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[YesAuto 车坛孟料] Recently, Beijing held an emergency rescue equipment exhibition. I was rushing to a heavy fire truck, but I was attracted by a very small car. This is Xibeihu 8×8 all-terrain. car. This is a domestic eight-wheel drive amphibious all-terrain vehicle, using a Chery QQ3 engine, but don’t underestimate it, because this vehicle has already served in our country’s forest protection, rescue and disaster relief, line repairs and other fields. For many years, it can be said that it is a little “warrior” who protects one party.

to sum up:

Although its size is small, even though it only has a 0.8L engine, this Xibei tiger uses its petite body to help heroes in various fields such as forest protection, emergency rescue, and expedition research. The years are quiet and good. I think with the development of society, we will see more domestic special vehicles. Although we don't have access to them in our daily life, their existence actually protects our lives.