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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] If you want to buy a IKEA car with a lot of space, I believe that a medium-sized car is a big choice for you. The names of Accord, Camry, Passat, Magotan, etc. have long been thriving, and they are still in this market. There is an American car that has been fighting for many years. This is the protagonist of this article-LaCrosse. Since the launch of this generation of LaCross, it has won the favor of some consumers with its good reputation, atmospheric appearance and large space. We interviewed Three LaCrosse owners, let’s take a look at what the owners say about their car.

● The first owner: Mr. He

Mr. He’s car is a 20T elite model with a guide price of 239,800 yuan. The time of purchase was July 2016, and the mileage has reached about 17,000 kilometers. A relatively large medium-sized car.

● Car purchase experience

Previously, Mr. He’s car was a Ford Focus with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine. Mr. He is still very satisfied with this Focus, but the space is a bit small and it is becoming less and less suitable for Mr. He’s business needs. After he got the number, he wanted to buy a medium-sized car with a large space and partial business. Mr. He chose the car through the car home. At the beginning, he actually considered the BBA brand model, but because of the high maintenance cost in the later period, he gave up Up. Later, I hesitated about Magotan and Teana. The reason for abandoning Magotan was that she did not like the doll face and the configuration of the mid-range model was not high. As for Teana, Mr. He felt a bit old-fashioned and did not fit his age. In the end, the appearance of Lacrosse attracted Mr. He. After in-depth understanding, he decided to choose Lacrosse. When picking up the car, he offered a cash discount of 10,000 yuan and installed a set of reversing images for free. However, insurance must be provided in the store.

Mr. He said that at first he was attracted by the atmospheric appearance of LaCrosse. He especially liked the design of the front headlights and the rear waistline. From a certain angle, his car had a taste of Mercedes-Benz CLS. When it comes to appearance In terms of deficiencies, Mr. He said that he didn't like the design of the rear taillights. Some of them were small and should be improved slightly.

In the interior, Mr. He felt that the color matching of LaCrosse is very beautiful and has a sense of grade. The second most commendable is the electronic gear lever, because the same level models use electronic gear levers, which is also one of the best compared to competing models. Big advantage.

Mr. He likes OnStar very much, and he often uses many functions of OnStar in daily life. He has very high evaluations on functions such as remote start, car search, navigation, etc., and because of work reasons, Mr. He needs to often pick up some foreign customers. In the car, when Mr. He introduced that he had WiFi in his car, the customer also felt very foreign, and he could send and receive emails on the road, but the traffic was a bit expensive. Mr. He said that 1 G traffic cost 50 yuan and 3 G flow needs 115 yuan.

In terms of riding space, Mr. He feels that the space is not small. In daily use, his friends or customers praised LaCrosse's riding space. Regarding the storage space, Mr. He expressed satisfaction with the front storage space, but said one shortcoming, that is, the glove box is relatively small and can't hold too many things. The depth of the trunk is good, that is, the height is average, and there are some exposed speakers and wiring harnesses on the top of the trunk, which seem to be out of class.

Mr. He feels that LaCrosse’s power performance is abundant, but he also frankly admits that he does not have high requirements for power, and pays more attention to riding comfort and technological configuration. Regarding the performance of the matching dual-clutch gearbox, Mr. He said that at low speeds There will be vehicle shaking and frustration from time to time, and the probability of occurrence is not high, probably between 10% and 20%, but the shift speed is relatively fast. When talking about NVH, the owner said that the noise control of LaCrosse is particularly good, whether it is wind noise, tire noise or engine noise, it is well suppressed.

● Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. He scored 85 points for his car. Of the 15 points deducted, 5 points were given to this dual-clutch gearbox, 5 points were given to abnormal noise, and 5 points were given to the lack of AutoHold function. In general, the owners of LaCrosse are very satisfied with the main points of luxury, riding experience, and technology. Finally, Mr. He expressed the hope that Buick can take more care of its old customers, and Buick’s customer feedback mechanism can be more reasonable. For example, it can give old customers a few more years of OnStar service.

