[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] If I want to ask you a question now, what is an MPV model? I think most people will have the GL8 or Odyssey in their minds, but now Honda has broken our traditional concept with a new car, which is the new car called Jade in front of us.

Jade is a new model specially created by Honda for the Chinese market. Since its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, there has been constant controversy. The focus is naturally on which type of model it should be positioned. Is it MPV? Is it a car? Or station wagon? This indeed seems to be a very difficult subject, so in today's test article we will first discuss its classification problem.

Of course, you don’t need to just listen to my words this time. We also brought two other car home editors to discuss together, and one of them is the owner of a Mazda 5 and the other is a prospective owner of a Volvo V60. Our purpose is not to To compare these three models, we need to see what kind of model Jade is in the eyes of prospective owners of station wagons and MPV owners.

The first person to appear is Hu Zhengyang. Everyone must be familiar with him. He is a member of our car home evaluation team. He is 27 years old this year. He is a young literary and artistic youth. He loves life. Usually, some weird ideas come up. It is the time to be full of hope and enthusiasm for the future. The safety and practicability of the Volvo V60 have made Hu Zhengyang very excited. If the family is added to the family, the Volvo V60 will become his first choice for car replacement.

As soon as the Jade test car arrived in the editorial department, Hu Zhengyang couldn't wait to experience it. According to him, he fell in love with Jade at first sight. It was love at first sight. In addition, Jade is similar to the V60 in terms of outline lines and body size, and looks like a travel sedan.

Of course, the appearance is only one aspect. What Hu Zhengyang is most interested in is Jed's rear space, especially the third row of seats. After actually experiencing it, sliding the second row of seats to the frontmost position, Hu Zhengyang, who is 175cm tall, can still have a certain margin in the third row of legroom, and there is also four-finger space on the head.

The operation method of Jade's rear seat is actually very simple. We have also introduced it in the previous article. Let us use a small video to explain the specific operation method to everyone clearly.

After ensuring the normal sitting posture in the third row, Hu Zhengyang experienced the driving position and the second row respectively. The performance was basically the same as that of the V60. This kind of space performance made him a little more in love with Jade. In addition, he also inspected the use of Jed’s trunk. With the third row of seats down, the same items were stored for comparison. It seems that the V60’s trunk space is slightly better than Jed’s. And if you use the third row of seats, Jade's trunk has not much use value.

Hu Zhengyang's views on Jade:

First of all, Jade looks very good-looking and fashionable enough that young people will like it. In addition, although it looks about the same size as the V60 station wagon, the internal space utilization is higher, and the actual space experience is also very satisfying. Even if all three rows of passengers are full, you can get enough riding space, which is very good. , So I think there is no problem in defining Jade as an MPV model.

However, it has a problem. When it is fully loaded with 6 people, the trunk space is already very small. It is only suitable for short-distance travel. For example, bringing a few friends to meet and eat together is perfect. If you need to go out for long-distance travel frequently, 5 The seat version is more suitable.

Just now, Hu Zhengyang, the prospective owner of Volvo V60, has already commented on Jade. Now it is time for our MPV owner Yuan Lu to appear. Yuan Lu, who was just over, is now a family of three, with a four-year-old daughter. He is simple, and belongs to a typical practical school. Because of his daughter, he has relatively high requirements for vehicle space during his daily trips, such as children's vehicles, child safety seats and some things for children must be carried with the car. This is also the reason why he chooses the MPV model, so in his eyes What will Jade be like?

In Yuan Lu's view, the height of the MPV model is a very important parameter, which will greatly help the interior space experience and the convenience of daily rear passengers getting on and off the car. Obviously Jade is not as good as him on this point. Mazda 5. Another thing he doesn’t agree with is the door. From a practical point of view, MPVs should adopt a sliding door design. Taking the standard MPV models currently on the market as an example, they are basically sliding doors. The design of ordinary side sliding doors still tends to be more sedan.

