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[YesAuto Owner Interview] Grand Cherokee is the most representative model of the Jeep brand. It has strong off-road capabilities and a comfortable ride. This generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee has begun to transform to a luxury route, and the exterior and interior have become more Exquisite, but there is still a tough guy in his bones. Today we invited three car owners, let us listen to their views on this car and its stories. (Hereinafter referred to as: big cut)

●Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is 33 years old this year and he is engaged in the construction industry. The model he bought is the 2014 3.6L Elite Navigation Edition. The time he bought the car was November 2013. He has driven 36,000 kilometers so far. He loves self-driving travel and has a strong affinity for the Jeep brand. I drove my big cut to Tibet not long ago.

Mr. Wang’s previous car was a Volkswagen B6 Magotan. He chose Daqie because he likes the Jeep brand very much and he loves self-driving travel. The vehicle must be comfortable for long distances and strong off-road capabilities. I have seen Explorers and Prados before. The reason for giving up explorers is that they are not satisfied with their four-wheel drive performance. I did not choose Prado because there will be no new models and I don’t like the appearance.

Mr. Wang recognizes the appearance of Daqie very much. He believes that such a rough appearance is the most masculine. Moreover, Mr. Wang himself likes the brand of Jeep very much, and has always longed for himself to own a “Jeep”. The shape of the daytime running light gives a new look and is more fashionable.

The multimedia system has the same problems as our long-term test car, mainly because the sound system fails, the SD card slot does not read the card, and it is solved after re-flashing the firmware. Mr. Wang is not very satisfied with Dache’s navigation system. He usually turns it on just to see the direction. He also has a separate handheld navigator.

According to my long-term test experience, I actually think the original navigation of Daqie is quite easy to use, including the zoom prompt at the intersection, etc. Maybe everyone's habits are different.

For Mr. Wang, who loves self-driving travel, the large trunk space is not enough, so a top suitcase of more than 400 liters was added. In the previous Tibet tour with 4 people, the trunk and the top luggage were full, but you need to pay more attention to the height of the car when driving in the city.

In terms of power, Mr. Wang expressed his satisfaction. The 3.6L engine has sufficient power reserve, and there are no problems with entering Tibet or off-road. The 8AT gearbox performs well, and there is no obvious frustration at present. Except for self-driving tours, other times it is mainly driven in Tongzhou City, with a comprehensive fuel consumption of 11.8L/100km, which is excellent.

Mr. Wang has a comprehensive evaluation of 90 points for his big cut. The main deduction items are the assembly process and materials of the interior of the trunk. It would be better if the manufacturer can install the remote start vehicle function. When Mr. Wang drove it for a long journey, the car did not fall off the chain, and the performance of the car was higher than expected before the car was purchased.

●Mr. Xu

Mr. Xu is 47 years old this year and he is engaged in the construction industry. The model he bought is the 2014 3.0L flagship Zunyue version. The time he bought the car was July 2014. He has driven 8,655 kilometers so far. He loves off-roading and loves the high driving feeling of SUV. .

Mr. Xu drove a Ford car before. The reason for choosing a car was that he liked the driving feel of an SUV, and he had to be able to walk badly when he went out to play. He had seen the Explorer and Mercedes-Benz ML 320 before. The reason for abandoning the explorer is that the 7-seater is useless and the configuration is not satisfactory. The reason for not choosing the Mercedes-Benz ML 320 is that the ML 320 does not have an air suspension. In fact, at the beginning, Mr. Xu also wanted to buy the 3.6L elite navigation version, but he didn't have a car, so he chose the 3.0L flagship Zunyue version.

Like Mr. Wang, Mr. Xu is very satisfied with the appearance of Daqie, which is tall and thick, with sharp edges and corners. He also has a soft spot for the brand Jeep. Mr. Xu gave up the choice because the Mercedes-Benz ML 320 does not have an air suspension. From this point of view, he values the air suspension configuration very much. People who like to go out and play generally consider this configuration.

