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[YesAuto Model PK] Maybe when many readers see the title, they will think to themselves, what is the comparison between the two models that belong to the French PSA Group's second platform and use the same engine and transmission? Are things really as homogenous as expected? Below we will take a look at the difference between these two models through a series of detailed comparisons? Without further ado, the PK ring officially began.

In this comparison article, based on the principle of fairness, the 2.0L top model of the two models is selected for comparison. The Dongfeng Peugeot 308 is a 2012 2.0L automatic premium model, priced at 141,900 yuan, and Dongfeng Citroen New Sega It is a 2012 sedan 2.0 automatic model, priced at 147,800. ( Note: The navigation and reversing visual systems of the 308 models compared in this issue are optional, so the article does not involve the comparison of these two contents )

Appearance comparison:

For Chinese consumers, these two brand-new models can be described by old friends. ( Although they are newly launched models, they are all based on the upgrade of the old models, not the real replacement models. ), so we can't look at these two models with ordinary eyes. Perhaps in this magical country of China, in order to cater to the tastes of the Chinese people and the value of its own platform, too many models with “Chinese characteristics” have been changed to replace the new generation models, and the Dongfeng Peugeot 308 He Dongfeng Citroen New Sega launched two modified and upgraded models based on such national conditions.

Even if it is a product of the same platform, the positioning of the model is definitely different, just like the classic cartoon character “Haier Brothers”, both are two little guys created by the wise old man, both wearing the same pants, but the character is absolutely. The difference between the 308 and the new Sega is also the case. Although it is a familiar chassis structure, the brand new exterior design is worth re-evaluating them: the appearance of the 308 is like a stylish and personable urban elite, while the appearance of the new Sega makes it impossible to forget its predecessors. WRC won six crowns, maintaining the appearance characteristics of the new generation of Citroen C4 models abroad, and deliberately creating a sporty atmosphere.





Dongfeng Peugeot 308





Dongfeng Citroen New Sega





The wheelbase difference between the 308 and the new Sega is basically negligible, and it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory in the same class of models. For the sedan style, the new Sega is still quite harmonious and smooth, and the 308 is also much more harmonious and smooth than the Peugeot 307 sedan style .

The two compact cars under the PSA show a more honest side in terms of tires than models of the same level: all models are equipped with Goodyear 205/55 R16 EAGLE NCT5 tires , which is designed for the Asian region. The designed tires have good performance in terms of comfort and noise reduction (for those interested in this tire, please click on Mr. Han’s article: “Optimizing Goodyear EAGLENCT5 Tires for Asia” to read), and the rims are very good. Reflecting the positioning of the two models, the 308 focuses on the atmosphere and fashion, while the new Sega pays more attention to the expression of sports.

In terms of the rear, both models have good highlights: Although the new Sega rear has not changed much compared with the old Sega, the three-dimensional and layered sense have become richer, and the smoothness of the tail is better than that of the 308. Although the 308's tail design is slightly bloated, its elegant and stunning taillight design has a very good “rescue” effect on the tail shape. The other two models are all equipped with reversing radar function to show the kind side as much as possible.

Interior control contrast:

We all know that the French design is always moving in the direction of individualization. The interior of the new Sega shows the individual design of the French very well, but the 308 interior, which is also designed for the French system, shows more The romantic and luxurious side.

The interior materials and craftsmanship of the 308 and the new Sega have reached the leading level among the same-level models, no less than the German models that pursue excellence. But the overall design style is far different. The interior design of the 308 is quite stylish and generous , and at the same time, it takes great pains to create a sense of luxury, and the effect is quite obvious, as our video colleague Chen Zhen said when commenting on this 308: this interior luxury created by the 308 It has far surpassed models of the same price. The new Sega’s interior design style still maintains the old avant-garde design concept, and tries to create a sense of future technology through various alternative styling designs : the detailed shapes of various geometric figures and the fixed steering wheel in the middle. These are the highlights of the interior, and the material has been further optimized.

As shown in the picture above, the exquisite interior design of the 308 can be said to be outstanding among the models of the same price, and it also reflects Peugeot's deep skill in creating a sense of luxury in the interior.