Because Yuan Lu usually needs to travel with a family of three, he has to bring a lot of things for the children. The baby carriage and child safety seat are all items that are standing in the car, so the trunk space is particularly important. With the third row of seats down, the trunk carrying capacity of the Mazda 5 is completely fine, and there is still a certain margin. Here, the advantage of the height of the Mazda 5's body height is reflected, such as some relatively tall items. It can be installed smoothly, but Jed will be more difficult. In the case of using the third row of seats, Mazda 5's trunk space is also better than Jed.

Yuan Lu is very confident about the space of her Mazda 5. What's more, she has already had some advantages in the comparison of the trunk just now. Now facing Jed who also has the third row of seats, she doesn't seem to put it in her eyes. Even when he saw Jade for the first time, he doubted whether the third row of seats could fit an adult. It seems that this MPV owner did not have much hope for Jade. Of course, Jade's outstanding space performance surprised Yuan Lu. The difference can be clearly seen through comparison. At this time, he also had to admire Honda's engineers for optimizing the space so extreme.

Yuan Lu's views on Jade:

I don't have a strong need for appearance, but I mainly value practicality, especially because of my little daughter, the requirements for space in the car are relatively high, especially for the trunk. In addition, I pay more attention to the ride experience in the car, which is why I pay special attention to the height of the car. The height of the car is enough to make the car feel less depressed, and it is more convenient to get on and off the car, including the design of the sliding door. The qualities that an MPV model should have. Although Jade has excellent performance in terms of interior space, it is still a bit reluctant to say that it is an MPV model. I think it is more like a travel sedan.

After reading the previous two editors' views on Jade, I wonder if everyone has a clearer understanding of the positioning of this model. Let me summarize the views of the two people. Hu Zhengyang, a station wagon enthusiast, is 100% satisfied with Jade, impeccable in appearance and space, and agrees with the positioning of his MPV. Although Yuan Lu is very satisfied with Jade Space, she does not agree with other design issues, and has doubts about the positioning of its MPV models. If I were to express my opinion, I would agree more with Hu Zhengyang's point of view. After all, Jade can fully meet the needs of six people traveling at the same time in space, which is no different from other MPV models. Of course, Yuan Lu's demand for models is based on the objective conditions of his family of three, and from this we also see Jade's adaptation to the crowd, which is more suitable for young family users who are unmarried or newly married.

Okay, after reading the views of the two editors on Jade, let me talk about some of my views on the characteristics of Jade's models. I won't emphasize the appearance anymore. The design is very good, and it is definitely a type that young people like. Similarly, Jade's interior design is also very good, the design is simple, there are two styles of dark and light colors, the level of craftsmanship and workmanship are first-class level among products of the same price, especially the wooden decoration of the center control panel, and the texture. Very good, the sense of grade has also improved a lot.

Jade 2013 1.8L CVT Deluxe Edition 6 Seats

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The design of Jade's center control panel is very simple, except for the air conditioner, there are no extra buttons. It is clear at a glance and it is almost easy to get started. The multimedia system itself does not have many functions, but it can be directly connected to the mobile phone, and then directly operate the mobile phone through the screen, so that a series of related functions such as navigation can be used. We have done a lot of details about this before. You can click here to view the introduction to the multimedia system .

Here are two points that I am not satisfied with Jade. One is that the front storage space is not very rich. As a model designed for young people, this point should indeed be strengthened. After all, young people now carry it with them. It is common to carry two mobile phones and a lot of odds and ends, and Jed's current situation is still unsatisfactory. Another point is the rear seats. The second-row seats of the 6-seater model can slide back and forth. The material and softness of the seat are no problem, but the cushion is a bit short and the comfort will be compromised.

The next content is our test drive experience and test links. Let's take a look at the power parameters. Jade is equipped with the same 1.8L engine as the Civic, and the parameters are exactly the same. There is not much to say. However, from the picture we can see that Jade's engine compartment is a bit messy, which is not consistent with its bright and shiny appearance.

Jade usually drives a very easy car without any difficulty in getting started, which is the same as most Japanese cars. The power output of the 1.8L engine is not sufficient relative to the weight of the 1.5-ton body. Coupled with the care of the CVT gearbox, the power output is basically in a very smooth state. Fortunately, the early throttle response is very sensitive, so the response speed of the power output is not slow when starting or driving at a low speed, and it will not make you feel like a normal CVT model. This feature is very suitable for Wandering in the city.

