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[YesAuto 车坛孟料] The United States is a country on wheels. Cars play a very important role in Americans’ lives, but you may not know that this country actually has a small town where cars are prohibited. Mackinac Island, located on Lake Huron (one of the Great Lakes), Michigan, USA, today’s story is related to it.

Mackinac Island is a well-known holiday destination in the United States, with about 500 residents living on it. Cars have been banned here for more than 100 years-as early as 1989, Mackinac Island banned any motor vehicles (except emergency vehicles such as first aid and fire engines). As for the reason, it is said that more than 100 years ago, when the car was first born, some tourists drove to the island and scared the horses, destroying the tranquility and peace that the residents cherished most, so the residents of the island united and banned motor vehicles.

The residents of the island currently use bicycles and horse-drawn carriages as their main means of transportation, and roller skating and skateboarding are also allowed. The approximately 13km-long roundabout highway M-185 is the only state highway in the United States where motor vehicles are prohibited. The motor vehicle ban issued to protect the tranquility of the island has now become a cultural symbol of Mackinac Island.

However, more than 100 years after the ban was enacted, the tranquility of the island was broken by a few cars, and their “owner” was a senior official in the United States-Vice President Mike Pence. Recently, US Vice President Mike Pence visited Mackinac Island, Michigan, and brought the largest motorcade on the island in a century.

The Vice President's fleet on the island consists of 8 vehicles, including a Dodge Ram 1500, three Chevrolet Suburbans, two Dodge Caravans and a Chevrolet Express. As usual, there are local police cars before and after the convoy. Generally speaking, they are large men like Ford Crown Victoria, Taurus and Harley-Davidson, but on Mackinac Island they have been replaced with a few bicycles of the local police…

In fact, this fleet has been quite simplified for Pence. In other parts of the United States, the Vice President’s special car is two extended concierge cars. In addition, the fleet will also have a variety of professional security vehicles such as biochemical inspection vehicles and electromagnetic interference vehicles.

Pence was not the first high-ranking American official to visit Mackinac Island, but he was the first to use a car: President Ford and his wife visited the island in 1975, but they did not use a car at the time, but instead took a ride in the countryside. The carriage on the island.

There are two opinions about Pence's use of the fleet on Mackinac Island. Critics believe that this is disrespect for the local culture and shows Pence's arrogance. After all, even President Ford did not use a car; but There are also supporters who believe that this is a need for security. Today is different. The security situation today is not comparable to that of 40 years ago. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)