[YesAuto Race] BMW recently announced the 2014 season safety car of the MotoGP motorcycle race, the model is the BMW M4, used to replace last year's BMW M6 Gran Coupe safety car. In addition to the partial color design of the new safety car and the essential design of the safety car (with the words “Safety Car” on the side and the installation of safety warning lights on the roof, etc.), some of the enclosing kits also use carbon fiber products, and other aspects The design of the original car is retained.

Although safety cars rarely appear on the field, the world's major auto manufacturers will still fiercely compete for this seat. Once the BMW M4 was launched, it began to gradually replace the previous racing and safety cars, and strive for more debut opportunities for their new works. I think if one day BMW can squeeze out Mercedes-Benz and provide safety cars for F1, this will definitely be big news.