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[YesAuto concept car real shot] Remember last year's Valkyrie (AM-RB 001)? Since Aston Martin and the Red Bull F1 team joined forces, the British car manufacturer, known for producing luxurious and elegant sports cars, has been out of control on the road to making hypercars. Although Aston Martin still euphemistically refers to Valkyrie as a “supercar”, this mechanical monster is far beyond the scope of supercar in terms of concept or application of new technology. The global limit of 150 units has also established it. Rare identity. And all this is not over yet. Immediately after the more terrifying Valkyrie AMR Pro was launched, the third new car code-named AM-RB 003 was released at the Geneva Motor Show.

In terms of power system, AM-RB 003 will be the first model to use Aston Martin’s new turbocharged V6 engine with hybrid technology, which marks Aston Martin’s return to self-developed engines in the field of super sports cars. era.

In terms of body and chassis structure, AM-RB 003 will continue to use the same lightweight carbon fiber structure as Valkyrie. It also has a series of active aerodynamics, variable aerodynamic surfaces, active suspension and electronic systems. High-tech configuration armed to the teeth.

Edit comment:

From Valkyrie to AM-RB 003, Aston Martin has released new cars at an astounding pace in the past year. After cooperating with Red Bull, it has innovatively introduced Formula One racing technology, combined with the brand's consistent top design level. It can be said that these recent new cars have completely changed Aston Martin's impression of a gentleman in the minds of fans. But unlike Valkyrie, AM-RB 003 is clearly positioned “closer to life”. Even though it is still equipped with many cutting-edge technologies, it is positioned as a super sports car that takes into account both the road and the track. After watching a lot of Italian supercars, suddenly there is such a stunner of all kinds, are the rich people ready to change again?