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[YesAuto Smart Car Link Evaluation] Just in October this year, GAC New Energy’s new pure electric mid-size SUV Aion LX (Aion LX) was officially launched. This new car is the second product of GAC New Energy’s Aion family with a very avant-garde style. sense. The intelligent connection system on the new car also has a high “IQ”. In addition to the powerful networking function, there is also a small virtual garden hidden in the hidden corner of the system. Would you like to visit it with me?

The Aion LX listed this time has 5 configuration models. The main differences between the different configuration versions are the motor power, battery power and seat configuration. The ADiGO IoT system and the 12.3-inch dual screen are both fully equipped. It is standard equipment, and there is not much difference between different configuration versions of Zhilian Technology.

GAC New Energy is one of the first batch of cooperative companies after Tencent Autolink released the AI in Car strategy. Its in-vehicle system is naturally based on Tencent Autolink. It not only has extremely rich achievable functions, but also has excellent natural speech recognition capabilities and extensive networking functions. Both are important factors for its high scores. Next, let's first take a look at the performance of the system in terms of human-vehicle interaction.

Human-vehicle interaction

The human-vehicle interaction system is the first impression of a car machine. The size of the screen, interface resolution, button feel, touch screen feedback sensitivity, UI interface design, etc. all affect the user’s daily operating system’s favorability. Whether it can meet the daily needs of users will also affect the enthusiasm of potential customers to buy cars to a certain extent.

The Aeon LX central control screen is 12.3 inches in size, and the entire screen is slightly deflected by 12° to the driver's side to facilitate the driver to view information or manipulate it while driving. The fineness of the screen picture is high, coupled with the dark-colored interface background and the frame design of the dual screen, the screen can be well integrated into the center console, and the overall sense is very strong.

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument is also standard for the entire system. The entire dial also uses the night sky as the background tone. In addition to the two dial styles, you can also choose a map mode for a total of 3 display styles. The content displayed on the meter is richer, except that the remaining battery, temperature, multimedia and other information displayed at the bottom have smaller fonts, which is somewhat difficult to read.

Like other intelligent connection systems, Aeon LX can wake up the voice control system through a button on the steering wheel/screen or a voice password. The password can be customized according to the user's own preferences. Voice commands can control almost all functions in the intelligent connection system, covering navigation, multimedia, telephone, system control, etc. In addition, voice commands can be used to check weather, stocks, flight information and other content at any time. You can also let it talk when you are bored. Jokes, playing idioms solitaire, etc.

In terms of human-vehicle interaction, Ian LX's performance is still very good, with high voice recognition accuracy, and high scores in hardware aspects such as screen size. It is already at the leading level in the same type of intelligent connected system. However, the font size of part of the information on the dashboard is too small, and the lack of physical control buttons is also where it needs to be improved.

Other hardware and software equipment

The Aian LX, which focuses on the high-end market, is also unambiguous in terms of comfort and convenience. The dual-zone automatic air conditioner is equipped with an air purification device. Some models can also be equipped with an in-car fragrance device. Alpine ALPINE 10 speaker audio, wireless charging and other functions are helpful to enhance the sense of quality of the vehicle. The conventional charging ports in the car are mainly distributed in the front row (one 12V, two USB), the roof (the right side of the inner rearview mirror) and the rear row (two USB), which can fully meet the daily travel needs. In order to adjust the atmosphere, there are atmosphere lights hidden in many places in the cockpit. The lights are available in 32 colors. At the same time, you can choose a single color or change with the atmosphere according to your needs, which is very user-friendly.

Function realization

Like other intelligent connected systems, the ADiGO IoT system has built-in rich Internet music and audiobooks. These resources come from QQ music, listening partner FM, and Tencent car phone. The first two have relatively large resources, and there are still some problems. You can choose less novels, and long-distance travel is no longer boring.

