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[YesAuto New Energy ] A few days ago , a video streaming network of a Model 3 crashed on an overpass. From the video, it can be seen that half of the body of the accident vehicle was lying on the stairs of the overpass. The first half was severely damaged, and the handrail had pierced the front windshield. The glass, but the lack of depth did not seem to hurt the driver. An electric bicycle and a woman fell to the ground not far from the car.

Shortly after the accident, the Weibo account “Chengdu Traffic Police Fifth Branch” notified the accident. The traffic police said: The accident was Xiong driving a small car with the license plate number of Sichuan A·D****5 (Model in the accident) 3) Due to improper operation, the vehicle lost control and collided with the electric bicycle driven by Deng and rushed onto the overpass. At present, Deng has been sent to a doctor and is not life-threatening, and the driver Xiong has been taken to the fifth branch of the traffic police for investigation.

At present, there is no video streaming of the entire process of the accident, but from the judgment of the traffic police, the accident was caused by the driver's improper operation, rather than the technical loss of control of the vehicle itself. Regarding the latest development of this accident, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up report of Autohome.