[YesAuto Talk about Bump Sisters] The compact SUV market is still a hot cake. Given that various brands covet its deliciousness, the Jaguar E-PACE was born. What is its “excellent”, our video in this issue Just look at this youngest leopard baby. (Video duration is 3 minutes and 27 seconds)

In August 2018, the domestic Jaguar E-PACE was officially launched. As the first compact SUV of the Jaguar brand, it is also the only Jaguar with a transverse engine layout. The appearance of the little leopard is still attracting attention. The manufacturer also invited Ruan Jingtian to endorse, which also took great pains for E-PACE.

At first glance, the Jaguar E-PACE model retains the Jaguar brand’s family design elements. From the grille to the headlight shape, this first SUV positioned for young consumers has been injected with more sports and youth. element. The designer is Mr. Paven Vipin Patel, who graduated from Coventry University. He used to be the chief shape designer of XE and F-TYPE, which makes E-PACE more or less similar in posture. The sports car feels more vigorous.

The rear shape of the car is also full and sexy. The horizontal and straight taillights have a high degree of recognition when lit. The entire rear of the car is in a state of narrow top and wide bottom. With two exhausts on both sides, it keeps the vehicle young and sporty design direction.

It is true that the design of Jaguar E-PACE takes a unique route in this level of models, and it also competes with BMW X2, Mercedes-Benz GLA and other models. It can be seen that everyone has their own personalities, so E-PACE’s Leopard Road still has the market to speak. (Photo/Zhang Yueyue, the home of the car)