In terms of the shape of the steering wheel, both models are designed to be quite beautiful, especially the new Sega steering wheel after the facelift is added with chrome-plated decorations to make it look more refined, but this fixed form in the middle is still needed. Time to accept. The leather-wrapped steering wheel Peugeot 308 is only equipped with the top model, while the new Sega’s 1.6L and 2.0L top models (including AT/MT models) are equipped with leather-wrapped steering wheels. In addition, all models of the new Sega are equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The models are equipped with steering wheel multi-function buttons and cruise control function as standard . It can be said that the new Sega has left the 308 far behind in terms of functionality.

As for the design of the instrument panel, it may be due to driving habits. I think the design of the 308's two large and two small chrome-plated instruments is stylish and beautiful, which is much more pleasing to the eye than the new Sega's central all-digital display instrument. However, many domestic consumers have yet to accept this central dashboard design.

The air conditioners of all 308 series models are equipped with LCD screens to display the working status, but I regret to tell you that all 308 series models are not equipped with automatic constant temperature air-conditioning function. In this respect, the new Sega has done a lot. The top models of 1.6L and 2.0L (including AT/MT models) are equipped with automatic constant temperature air conditioning.

Regarding the configuration of airbags, the 308 exhibited very high specifications. All models are equipped with rear head airbags except for the two models with the lowest 1.6L (including the two AT/MT models). 8 airbags, while the new Sega pales in comparison in this regard.

In terms of the number of storage compartments, the new Sega has an eye-catching performance. There are as many as 9 storage spaces in the front row, including glove boxes, side door storage compartments, and seat storage compartments , compared with 308. It's much inferior. However, an air outlet can be set in the glove box of the 308, which is more intimate and humane .

Space experience comparison:

The wheelbase of the two models is only about 2600mm. As for the performance of their in-car space, are they as close as the data? The following will reveal the answer for everyone through actual measurement.

In terms of seat wrapping and user-friendly settings, the 308 has a pretty good performance. The leather seat has a very good shape, and it can also be equipped with the seat height adjustment function of the co-pilot, which is considered to be a mid-to-upper model in the same class. The level of performance, it is a pity that such an excellent leather seat only appears on a 2.0L top-fitting model. Although the shape of the new Sega seat is slightly inferior to that of the 308 model, the leather seat can also be enjoyed on the 1.6L top model, and the performance is more comprehensive than that of the 308.

It can be seen from the actual measurement map that the performance of the interior space of the two models is basically the same, but the data of the body width and height of the 308 are larger than that of the new Sega, so the actual ride in the car is still slightly more spacious and comfortable. In fact, the performance of the interior space of the two cars can only be in the middle level of the same level of models.

Performance comparison of trunk storage space:

In terms of rear trunk storage space performance, the performance of the 308 is much better than that of the new Sega, thanks to its wider body and larger trunk opening, which is also a good successor to the Peugeot 307 The “glorious tradition” of the sedan. However, the new Sega’s 4/6-fold and completely square rear seats make up for the lack of space in the trunk. It is indeed a considerable inconvenience that the rear seats of the 308 cannot be turned upside down. It is strongly recommended that the manufacturer can improve on this.

In addition, in terms of some humanized small details settings, the new Sega is also in place, and these configurations are quite rare in the same level of models, jokingly say whether this is the so-called special “French humanized care”? ?

Full text summary:

Through the comparison of the two models, we can get a good understanding of some similarities and differences between the two models. The same thing is that the performance of the 308 and the new Sega in terms of space in the car is almost the same. The difference is quite obvious: both the exterior and the interior of the 308 give people a refined and atmospheric performance. In terms of riding comfort, the 308 performs slightly better than the new Sega; the new Sega fully demonstrates its advantages in configuration. ——The whole series are equipped with cruise control function, etc., and the humanity aspect is also the new Sega has done more in place, and it is more suitable for family use. In general, the performance of these two cars has its own spring and autumn, and there is no difference between the superior and the inferior. I think the characteristics of these two models in compact cars are quite obvious, if you want to choose to feel unique New Sega’s “legal humanistic care” is quite worth recommending; and if you want to experience the luxurious French interior, the 308 is a pretty good choice. (Text, picture/Car home He Yongming)

Special thanks to the vehicle provider

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