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[YesAuto Industry] Recently, Bosch has established a cooperative relationship with EnBW, an electric utility company, and the two parties will jointly develop a prototype of a car charging station based on blockchain technology. At the same time, Bosch has also reached a cooperation with Siemens to explore an intelligent parking system for cars based on blockchain.

Bosch has developed a dedicated smart charging manager that provides customers with different and transparent price models, and uses blockchain technology to automate the process of booking and charging. A person in charge from Bosch said that the idea is to streamline and customize the entire process according to customer needs. Users can choose, book and pay according to their needs. Currently, the project is still in the testing phase.

The intelligent parking management system cooperating with Siemens also uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as blockchain to streamline the parking process. In this intelligent parking management system, the car can “talk” to the parking lot, automatically identify the vehicle's identity and release it, and the system automatically settles the transaction when the vehicle leaves, without the driver's intervention throughout the process. According to Bosch, it has conducted tests with Siemens in a research park at Bosch and the Siemens campus in Munich.

Under the trend of new technology, Bosch has been actively exploring the forward-looking areas of intelligent networking, including blockchain, the Internet of Things, and related important future technologies. Bosch said in a press release, “Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are likely to become key technologies in the future.”