of the center grid and the car body, which can act as a width indicator at night.

The chassis and suspension of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor are its important selling points. The non-load-bearing body, leaf springs, and integral bridge suspension ensure the rigidity and load-carrying capacity of the vehicle, while the expensive Racing Shox shock absorber from FOX has become The crowning touch of the suspension is that it makes Raptor unique and can be used on non-paved roads.

Cargo compartment and convenience experience: very powerful

Since it is a pickup truck, the “fight” behind it has become the focus of our experience. What exactly does this space exist for? Let us analyze and analyze it for you.

Although we used four editors to visualize its space for everyone, in fact, it is not used to pull people at all, at least domestic pickup truck owners will not consider buying it to load people or pull goods. So why should I buy a pickup truck? As mentioned in the picture, it is the real meaning of using a pickup to install some objects that can't fit in a full-size SUV, such as a Bombardier or Polaris all-terrain vehicle, or bring two motorcycles into the mountain for a mountain road with friends. Duel.

It doesn't matter if the items you want to load are slightly longer than the cargo compartment, because there is a clever fence here, which can further expand the cargo compartment's loading capacity with only three simple operations.

Whether it is a carriage or a cargo compartment, Raptor is more approachable than imagined. For example, the pedals on both sides of the front compartment provide great convenience for passengers to get on and off the car, while the pedals and armrests at the rear of the car have a seemingly simple design. Not every pickup truck can do it.

●In- car sight experience: large blind spot at the rear of the car

While enjoying the high vision brought by large SUVs, we often ignore the corresponding increase in the blind spot range. This is especially true for pickup trucks with a length of more than 5 meters. Let’s take a look at it from my perspective. What kind of vision performance will be in the Raptor.

The line of sight from the front and the side of the car is basically satisfactory. Because the front of the car is very square, the driver can easily judge the distance between the front of the car and the obstacle in front. The small mirror added to the outside rearview mirror is indeed very practical and thorough. It eliminates the blind spot of the rear-view mirror that we often say, and greatly expands the field of view of the rear-view mirror.

The sight from the rear of the car is rather sad. Through the small window on the car, I can barely see the red pile barrel nearly 6 meters away, and this distance has even exceeded the length of an F-150. Fortunately, the vehicle is equipped with a reversing image function, so when actually reversing, I can even understand all the conditions within one meter behind the car.

Central control interior experience: workmanship follows American roughness

Ford's interior workmanship and materials have always been not his strong point. This tradition has even been reflected in several domestically produced models. The F-150 is obviously not doing better. The hard-core center console obviously lacks affinity. The only thing that is gratifying is that its design is still elegant and stylish, without the deliberate simplicity of traditional hard-core off-road vehicles.

Friends who have driven the sharp world will definitely have some impressions of Ford's latest generation of driving computers, with beautiful interfaces and rich functions. Simple operation, you have almost no reason to hate it, and Raptor's trip computer is also very powerful, in addition to the conventional mileage, fuel consumption display, it also has four-wheel drive status, horizontal position and other display functions.

The diameter of the steering wheel is not small, but the grip is relatively full, which is in line with the positioning of the pickup. The red mark at the 12 o'clock direction is a common element on the racing wheel. Its function is to help the racing driver in intense driving to return at the fastest speed. Positive direction. The pedal height adjustment on the steering column can adjust the height of the accelerator and brake pedals. With the multi-directional adjustable steering wheel and feature-rich electronically controlled seats, it is believed that people of all shapes will not find it difficult to find a suitable sitting posture.

The interface design and functions of the original navigation are very powerful, but some of the functions are not available in China. For example, turning on the navigation will show that you are on a certain highway in the United States, and the radio still only has a single frequency modulation, 87.6, 90.0, 97.4 These domestic radio stations that end in even numbers are unavailable. There are 4 light extension switches reserved under the center console. If you install additional lighting equipment one day, you can directly connect the switches here, eliminating the pain of punching and modification.

Americans have never treated their ears badly, especially the Raptor, which is a high-performance car. The car is equipped with a 700W full-car audio from SONY, the actual sound effect is relatively good, if it is not for hardcore music enthusiasts, I am afraid that there is no need for audio modification.

Riding experience: sofa seat + large space

Compared with the previous Raptor R model with opposite doors, the four-door model we experienced this time has a better seating space. Of course, the comfort of the seat is also to be mentioned. The American sofa-style seat is very comfortable to ride. If it is a long-distance driving, I will decisively abandon the Wrangler to embrace it.

For such a giant, our space experience seems a bit redundant, because the driver within two meters can find a suitable sitting posture in the car. Our experiencer is 175cm tall. After adjusting the seat to a suitable position, there is a punch space above the head, and this is the performance after the skylight is removed.

There is also no problem with the rear space, whether it is the top of the head or the front of the legs, there is a lot of room. The interior width of the 2200mm wide body is only 1680mm, but it is not a big problem to take 3 people, and there will be no obvious sense of crowding.

Power system: 6.2L V8+6AT

This 6.2-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine is specially developed for the F-150 SVT Raptor model. The technology of this engine is not advanced. The 6.2-liter displacement only exchanges for 300 kilowatts of power, which is not a liter of power. To 50 kilowatts, but its compression ratio is only 9.8:1, so the oil requirements are not so harsh, and it is more in line with the actual needs of off-road vehicles. There is no problem with daily use of 93 gasoline. Its partner is a 6-speed automated manual gearbox.

Full text summary:

The F-150 SVT Raptor (Raptor) we experience today is still significantly different in positioning from the traditional American pickup. If you compare a car to a horse, then most pickup trucks are just a “coolie-type” practical role that you go to the market every day to help you carry the goods, while the Raptor is the kind of horse that you can ride on it to hunt and race. It not only has the space and comfort comparable to luxury cars, but also has the non-paved road passability that is not inferior to most off-road vehicles. The most special is his excellent power and expensive FOX suspension, which is also one of it. So the most important reason is called the Raptor. (Photo/Photo by Liu Yuxin from Car Home)

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