[YesAuto Power Modification] BMW 1M is an excellent high-performance small steel gun. The most commendable is the few manual transmission models in the BMW M family. The word M is a word for many loyal BMW fans. Mythology, it symbolizes a kind of power. For example, “Now there is a car owner who has brought the spirit of M sports to another level” and replaced this car with a V10 engine.

The replacement is a BMW engine code-named S85 V10. This engine has an independent throttle intake system. As the name suggests, each cylinder has a throttle in charge of intake. In terms of the entire engine hardware, high-flow intake is added. With the exhaust system, it can reach 551 horsepower and 620 N·m through ECU upgrade. The engine is matched with the 6-speed manual gearbox on the BMW E92 M3 model. The clutch has also been upgraded with a 3-plate competitive version.

The owner defines this car as a drift training car. They participate in some driving activities on track days on weekdays and enjoy the passionate life of taking friends to the racing circuit on weekends. Since it is drifting, it also has excellent power output and front suspension. The large angle steering knuckle kit must not be missing.

In the interior, hydraulic hand brakes are installed in the style of rally racing. The car owners are very safety-conscious. They welded roll cages, installed racing seats and seat belts, and most importantly, installed a one-button multi-point jet. Fire extinguisher system.

Drifting consumes a lot of tires. After a few laps, many tires are broken in the car, so you need to bring more tires for replacement. The coolest thing is that the owner installs an on-board hydraulic jack for his car. Through one-button control, the hydraulic jack in the car will automatically raise the car, saving a lot of precious time for the owner to change the tire. The weight of this hydraulic jack is much heavier than the traditional pneumatic jack. But for the 551-horsepower 1M, only floating clouds can be used as a metaphor.

The rear axle has replaced the tail gear ratio of 3.85. Compared with the original factory, it has a larger reduction ratio, the torque of the wheels is enlarged, and the locking rate of the limited slip differential can be enlarged to 100%, which is good for drifting. A very important detail. In this way, a very perfect arc can be drawn. Regarding the issue of smoking cigarettes, it depends on whether the car owner is willing to step on the accelerator.