Of course, this setting just gives you some relaxed and pleasant driving experience, but it is irrelevant to mentioning words such as passion. Even if you are at full throttle, the CVT gearbox will fully control the rhythm and let the power release smoothly. So don't be fooled by Jade's sensitive throttle adjustment in the early stage. Its explosive power is actually not enough. You still need to make more advances in daily overtaking and merging. But overall, as a model designed for young people, it still lacks a bit of excitement.

Speaking of control, Jade is still remarkable. First of all, the steering system. The accuracy and reaction speed are no different from ordinary cars. Sometimes you may even feel that you are driving a car. As for the chassis and suspension, Jade gives people the feeling that they pay more attention to the characteristics of handling. The suspension feels good in the early stage and can absorb small bumps on the road, but the hardness of the middle and rear sections suddenly increases, if it is decelerated When you wear it, you can feel a noticeable jump in the rear of the car, and the comfort is affected accordingly.

Fuel consumption test:

Jade's fuel consumption performance is still very satisfactory. The test drove a total of 102.6 kilometers, the ECO mode was turned on, and the air conditioner was not turned on. During the test, 20% were congested sections with an average speed of about 20km/h, 50% were unblocked loops, and the rest were ordinary urban roads. Of course, our test is only one driver. If you fill up to 6 people in the future, the fuel consumption value will probably increase.

Noise :

The noise test section surprised me. Jade showed a very high level of sound insulation and noise reduction. The values of each speed range are lower than our standard values. This is not too much of our products at the same price. The most obvious thing you can feel in the car is the noise from the chassis. Of course, one of the reasons for the low noise is that Jade's gearbox also controls the speed very low, and the speed is only 2200rpm until 120km/h, which is very helpful in controlling noise.

Accelerated performance testing:

We didn't have much expectations for the acceleration performance of the CVT gearbox version from the beginning. With the smooth output of the gearbox and 1.5 tons of body weight, it is really difficult to run faster. At the start, the front wheels did not slip, and it felt that the engine did not output its full power before 3000 rpm. You will feel that the power output has a small burst point until 3500 rpm. It is difficult to be detected if you don’t understand it carefully. In the end, we The test result is 11.55 seconds, which is quite satisfactory and in line with our expectations.

Brake performance test:

Jade gave us another surprise in the brake test project. The average score of 39.65 meters is a very good performance. Judging from the curve, the effect of the brake system is not weak. The maximum brake G value can reach -1.2g, and the stability is very good. The gap between 10 brakes is basically maintained within a range of about 1 meter, which is definitely worthy of recognition. Achievement.

to sum up:

Today, our discussion about Jade’s product has come to an end. With reference to the views of the previous two car owners, we position Jade as a stylish compact MPV model. It can be said that it has created another brand new detail in China. According to the market, from the product level, it currently has no real competitor. If you say that it can be considered as its competing models for the time being, that is, Mazda 5, Toyota Yizhi, Touran, Jed has obvious advantages in design, and the internal space is definitely not lost to these competitors. The price of Jed and these models are both At the same level, the only thing that is not dominant is that these models now have very large discounts. As a new car, Jed’s current discounts are not large. This is the fact that Honda needs to face, a market segment product, and How to occupy the market when the price is not dominant.

Jade 2013 1.8L CVT Deluxe Edition 6 Seats

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18.38 million

I think everyone is very impressed with Jed’s commercial, a beauty and a beautiful leg. I understand it as a few keywords: youth, fashion, seduction, impulsivity, and this is in line with the characteristics of the post-80s population. From here, we can also see Honda’s precise positioning of the crowd for this Jade product. This approach is very wise, because the post-80s are the main force in the current society. They already have a certain purchasing power, and they are more willing to accept new things and like to be different. Jed fits these characteristics and has to Acknowledge that Honda’s marketing strategy is very successful. Using this market strategy to make up for the current price disadvantages, if the preferential margin can be gradually increased in the future, I think Jed’s hot sale should not be a problem.

If you are interested in Jade, you can click here to inquire, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know the discount of the dealer, or call the consultation or make a test drive directly, please click here.

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