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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] The positioning of the Jaguar XF in the brand family has always been known as a sports car. The sales of the Jaguar XF in China have been good, but there are very few car owners willing to modify the Jaguar XF. Today, I will give you a successful case of refitting a German 2M-DESIGNS factory.

The main color of the appearance of Jaguar XF is defined by engineers as white. With black decorative parts as embellishment, the whole vehicle looks atmospheric and sporty, and it also represents the nobility of the British brand.

Engineers replaced this Jaguar XF with Eibach's spring kit, which helped the body to be lowered by 35mm. The wheels were equipped with classic Ford GT40 models, but they were enlarged to 21 inches after re-engraving, and the front and rear tires were also matched. , The front wheel is 255/30 R21 and the rear wheel is 295/35 R21. The rear wheel is also enhanced with black decorative parts. The diffuser at the bottom is matched with a total of four exhausts on both sides to show its domineering. The beautiful leopard, walking on the street with the clever shift logic of the 8-speed automatic transmission, will excite the car owner during acceleration, after all, this car is born with such a spirit.