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[YesAuto News] Similar to the new development opportunities that Chinese society is experiencing, the automotive industry is also undergoing global changes, transforming and upgrading to low carbon and digitalization. On September 1, the President and CEO of BMW Group Greater China, Gao Le pointed out at the 2018 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum that based on the above changes, China has formulated a series of related plans including new energy, smart and other fields. In the future, BMW will integrate these goals of China into BMW's plans, and deploy future travel in China with the “2+4” strategy.

The “2+4” strategy mentioned by Gao Le is a Chinese strategy proposed by BMW for the future development trend of transportation. “2” refers to the core businesses of the two brands of BMW Group BMW and MINI, and “4” refers to BMW's “ACES strategy”, that is, “automation, interconnection, electrification, and service.” In 2017, BMW invested 46 billion yuan in research and development, mainly in the field of electrification.

“By 2030, China will lead the field of AI artificial intelligence.” In Gao Le's view, China has set clear goals in terms of new energy vehicles, digitalization and intelligent networking, and has accumulated obvious advantages. A large number of local Chinese Companies in these areas are even in a leading position in the world. Based on this, the first truly smart cities will not occur in the United States and Europe, but will be born in China, and BMW will actively integrate into the construction of China's smart cities.

Gao Le clearly stated that the goal of BMW's autonomous driving is to create smart and safe cars that can be used in smart cities. At the same time, he shared the latest developments of the BMW Group in the field of autonomous driving. In May of this year, BMW became the first international vehicle manufacturer to obtain an autonomous driving road test license in China; in July this year, BMW Group joined Baidu’s Apollo open platform as a board member to promote the development of autonomous driving technology in China. Commercialization process. At the same time, BMW has continued to cooperate with domestic auto companies, and has joined hands with the power battery company Ningde Times to carry out the entire industry chain layout. Two years later, the pure electric BMW X3 model equipped with BMW’s latest electric technology will be put into production in China and exported. To the global market.