[YesAuto Racing Exposure] The famous motorcycle race MotoGP Organizing Committee has confirmed that the safety car for the 2015 season has been identified as the BMW M4, which is the 15th year that the BMW M series has been re-elected as a MotoGP safety car. According to internal sources, BMW M and MotoGP official organizer Dorma Sport have signed the contract until 2020.

The production version of the BMW M4 is a replacement for the previous two-door version of the M3 E92. It belongs to the new head of the BMW M sports car series, and is naturally the best choice for this year's MotoGP safety car. In addition to an additional carbon fiber rear spoiler, BMW M also added a new improvement to the M4 safety car-an integrated water injection system. According to reports, this system is installed on the side wall of the intake manifold to improve engine performance while reducing its internal loss. This MotoGP safety car is the first application of BMW's self-developed water injection system, and may be used in future mass-produced models.

In fact, water injection systems are nothing new. There have been mass-produced cars with water injection systems that came out decades ago. For example, the Oldsmobile F85 in 1962 had a 3.5L V8 turbocharged engine, and it was installed with a water injection system to cool the intake air and suppress combustion chamber knocking, as well as the Saab 99 in 1976. Turbo also has a water injection system. Most of the current mainstream car manufacturers have abandoned water injection and used more advanced intercooler structures (such as water-cooled intercoolers) to optimize cooling. Water injection systems mostly appeared as modified parts, such as AEM water injection, which is well-known in the racing industry. system. BMW’s re-launch of the water jet layout this time is not sure if it is a gimmick or it can really bring outstanding performance improvements. Given that the performance data of the M4 safety car has not been announced, we can only look forward to the advent of the new production car to make a judgment.