[YesAuto Test Drive] A financial crisis in 2009 brought the world's automobile market into a cold winter, but it unexpectedly ushered in a spring in the Chinese market, and the rising market sales made many foreign manufacturers turn their attention here. . New Regal, Haorui, Magotan DGS and other mainstream mid-size cars have landed in the Chinese market. As a veteran European brand, Citroen finally couldn't bear the loneliness and introduced a new generation of C5 into China. This is also the first mid-size Citroen introduced into China. car.

In the more than 20 years since Citroen entered China, it has always focused on the small car and compact car market, and has never set foot in larger-class models. However, it has seen competitors start to make efforts in the medium-sized car market. People have to start thinking about enriching their product lines.

The current C5 is already the ninth-generation model of this series, and it has been 9 years since the eighth-generation C5 that was launched in 2000. It is considered a classic Citroen model. It was not until this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show that we were able to get along. It meets officially. C5 is different from the sports positioning that Citroen has been promoting before. It is a business style aimed at the comfort of middle-aged people. This is the manufacturer's analysis of the positioning of C5. Then whether it can meet these needs, I will take you together. Feel the charm of the domestic C5.

The domestically produced C5 has a wheelbase of 2815mm, which can be said to be the longest wheelbase among the current models of the same level. When it comes to wheelbase, everyone will think of the rear space, so whether the rear space of the C5 is spacious? Show.

In fact, the domestic C5 basically retains the design of the original C5 in terms of appearance design, which can be regarded as an original introduction, and the chrome decoration that can be seen everywhere on the body does look a little high.

The sleek and smooth lines have always been favored by Citroen designers. Now that the new generation of C5 has come, designers have also made some small changes in their design ideas. More edges and corners and fold lines make it look more like A German car.

The domestically produced C5 has a total of 6 models with three displacements. The 2.0 and 2.3 low-end versions are equipped with ordinary ten-spoke wheels, while the 2.3 high-end and 3.0 models are equipped with petal-shaped wheels. The size has also been upgraded from 16 inches to 17 Inch, the width is also 225mm.

On the domestically produced C5 models, all 17-inch wheels are equipped with single-guide tires. This type of tire is very common in performance cars and modified cars, but it is very rare to use single-guide tires on medium-sized cars. Single-guide tires can provide more tire contact area, so they have better grip, which can improve handling and braking performance; in addition, single-guide tires have excellent drainage, so they can also provide better grip in rainy days. Ground strength; however, on icy and snowy roads in winter, the grip of single-guide tires may not be as good as ordinary tires.

Although there is a difference in displacement, there is basically no difference in appearance between the 2.3L model and the 3.0 model. The only place that can identify the two models is the displacement mark at the rear and the rear exhaust pipe. Of course, there are also 3.0 models equipped with 10 probe reversing sensors, with 6 in the front and 4 in the back.

High precision of interior design

The interior design of the domestic C5 is still Citroen's traditional style. Although it is not fashionable, the workmanship is indeed the best among the current Citroen's models, and we still affirm that domestic production can achieve such a manufacturing process. Like the exterior, more chrome trim strips make the interior look more luxurious.

The domestic C5 currently has two interior styles, one is the most common design style with upper black and lower white, and the other is the all-black interior design that is only available on 3.0 models, and I still prefer shades The matching interior style feels more refined.

Citroen's unique steering wheel design also appears on the C5, integrating more buttons, and basically all functions except navigation can be done through the steering wheel. However, there is still a small bug on the steering wheel, that is, holding the steering wheel in a standard posture, the hand cannot be fully clenched, which is not conducive to safe driving.

I like the instrument panel of C5 very much. It has a scientific and technological shape. The white characters on a black background are clear and intuitive, and it uses a combination of pointers and numbers. Including driving computer information, it is also displayed on the central LCD screen.

