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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Speaking of the second dimension, the readers in front of the screen may be familiar with it, but if you combine the car with the second dimension, what can you think of? Car comics or pain cars? The one I’m going to talk to you today is obviously more direct than the previous two. It directly moves a second-element lady who can listen to your orders into your car. In short, it’s buying a car for your “girlfriend”. This is the two-dimensional voice assistant of Pentium T77.

The two-dimensional culture originated in Japan, derived from the Japanese “two-dimensional (にじげん)”. Early anime, manga, games and other works were composed of hand-drawn flat images, hence the name.

First of all, the characters in the two-dimensional world have a characteristic, that is, both girls and boys are very beautiful. Since it is hand-painted, of course it must be painted beautifully. Secondly, there is an obvious difference between the two-dimensional world and the three-dimensional world (that is, real life). The two-dimensional world is a beautiful realm imagined by mankind. It reflects many mankind’s longings and desires for dream life.

Therefore, a large part of the audience of the two-dimensional works are otakus. Those cute anime girls almost satisfy all the characteristics of their ideal women. These boys who are not good at communicating in life have gained spirituality in the world of the two-dimensional. Satisfaction. It is no longer just animation and games that are related to the two-dimensional element. In Japan, you can buy a large number of peripheral products, such as model figures, clothing, daily necessities, and even two-dimensional theme restaurants and cafes.

Japan’s Itche style is also a derivative of the two-dimensional culture. These young people who are obsessed with anime will also put huge anime stickers on their cars. There are many sayings for the appearance of the term “Painche”. Among them, I think it’s more reliable: there is a word in Japanese called “视线が痛い”, which is mostly used when someone is doing something non-mainstream and the surrounding people are watching and the atmosphere is embarrassing. In ordinary people's eyes, it is inevitable that it is a bit unusual, so this term was derived. In Japan, there are not only Pain cars, but also motorcycles and even bicycles. They are called “Pain Bikes” and “Pain Rings” respectively.

Driven by cultural exchanges between countries, more and more Chinese young people are also fascinated by two-dimensional products such as animation and games, as can be seen from some popular words that have emerged in recent years, such as “Lolita” , “Kawaii” and so on. Many excellent comic works have also emerged in China, such as “Under One Person” and “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker”, both of which are excellent Chinese comics. Because of policy restrictions, “Tinche” modification is not common in China, while animation, figure, cosplay, etc. are more accessible to Chinese young people.

Faced with this trend of rejuvenation of the market, it seems that nowadays automakers no longer only focus on how to make a car that runs faster or more fuel-efficient. Some automakers are beginning to play cross-border and mentality. brand. For example, Hongqi took the national trend line and cooperated with Li Ning to launch limited edition clothing; and for example, Lynk & Co and JOMA cooperated to launch exclusive sports shoes for car owners and so on. The Pentium T77 we are going to talk about today has developed a new gameplay-directly implanting a virtual two-dimensional lady into the car machine, which can be understood as “buying a car and sending a girlfriend”.

Pentium T77's car machine is equipped with the intelligent networked D-Life 4.0 system. The preset “car partner” function in the system can project a virtual character as a voice assistant through the holographic projection screen above the center console, and this virtual character defaults to The image of is a two-dimensional lady, the official name is YOMI. When the vehicle starts, the screen will rotate and rise, and YOMI will appear immediately. In the car partner menu, we can set it up. There are three images for this virtual character to choose from. In addition to the “girlfriend” YOMI, there are also boys and robots to choose from. Of course, I think this feature will be enabled, 90% Will choose “girlfriend”.

The name YOMI is just an official name given to this anime character by FAW Bestune. Actually, her wake word can be changed. Although it is limited to numbers and words, the interesting thing is that it has no sensitive words, even if you change it to something that needs to be beeped off. The words are also possible. For the sake of harmony, we will not make an accurate display here, I changed her to “Guo Fugui”. The car partner system can also perform voiceprint registration. The user will speak according to the system's prompts, and the system will record the user's voice to avoid accidental activation during the conversation as much as possible. In addition, you can press the voice control button on the multifunction steering wheel to activate the voice assistant and give instructions.

By giving voice commands to YOMI, you can operate navigation, select radio stations or songs, set the temperature of the air conditioner, and open the sunroof. And several car usage scenarios are implanted by default in the system, such as “I want to see the stars” to control the opening of the panoramic sunroof, and “I want to smoke” will open a gap in the main driving window. However, “a cigarette a day beats a living god.” This sentence does not seem to be in line with the global trend of smoking ban and tobacco control…

In addition, in the setting interface, the mobile phone can be connected to the car machine through WeChat, so that the position or music received in WeChat can be directly transmitted to the car machine, and the navigation or music can be started. But I tried it with my mobile phone, but it didn't connect successfully. It shows that my phone number is not associated with a device, but there is no option to associate. I don't know if it is an operational problem or what other information is needed.

If the function of the car partner is limited to voice control multimedia, air conditioning and some vehicle functions, it is no different from other models. The reason why this car is said to be “buy a car for a girlfriend” is because the system also sets some developmental functions for YOMI. The user can change clothes for the “girlfriend” by clicking on the menu or calling “change clothes” by voice. The system comes with five skins, which basically conform to the image of the two-dimensional cute girl, such as student uniforms and princess loli skirts are all otaku My heart loves, but it seems that the most classic maid outfit is missing. Although I don't usually have a cold with the second element, I still feel a little familiar with my futuristic clothes. It turns out to be Miku Hatsune Miku, the lead singer of Scallion Song.

In addition to dressing up, “girlfriend” can also sing and dance, but at present her brain capacity is still relatively small, only a song, a dance and a piece of piano music, if you ask her to “change a song” or “Change the program”, YOMI will open other multimedia software and play music. Although the current function is still relatively simple, this form is still relatively new, and it should be considered a bright spot for friends who are obsessed with the two-dimensional culture. If software upgrades can be used to enrich the interactive content between YOMI and users in the future, this “girlfriend” will become more and more attractive.

Nowadays, human-computer interaction and voice control functions are not uncommon in cars, but most cars still feel like they are communicating with a cold machine. Pentium T77 personified this object into a visible image, which is a brand new idea. Although the function of this “girlfriend” is still relatively small, and the degree of personification is not high, if it can be continuously upgraded to enrich its functions, styles, and even add other images such as stars, animals, custom images, etc. Wait, perhaps this feature will become a bright spot for consumers.