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[YesAuto Featured Race] On July 13, 2014, at the Moscow Circuit, the fifth stop of the DTM German Touring Car Masters was held here. The Moscow circuit has a total length of 3.955 kilometers, a total of 15 corners, a maximum drop of 9 meters, and the longest straight line of 873 meters. After 48 laps and a total of 189.84 kilometers of competition, the BMW team took the first place, second place and fourth place, and the Audi team won the third place; the Mercedes-Benz team only got seventh place in the best result of this station.

The winner was Maxime Martin, a Belgian driver driving a BMW M4 DTM. This was his first personal championship in an international event. The Canadian driver Bruno Spengler of the same camp won the runner-up. Two-time DTM champion Mattias Ekstrom won the third place. His Audi RS 5 DTM car crossed the finish line 9.454 seconds behind the champion. The BMW team also competed for a fourth place, which contributed to the German driver Marco Wittmann.

Christian Vietoris of the Mercedes-Benz team did not run smoothly in the qualifying. The race started from 21st and drove the DTM Mercedes-AMG C-Coupe to finish the race in seventh place. This is also the Mercedes-Benz team’s position I got the best place, this kind of performance formed a huge contrast with the results of the previous championship. The next race, the Austrian race will be held on August 3 at the Red Bull Circuit. I don’t know if Mercedes-Benz can regain the glory of the previous race.