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[YesAuto News] According to foreign media reports, American aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced the establishment of a new unit, Boeing NeXt, to explore the growing market for autonomous flight. The unit will cooperate with external companies to solve air traffic control issues and help establish Ground infrastructure. Boeing also said that the company has established a new partnership with artificial intelligence company Spark Cognition.

Greg Hyslop, Boeing’s chief technology officer, pointed out that the company’s expertise can safely and effectively create new technologies related to flying cars. He believes that these flying car products will arrive in the next few years, and transportation needs to develop simultaneously in multiple modes.

In Greg Hyslop's view, flying cars are an emerging autonomous driving market, so the Boeing NeXt department should be created to solve the problems in the process of developing flying cars. To this end, Boeing chose to cooperate with SparkCognition to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to develop an air traffic management system that can track the flight of unmanned flying vehicles. The system will also be able to allocate traffic routes and passages.

SparkCognition founder and CEO Amir Husain said in a statement that the urban air traffic market may be as high as $3 trillion, which will be “our largest new market in our lifetime.”

It is reported that the Boeing NeXt department will use the resources of the entire company and, if successful, the department will be split into an independent company. Boeing NeXt will be led by Steve Nordlund, who will continue to serve as the vice president of Boeing Horonx, the venture capital arm of Boeing.

In fact, since last year's acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles and aviation components, Boeing has been advocating autonomous flying cars. There are reports that Aurora Flight Sciences plans to test flying cars in Dubai and Dallas in 2020. In March of this year, Boeing revealed that the company has been testing a prototype of a flying taxi that can carry passengers to and from various places, and may be put into operation in the next 10 years. (Source: CNBC; Compiler/Car Home Zhang Lianyi)