Mr. Xu’s car is a 3.0L flagship Zunyue version, and the interior decoration panel has also been replaced from the original glossy peach wood to a higher-grade matte solid wood. The color is exclusive brown. The roof covering material is also used to feel more comfortable. He is very satisfied with the good Alcantara material. Mr. Xu has never used the adaptive cruise system once, because he is not very relieved, so he still likes to master it by himself.

In terms of space, Mr. Xu said that it can meet all the needs in daily life. Usually, the back row also takes his family with him, so he can't use a larger space.

Mr. Xu was a bit dissatisfied with the power performance of the 3.0L engine. The main reason was that he didn't work hard at the start and felt too fleshy. The performance is good in terms of fuel consumption, and the car environment is usually good. The computer shows that 10.6L/100km is also a good result, almost the same as most medium-sized cars.

Mr. Xu gave him a comprehensive evaluation of 90 points. The deduction item is on the power. Other places are very satisfied. If it is possible, I hope the manufacturer can increase the function of holding the key to raise the window after locking the car, and forget to close the window after getting off the car. After that, you don’t have to turn on the power and then turn it off, which can save a lot of things.

Mr. Lu

Mr. Lu is 46 years old this year and he is engaged in the sales industry. The model he bought is the 2014 3.6L Elite Navigation Edition. The time he bought the car was January 2014. He has traveled 31975 kilometers so far. The main purpose of the purchase is to go out and play. He and Mr. Xu At the same Che Youhui, I went to Erlianhot together before and heard that there were more than 200 cars in total.

Mr. Lu has previously owned 5 cars and drove SUVs. He loves self-driving tours and needs an SUV that can run long distances comfortably and off-road. I have seen explorers and the Prado before. The reason for abandoning explorers is that the space is too small and the passability is mediocre. I did not choose the Prado because there were no new models at the time and the interior was too old.

Mr. Lu also likes the appearance of the big cut very much, which meets his own aesthetic standards, but the rear of the car is not very satisfied. He always feels a little bit of a fool. In contrast, he prefers the old big cut. Because he likes to go out to play, Mr. Lu also replaced Cooper's all-terrain tires by himself. Before going out to play, he was more assured than road tires.

There have been many problems with Mr. Lu’s big multimedia system. The most serious one was that the power was not automatically turned off after the flame was turned off, and the audio system could not be turned off. The power went out the next day. It seems that it has not happened again, so I didn’t repair it. If it crashes, press and hold the mute and switch buttons to restart it.

In terms of space, Mr. Lu usually drives by himself, so he doesn't feel much. In addition, he also felt that the door panel storage compartment was too small, so it was unnecessary. If he goes out to play and needs to pull some equipment and so on, he will think that the trunk space is a bit small, and it is OK to drive in the city.

Usually, Mr. Lu’s driving style is more aggressive. Daqi’s 3.6L engine is strong enough, so he thinks that the 5.7L engine is not necessary. If you are looking for a comfortable configuration, a 3.6L top model is enough. There is no obvious sense of frustration in the speed-switch-automatic gearbox, which is worthy of praise.

Mr. Lu's car drove 31975 kilometers, and has done all kinds of maintenance. I feel that the 4S stores in Beijing are okay. The prices of 4S stores in other places are relatively expensive, and the level of 400 service calls is low. He is not familiar with the business, and even the address of the 4S store. I don’t know, letting the user to check the manual does not feel good enough. In the end, Mr. Lu gave a comprehensive evaluation of 90 points, which was mainly deducted for after-sales.


Owners of the three-car Dache love self-driving travel very much. After buying Dache, they don’t run less and travel around the mountains and rivers. This happens to reflect the value of Dache. The large-scale exterior style has made three car owners agree. In addition, the comfort and off-road capability have also reached the owner's expectations. It can be said that it can be said to be in the hall and the kitchen. The three owners gave a high comprehensive evaluation. The disadvantage is that the front door panel storage compartment is very narrow, and the multimedia system has more minor problems.