[Auto House Race] The race we are going to take stock of today is the DTM German Touring Car Masters, known as “F1 with a touring car shell”. This race originated in Germany in 1984 and has a history of 27 years. It represents the highest level of European car races. Although DTM is still a relatively unfamiliar name to us, it is one of the most popular motorsports in Germany. What is the fascinating part of DTM? Through the five major events of DTM in 2011, you may be able to understand the excitement and excitement brought by this event to a certain extent.

First of all, we need to clarify a question. The RV mentioned in this article is not a car with full functions like Ge You in the movie “Not You”, but the car we drive in our daily life is called Tourenwagen. These cars usually focus on economy and comfort, not for speed like sports cars. The race in which the car has undergone performance modification and safety modification is the touring car race.

When talking about the characteristics of DTM events, we will use the word “equality” to describe, and it is this point that makes DTM exciting and exciting. At the beginning of the race, equality was the foothold. At that time, cars with large horsepower or large body size had to be heavier, while cars with weaker power could use wider tires.

Today, strict technical regulations have made many parts of modern DTM racing cars common to all manufacturers. The differences are more reflected in appearance, tuning, competition strategy, and driver level and performance. In a DTM game, the gap between the first, second and third place is often only a few hundredths of a second. How can such a game not be exciting.

Next, let us enter the changing DTM 2011 season together!

Event 1: Mercedes-Benz VS BMW VS Audi The era of the three powers is coming

When Opel withdrew from the DTM after the 2005 season, Mercedes-Benz and Audi started a battle. There have been no new participants for 6 years, and this situation seems to last longer. Although only two manufacturers participated, Mercedes-Benz and Audi competed with each other to make DTM always full of excitement, and the competition was very impressive.

Over the years, whether it is due to the rapid increase in costs that have caused the development of racing cars to be frozen, or to meet market demand to allow DTM to leave Germany and go to Italy and China, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have always supported each other, and the two brands are using competition marketing to promote their mass-produced models. In terms of sales, they have achieved gratifying results.

However, the win-win results made another German auto industry giant BMW look jealous, so they began to take action. BMW even withdrew from WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) in order to return to DTM under the opportunity of implementing new rules next year. Because facts have proved that DTM, a racing sport, has played a broader role in promoting new car sales.

Next year, we will be able to see Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi competing on the same field. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year, the “German Big Three” has already started the competition because they also released the 2012 DTM tank. In the new season, Mercedes-Benz will compete with DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupe. BMW's car is BMW M3 DTM, and Audi's new chariot is Audi A5 DTM.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi DTM racing technical data
Parameters/model DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupe BMW M3 DTM Audi A5 DTM
Length × width × height (mm) 5010*1950*1210 4775*1950*1200 5010*1950*1150
Wheelbase (mm) 2750 2750 2750
Minimum vehicle weight (Kg) 1050 1050 1050
engine 4.0 500 horsepower V8 4.0 480 horsepower V8 4.0 460 horsepower V8
Fuel tank capacity (L) 120 120 120
Drive way Rear drive Rear drive Rear drive

These 0-100 km/h acceleration only needs 3 seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 300 km/h. Under the carbon fiber shell is a pair of steel tube roll cage, but its roof uses the same as the production car. Steel. As mentioned earlier, in order to balance the performance gap between different racing cars, all racing cars use the same tires, ECU (electronic control unit) and gearbox, and electronic auxiliary devices such as ABS, four-wheel drive systems, etc. are prohibited. (If you want to know more about DTM racing, you can click to view