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[YesAuto Auto Race] The WTCC World Touring Car Championship will usher in a new force. The Swedish car manufacturer and Volvo, which has been the European touring car stadium, will return to the 2016 season and join the “Three Kingdoms” battle of the Manufacturers Cup. This is also since 2009. For the second time, 4 manufacturers' teams appeared to participate in the competition.

In accordance with Volvo's tradition, they will continue to join the manufacturer team Polestar Cyan Racing, and the model will be the S60 Polestar TC1 racing car, replacing the C30 racing car that was previously active on the WTCC arena. Volvo will use a self-developed engine with a uniform specification compared to the competition system. It is understood that the maximum power will be as high as 400 horsepower.

The car has undergone simple tests in the first few months, and Volvo promised to bring the latest research and development results on the field to the product line soon to benefit car buyers. It is indeed Volvo's style to advance to the high-tech frontier. For example, they are the first team to use E85 fuel in the touring car race.

Volvo's participation will undoubtedly inject some vitality into the now dull WTCC arena. Perhaps we may usher in a suspenseful event again, instead of guessing who is the champion from the start, we will go to the soap opera directly.