● The second owner: Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang’s car is the only 2.0T LaCrosse in this owner’s interview. The model is a 28T luxury model with a guide price of 299,800 yuan. He bought the car in May 2016 and has driven about 30,000 kilometers.

● Car purchase experience:

This LaCrosse is Mr. Wang’s fourth car. There have been Santana 2000, Toyota Camry and Viano before. The reason for the change is that the previous Camry is too old. After all, you can know by the name Camry. It is said that it should be more than ten years old, and now Toyota Camry has long been renamed to Camry. At that time, Mr. Wang’s friend told him that the LaCrosse was a good car, and then he went online to check information about the LaCrosse, and was attracted by the appearance of the LaCrosse, and finally decided on this LaCrosse, but Mr. Wang also said that when he bought the car, he was still in a Mercedes-Benz. I hesitated on the C-Class and GLC, but later because these two models were over budget, so I gave up. At that time, the car was offered a discount of 10,000 yuan, but the 4S shop required insurance in the shop.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Wang is most satisfied with the front face. He thinks the front face of LaCrosse is very energetic and atmospheric. At the same time, he also praised the back waistline and front and rear lights. However, he also mentioned a small problem, that is, the front face. The position of the lip is very low and sometimes scratches. For this problem, we also explained in the long test article. In fact, the absolute height of the front lip of the LaCrosse is not very low. It is similar to many models of the same level, but the position is relatively forward. In this case, the chance of scratching in daily use is very high, but the material of the front lip is soft rubber material, a slight scratching will not cause too much damage, please rest assured that all car owners.

Mr. Wang is also very satisfied with the performance of the storage space. The front storage space can be described as plentiful. However, Mr. Wang is not satisfied with the trunk space. First of all, the bare audio and sound on the top of the trunk The wiring harness is also not very beautiful. Secondly, the height of the trunk is not enough, and the rear seats cannot be put down. Because of work reasons, Mr. Wang often has to pull some items, so he feels that LaCrosse’s trunk space is not enough.

Regarding Anjixing, Mr. Wang gave a high evaluation like Mr. He. In terms of vehicle configuration, ACC adaptive cruise and active braking are both better configurations, but the system acceleration and braking are a bit fierce during adaptive cruise, which affects the ride. Experience, the pedestrian detection sensitivity of active braking is very high, sometimes there is no sudden situation, the system will brake when it judges that there is a potential threat.

Mr. Wang said that the abnormal noise of the sunroof of his car is quite serious. The “creaking” noise is very annoying. In addition to the abnormal noise, the car also reported the transmission fault code, which disappeared after flashing the transmission program, and the parking assistant also reported the fault code. , And the radar does not sound, the solution is to restart the vehicle.

In terms of power, Mr. Wang feels that the power delay is relatively serious, and the dynamic response is slower after deep stepping on the accelerator, and Mr. Wang’s car occasionally shakes when accelerating from 60km/h to 120km/h, which is very annoying. In terms of the performance of the gearbox, the low-speed frustration was more serious at first. After the 4S shop freely wrote the gearbox program, the frustration has been greatly improved. Mr. Wang usually uses half of the highway and urban road conditions, so he will have more experience with NVH. On this point, Mr. Wang also speaks highly.

● Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Wang scored 90 points for his car, and the 10 points were mainly deducted from the performance of the gearbox and fuel consumption. In general, Mr. Wang's evaluation of his LaCrosse is very high. Although he has encountered problems like this, but the flaws are not concealed, the performance of the LaCross in the mid-size car can be said to be very good.

● The third owner: Mr. Li

Like the second owner, Mr. Wang, Mr. Li bought the LaCrosse in front of him in May 2016, and the current mileage is only 10,000 kilometers. The guide price of this car is 259,800 yuan. At that time, the 4S store provided a cash discount of 10,000 yuan, and gave an 8,000 yuan maintenance card and 4 free maintenance, which was quite cost-effective.