The buttons of the center control panel are basically concentrated in this area. Although the area is not large, the craftsmanship is still very fine. The silver panel and the chrome-plated buttons can also show the grade. The panel buttons are relatively concentrated, but the functional area is quite obvious, and the button functions are intuitive enough to use without any difficulty.

●The space performance is quite satisfactory

The storage space of C5 is not rich, but it can also meet some basic needs. Of course, users of C5 may not regard their car as a “warehouse”, and there is no need to pursue storage space excessively.

C5’s multimedia interfaces are all designed in the armrest box. USB, AUX, ipod, etc. can be supported. However, as a medium-sized car, the audio system cannot support DVD. It is really unreasonable. In fact, the cost is not high. It is recommended that manufacturers use this The configuration is added.

This VIP button may be regarded as a configuration worth showing off in the rear row. Passengers sitting in the rear row can directly control the front and rear adjustment of the co-pilot’s seat. Such a configuration generally appears in luxury cars, and what we see in medium-sized cars is also not many.

●The driving style is completely comfortable

The domestically-made C5 currently has three displacement models of 2.0, 2.3 and 3.0 V6, among which the 2.3L model will be the main cart type of the domestically-made C5 in the future, and it is also the focus of our test drive.

The 2.3L engine of the domestic C5 is actually improved from the 2.2L engine of the original foreign C5. It is specially developed for the Chinese market. According to the manufacturer, this 2.3L engine is launched in China for the first time and will be invested in the future. Among the Citroen products of other countries, here can also be seen how much Citroen attaches importance to the Chinese market.

We will not be unfamiliar with this V6 engine. It has been used in Peugeot products earlier. This time it is also applied to the domestic C5, and this engine is more powerful than the 3.0 V6 engine carried by the original C5. 9 horsepower higher.

This time, Citroen brought more than just the brand new C5, they also brought a brand new 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, which can be said to have been well-received. Of course, today, when the 6-speed gearbox is popular, Citroen seems to be slower.

It can be said that the driving style of the C5 is completely different from Citroen's previous products. It has absolutely nothing to do with sports. Comfort and comfort are the first adjectives you can think of. The soft accelerator pedal, smooth power output, smooth shifting, excellent sound insulation, everything is made for comfort.

The performance of the 6-speed gearbox is excellent, the smooth shifting makes you hardly feel anything, and the speed is always maintained at about 1500 rpm, which is very helpful for fuel consumption and noise. Of course, for Citroen's high-speed engine, maintaining a low speed means limiting the performance of the engine, so driving in the D gear always feels that the power is somewhat unsatisfactory. However, the gearbox is very clever. As long as your ankle is slightly harder, it will lower the next gear. However, the feeling of frequent upshifts and downshifts is really uncomfortable. If you want to drive happily, switch to S gear and keep it above 2500 rpm. The speed still feels a bit.

If the power of 2.3L makes you feel uncomfortable, then 3.0 V6 can definitely satisfy you. The torque of 300N·m can not be underestimated. With the 6-speed gearbox for fast and smooth shifting, the power connection is very tight, and high-speed overtaking is simply It's too easy, as long as you step on the accelerator deeply, you can immediately get lasting power output.

The domestic C5 did not introduce the hydraulic suspension system on the original C5, but the shock-absorbing tough multi-link rear suspension developed by Citroen itself can also provide you with enough comfort. Most of the bumps and vibrations on the road are filtered out. Basically there is no sense of road at all, totally inclined to the comfort training.

It may be a bit too much to say that C5 is a “classic car”, but it is indeed a kind of comfortable style that it delivers to us. Its purpose is simpler and there is no radicality. It will not excessively stimulate your driving desire, as long as it can Just drive comfortably on the road.

As for the market, the domestic C5 already has an advantage in price, but many competitors who came to China in the early stage also have good strength. The Accord and Camry are famous for their space, and the Magotan and the new Regal are famous for their power. , And the long overdue C5 still has a hard way.

Detailed parameter configuration table of domestic C5