There is a growing game called ADiGO WORLD in the on-board system. The gameplay is similar to Happy Farm, earning points through driving, planting and afforestation to contribute points for afforestation and small animals in captivity for your small garden. The official said that the better the driving habits, the higher the points, and the game helps to promote the good driving habits of car owners.

The ADiGO IoT system has built-in navigation software, AutoNavi and Tencent, and users can choose the software they use more frequently according to their own habits. In addition to functions such as real-time query of road conditions, users can also manually enter the license plate number, and functions such as circumventing restricted areas can also be implemented during route planning. The mobile app can also be used to search for navigation destinations and send them to the car, which is convenient and can avoid accidentally entering the restricted area and causing violations.

The panoramic parking imaging system with 3D assistance and the rear parking radar are standard equipment in the whole system. According to the configuration version, it is also equipped with standard (80D Max) or optional (three versions in the version) front radar and automatic parking functions. . Drag the vehicle in 3D mode to view the blind spots around the body, which is much more intuitive than viewing the camera image alone in panoramic mode, thus playing a better auxiliary role.

The mobile phone App remote control can realize the remote start/close of the engine, air conditioner, lighting and other equipment, and the opening and closing of the windows, sunroof and trunk. In addition, functions such as car condition query and navigation destination delivery can also be realized through the App, which basically covers most of the daily travel scenarios. However, we did not find the functions of scheduled maintenance and emergency help in the App, and the online customer service is basically in a non-response state, but fortunately these functions are provided on the car.

Service ecology

In order for drivers to completely abandon the use of mobile phones in the car, the in-vehicle system should have some common functions of mobile phones. From the current stage, the layout of the service ecology is very important. It can not only improve the sense of grade during daily travel and car use, but also It can bring some convenience to travel, so we have included the service ecology in the evaluation system.

In terms of query functions, voice commands can be used to easily complete inquiries including weather, stocks, flights and other information, and even simple translation tasks can be completed, which improves convenience to a certain extent, but the system currently does not look like Zebra Zhixing or Xiaodu The in-vehicle OS integrates payment functions including ticket booking and food ordering. The car system has a built-in B-CALL customer service hotline, and the roof also provides a one-key emergency rescue button, and the safety services are relatively in place.

Communication Favorability

At present, voice has become the mainstream way of interaction, but the intelligence of the voice assistant determines how people use it. At this stage, some are smart co-pilots who understand you and can bring you pleasure, while some are co-pilots who can answer the questions that are not asked. Therefore, an in-vehicle system that can be called smart should at least understand you, and secondly, it can bring pleasure. The ADiGO IoT system based on Tencent Autolink performs very well in speech recognition capabilities and service content, and can fully meet the travel needs of users.

● Article summary:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score



106.4 95 62 40 90.72

Roewe RX5 PLUS

Zebra VENUS 4.0

91.3 89.2 83 70 87.94

Qi Chenxing

Kaichen Zhilian System 4.0

91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 85.95
4 Nezha U
Pivot system
99.0 94.9 26.0 60.0 84.05
ADiGO IoT System
80.0 98.4 30.0 30.0 79.20

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.05

Roewe RX5

Zebra 3.0

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.08

Star Way LX

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.86

Territory S

87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.70
AI-OS system
86.5 84.0 46.0 50.0 77.35

The performance of the ADiGO IoT system can be said to have reached the leading level of the current mainstream intelligent connection system. It has achieved good results in three aspects of function richness, network resources, and speech recognition capabilities, especially in terms of excellent level of function richness. The key to getting high scores, this performance also fits well with a model with a sense of technology like Aion LX.

The guide price range for the five Aion LX models is 249,600-349,600 yuan. From the price point of view, it overlaps with the market of Roewe MARVEL X. However, the Aion LX has a longer cruising range (the high-end version exceeds 600 kilometers), which is more attractive to electric vehicle users. We hope that in the future, Aion LX can introduce WeChat and payment functions through OTA upgrades, so as to achieve more diverse travel needs.