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[YesAuto Design Decode] Nowadays, the global auto market is cold, and consumers are becoming more and more willing to hold money for purchase. Manufacturers can only come up with more competitive products to impress consumers and buy. So what kind of products will attract consumers to buy? Some manufacturers feel that the technological configuration is very attractive, while others feel that a good design will attract more attention. JAC has always hoped to bring good design to consumers, and the compact sedan JAC Jiayue A5 they released this year is really eye-catching. So what is the story of the birth of this beautiful compact sedan?

-The Italian “Old Father” of JAC Jiayue A5

By interviewing Daniele Gaglione, general manager of JAC Italian Design Center, I was fortunate to learn about the stories before and after the birth of JAC Jiayue A5. Among them, Daniele revealed the changes of JAC, which made him very proud.

During the nine years of Alfa Romeo, Daniele Gaglione, who had just walked out of the campus, had a strong Italian style in his designs. The experience of luxury brands in workmanship and materials was also at that time, Jianghuai Automobile and even most Chinese brands. What is lacking.

In 2016, Daniele became the global design director of the JAC brand, and at that time, he felt it was time to fulfill the dream that always existed in his heart: to make an amazing and extraordinary car. You know, it was the peak period of China's auto market growth, and the sales of SUVs were significantly higher than that of cars. Therefore, it is still very risky to develop a car against the market at this time.

-Why make a fastback car

Now that you have chosen to develop a car, what kind of product can be built to meet the requirements of amazing and extraordinary? Daniele believes that China's automobile market is becoming more and more mature. Consumers will not only care about the details of the product as in previous years, but also pay attention to the overall feeling. Therefore, creating a younger and sporty car is in line with the current trend.

There are not many cars and SUVs in the current market that adopt a fastback design. Therefore, if the product design is good enough, it can indeed satisfy the young, sporty, stunning and extraordinary elements.

After determining several key factors such as model size, model positioning, and model characteristics, the design of the local details in each area will affect whether the car will look good, and the JAC Jiayue A5 is taken as a new starting point for JAC's design. Of designers, ushered in new challenges.

-The air intake grille with family design language is further upgraded

If you are familiar with the current product line of JAC, when you mention the family design gene of this brand, I think you will definitely not forget the feature of “Aquarius grille”, whether it is on the Refine S7 or On the Refine A60, the size of the grille is very large, and the first impression it brings is very impactful.

Regarding the problem of the sudden reduction in the area of the air intake grille, Daniele admitted that it was because of the progress of engineering technology. The reason why a larger intake grille was used before was to ensure the intake of the engine as a last resort. Nowadays, with the improvement of engine technology, the air intake required for cooling is not so high, so designers have more room to play.

The changes to the Jiayue A5 headlights are also a major feature. The height of the headlights has become shorter compared to the previous model, just like the previously opened eyes are now half-squinted, revealing a fierce temperament.

The straight waterfall design inside the front air intake grille is simple and straightforward, somewhat like animal fangs, while the chrome-plated trim strips on the outer ring of the air intake grille are connected to the inside of the headlights to create an eye-open design style. This is also one of the more popular design elements. Generally speaking, the design of the front face of JAC Jiayue is simple and capable compared with other models of the previous brand, while showing some fierceness, sporty and youthfulness.

-The use of a slip-back design but no frameless door regret

The two most eye-catching features on the side of the JAC Jiayue A5, I believe, must be the slip-back design and the sharper-looking waistline. Since the Jiayue A5 is the first model under the JAC brand to be produced on the same line as JAC Volkswagen, it is natural to think of the very sharp waistline chamfers of Volkswagen and Audi cars.

Therefore, many people feel that the sharp waistline of the Jiayue A5 is due to the introduction of Volkswagen production standards, which can ensure the production process and manufacturing quality, and that there will be changes in the side waistline of the body. In fact, the production line of Jiayue A5 still uses a four-sequence stamping process, so theoretically it is difficult to make such a sharp waist chamfer, otherwise the defective rate in the manufacturing process will be very high.

The air intake grille, headlights and even the waistline have been improved in the game between the designer and the engineer, but there is still a little regret on the Jiayue A5: frameless doors are not used. At present, many slip-back style products on the market use frameless doors. Why doesn't Jiayue A5 do this?

The slip-back shape is another very important feature of the Jiayue A5, but in the treatment of the C-pillar and the lower edge of the door, some people may find it a bit familiar. In fact, such a crease design is also one of JAC’s current family design languages. Similar designs are found on JAC Refine S4 and the new JAC Refine S3. However, depending on the model, the range and angle of increase are both The difference.

-Dynamic but not heavy rear

Although the rear light of JAC Ruifeng S4 also adopts a penetrating form, the part of the tail light below the middle chrome trim is actually just a red reflector, which does not have the function of being lit, so it can only be called a form of penetrating. Style taillights. The through-type taillights of the JAC Jiayue A5 can really be lit to form a light strip at night. Such a change may seem simple, but in fact the cost will be much higher.

Even if it is not completely penetrated, the effect of the Jiayue A5 taillights after being lit is still quite amazing, especially when combined with the slip-back C-pillar at an angle of about 45°. It can be seen that Daniele is still very interested in his work. satisfying. However, the small regret left on the Jiayue A5, I believe that with the advancement of technology and the reduction of costs, the truly fully penetrating taillights will definitely appear on the JAC brand cars in the future.

The taillights divide the rear wing and the top of the bumper into two, avoiding the heavy feeling of the upper part of the Jiayue A5's rear. In the bumper area, Jiayue A5 also made a similar layering through visual effects.

The height of each layer is relatively short, which eliminates the heavy feeling of the rear of the car, and the through-type taillights and the fog lights extending to the side of the car stretch the width of the rear of the car. So on the whole, the rear of the JAC Jiayue A5 not only does not have a heavy and awkward feeling, on the contrary, it looks very wide and sporty. This is the use of visual art.

-Simple and technological interior

If you say that the JAC Jiayue A5 is completely different from the previous JAC passenger cars from the inside to the outside, you will definitely not have an opinion, because compared to the appearance, you can find a little connection with the previous model, and the interior part can be said to exceed 90% are brand new! Looking at the JAC elements you can see, only the steering wheel and shift lever follow the original design.

Another reason for not using the large floating screen on previous models is simplicity. The interior is the most exposed part of vehicle owners, and designers hope to provide the most concise and comfortable experience through simple lines and shapes.

Generally speaking, the interior part adopts simple technology style, hoping to highlight the purity of driving, rather than some fancy designs. It is very different from other JAC production vehicles, and this simple design is believed to appear more and more in JAC's new models in the future.

Due to the special form of the fastback style, the head space of the rear passengers is often not guaranteed, which can be described as sacrificing practicality for the sake of styling. However, the rear roof of the JAC Jiayue A5 has taken out a lot of space upwards, and there is no head-to-roof phenomenon.

to sum up:

The appearance of JAC Jiayue A5 really makes people shine. As a small fastback compact car of a Chinese brand, its impression is too different from that of JAC's previous products, and sometimes you don't even recognize it as a JAC model. With some changes in it, it can be seen that the Jianghuai team has changed from the previous modelling to engineering service modelling. The introduction of such a product when consumers are increasingly pursuing youth and sports is hugely attractive to them, and it also heralds the direction of change in the design style of JAC passenger cars in the future, which can be described as JAC Motors. New starting point. After seeing the JAC Jiayue A5, we have reason to expect more beautiful models than it will appear in the future.