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[YesAuto Industry] According to foreign media, Bosch has released a new plug-and-play sensor solution for flying cars, which can provide the parts needed by the flying taxi industry. Compared with traditional sensors, the new sensors are smaller in size and lower in cost.

Compared with traditional commercial airplanes, flying taxis are smaller in size and lower in cost, which makes it impossible to use the heavy and expensive hardware of traditional airplanes. The new sensor developed by Bosch combines dozens of sensors from the automotive industry and the smartphone industry, including acceleration sensors to track motion, yaw rate sensors to determine angle of attack, and pressure sensors to measure altitude and airspeed. While ensuring precise positioning and other effects, the cost of the new sensor is reduced by 10 times, and it can be easily integrated into a box and inserted into the system for use.

Bosch said that flying taxis will be a very common means of transportation in the future. Bosch's goal is to make flying taxis affordable to a wide range of suppliers through lower-cost solutions, and this will enable Bosch to gradually occupy a dominant position in this field. It is reported that Bosch is already negotiating cooperation with partners in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as startup companies that manufacture aircraft.