● Car purchase experience:

Mr. Li’s last car was the Sonata Eight, which is also a joint venture medium-sized car. It can be seen that Mr. Li has a special preference for this class of cars. The reason he bought the car was because he had a new license plate in his hand. This reason must be envied by most of the friends who live in Beijing who are suffering from the lottery. The reason why Mr. Li chose LaCrosse was because his family had an old LaCrosse, and the evaluation was very good; although he also went to the Lexus 4S store to see Lexus ES at the time, he finally chose the more affordable LaCrosse after weighing the price/performance ratio.

Car owners generally rate the appearance of their cars very highly, and Mr. Li is no exception. He feels that the front face of LaCrosse is the most attractive part. Although the sense of calmness and atmosphere has been weakened after the new LOGO, the overall is still very delicate. If there are any shortcomings, maybe the visual effect on the side of the car body is average, and the waistline is less heavy.

Coming to the rear of the body, Mr. Li specifically pointed out that the convenience and space of the LaCrosse’s trunk made him more satisfied. Moreover, he is also a casual person. When he opened the trunk, it was full of stuff, and Jun Yue helped to digest all the large and small objects in the house. Unlike the second owner, Mr. Wang, because Mr. Li has almost no demand for sourcing goods, so for these For everyday things, LaCrosse’s trunk space is completely sufficient.

Mr. Li said that he usually doesn't use the central control screen much except for listening to radio stations, and he doesn't really value anything like OnStar and Bluetooth. In terms of functional use, he thinks that the air conditioner of LaCrosse has a lot of wind noise, the reversing radar has failed, and the vehicle has not returned to normal after restarting the vehicle. Finally, he can only go to the 4S shop for repairs.

Mr. Li is quite satisfied with the interior layout of LaCrosse, especially the large panoramic sunroof above his head, which makes him feel very comfortable when driving, and the interior of the car looks rather bright. Of course, there are also some shortcomings. For example, the driver’s seat posture is low, which affects the driving vision, and the head space is too high and cramped. In short, it is difficult to find the most suitable point.

The storage compartments in the car are basically the same as the trunk mentioned earlier. Mr. Li is also full of sundries. From this point of view, the storage space of LaCrosse is designed to suit Mr. Li’s appetite. The size and richness of the physical space is also really good.

Mr. Li usually uses the car in the city. He thinks that 1.5T power is enough, but the gearbox performance is not good, and the driving texture is compromised. Driving in the early 10,000 kilometers, Mr. Li's Lacrosse combined fuel consumption is almost 9.4L per 100 kilometers, which he said is acceptable.

● Owner's summary:

Mr. Li gave his Lacrosse a high score of 95 points, and he deducted 5 points for fear of the manufacturer's pride. Since he prefers to drive a medium-sized car and is not very sensitive to the requirements of the car's interior configuration, the performance of LaCrosse can fully meet the needs of Mr. Li's car.

● Full text summary:

The three LaCrosse owners are all in their 30s. They have already married and started businesses. They are all engaged in business-oriented occupations. Therefore, when choosing a car, they have to take into account both the commercial and domestic car environments. The positioning of LaCrosse basically meets the car purchase needs of three car owners, especially the appearance design makes LaCross stand out from the same level of models, suitable for those users who are unwilling to buy Magotan and Accord with the mainstream. From the experience of the three car owners, it can also be found that LaCrosse has many minor problems, such as abnormal noise in the car, electronic system failure, etc. Although it does not pose a threat to driving safety, it will be more annoying when encountering daily. LaCrosse has the common problems of Buick cars in terms of gearbox adjustment, and the ride comfort is not good. In addition, the new Regal has been equipped with a 9AT gearbox. The ride comfort of this gearbox is better than the current 7-speed dual-clutch and 6AT of the LaCrosse. We At the same time, I can also look forward to LaCrosse's upgrade as soon as possible. As a veteran of the mid-size car market, the LaCrosse with new gearboxes will surely be able to capture the hearts of more new generations of consumers. (Photo/Text/Photo: Ma Yixiao and Shen Jiaxu, the home of the car)