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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] Ford F-150 Raptor is officially launched. The first to be introduced to China is the four-door SuperCrew model. If you don’t know this car, you just need to understand that in pickup trucks, Ford F-150 has won North America over the years The top-selling role, and the Raptor is equivalent to the high-performance version of the F-150. If you are planning to buy this car, the multi-angle analysis in this article may help you.

The two introduced domestic F-150 Raptors are respectively a 3.5T SuperCrew performance version with a price of 499,800 yuan and a 3.5T SuperCrew performance version with a price of 548,800 yuan. Their models (size) and power system are exactly the same, only the configuration is high and low. Of points.

What needs to be mentioned here is the difference between the F-150 Raptor SuperCab and SuperCrew. The SuperCab has a shorter car. From the outside, it uses a “semi-rear door”. The SuperCrew is a standard rear door. Even better.

Unlike the standard version of F-150, which can choose the length of the trailer, the Raptor’s trailer has only one size, 5.5 feet, and about 1.68 meters. From the perspective of the length of the trailer alone, the Raptor is very short. Compared with other pickups, loading is not its strength. What it pursues is wildness, play and style.

In terms of power, the entire Raptor series will be equipped with a 3.5L twin-turbocharged engine and a 10-speed automated manual transmission. This combination is very eye-catching. Compared with the previous 6.2L V8, the engine torque is greatly improved. 10AT is even more worth mentioning. There are only a handful of mass-produced cars using 10AT worldwide. A sturdy car with a sturdy gearbox, yes!

There are two domestic Raptor configurations. The most basic configurations include leather steering wheel, reversing radar, navigation, cruise control, large central control screen, xenon lamp, panoramic sunroof and so on. There are many different configurations between the two cars. We have made a table to show the specific information, as follows.

The configuration difference between the two Raptor models (the difference is 49,000 yuan)
Configuration/model Performance version (499,800 yuan) Performance-strengthened version (548.8 million yuan)
Keyless entry + one-key start
Steering wheel electric adjustment + memory + paddle shift
Seat material Fabric Genuine Leather
Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat Main (Vice: Manual) Main + deputy
Heated and ventilated front/rear seats Front: heating, ventilation/rear: heating
Number of speakers 7 10
Vehicle atmosphere light
Door handle black Body color
Air conditioner type Manual Dual zone automatic
Lane Departure Warning System
Adaptive cruise + anti-collision warning
Panoramic camera
Foot pedal manual adjustment Electric adjustment + memory
230V power supply ×2
Instrument display 4.2 inches 8 inches
Automatic high beam
Trailer Reversing Assist System
Vehicle remote start
Bluetooth/car phone
Front Torson Differential
Tail box lever
Tail compartment “FORD” decoration
Trailer interface indicator
Sprayed tail compartment liner
Tail compartment LED lighting
Tail window Fixed Electric lift + privacy glass
Rear seat belt airbag
Integrated trailer brake controller
Engine cover trim
the color of car Knight White, Star Blue, Phantom Gray, Storm Black +Ruby red, Aoxue silver
Optional Anti-dropping rim

There are a lot of lists. There are more than 30 differences in the configuration of the two models. Taking a closer look, the extra features of the high-end models can definitely worth the difference of 49,000 yuan. Next, let's take a look at how much they will sell in the United States based on the standard configuration of these two cars.

The configuration of the American Raptor is custom-made. Even if you buy a current car in a 4S store, the configuration is nothing more than the dealer's pre-installation, or you can customize it yourself, but the cycle of picking up the car will increase accordingly. In terms of price, the starting price of SuperCab overseas is US$49,265, which is approximately RMB 340,000, and the starting price of SuperCrew is US$52,250, which is approximately RMB 360,000.

The Raptor is available in six colors in China. Among them, Ruby Red and Aoxue Silver can only be selected for owners of the performance-enhanced version, and the Ruby Red color does not require additional fees like those abroad, which is good news.

The standard performance version only includes the functions in the 800A basic package. The $3160 801A package includes leather electric seats, lumbar support for the driver and co-pilot, electric pedals, etc. The 802A package is so rich , It contains all the functions of 801A. I have already shown you the powerful configuration of the performance version. Many of its more functions than the performance version are concentrated in the 802A package. It is also worth mentioning that the standard fuel tank of the Raptor is 100 liters. After the optional 802A is installed, it will be upgraded to a large fuel tank of 136 liters.

On the basis of the 802A package, the performance-strengthened version of the Raptor has also added a technology package with a price of 1950 US dollars, and the package can only be added based on the 802A. Both 800A and 801A are not related to the package. The configuration included is : Lane keeping, lane departure warning, automatic high beam, sensor wiper, ACC adaptive cruise and anti-collision warning functions. In fact, everyone can almost see that the two packages alone cost US$11,295, which corresponds to approximately RMB 78,000.

Because pickup trucks are imported according to agricultural machinery, the tariff is low, so the price of domestic raptors is not too high compared to foreign prices. Is the domestic performance-enhancing version the highest configuration that can be selected? Not yet, I experimented, after all the options, the overseas price of the top-equipped Raptor is US$74,300, or about 513,000 yuan, which is more internal and external than the performance-strengthened version (appearance stickers, carbon fiber trim), steering wheel Heating, tail compartment cover and other functions. In general, the domestic performance-enhanced version is very cost-effective.

Taking a further calculation, the difference between the two foreign models is about RMB 68,100, while the difference between the domestic model is 49,000 yuan. From the side, the performance-strengthened version is undoubtedly worth recommending.

Don't be too happy. The day before yesterday we reported on the domestic market survey of the Raptor and found that there is a strong momentum for price increases. Quoting a previous report, “This time, we conducted a small survey of 8 Ford dealers with 2 dealers in Beijing, 2 in Shanghai, 2 in Guangzhou, and 2 in Chengdu. All of them indicated that there are exhibited cars in the store. , But because the new car has just been released, the current car inventory of the whole series is only a small amount. At the same time, 7 dealers indicated that they need to increase the price ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 to purchase and pick up the car, and 5 of them said that they did not support the original price queuing up. Cars. Three other companies offer cars without price increase, but cars will not be available until the second half of the year.”

Existing car Reason for price increase Can I buy a car without a price increase? Show car/test drive Whether the color can be determined 1 shop Yes 10W/cash Few cars Supply and demand Can't Yes/no Yes 2 stores Yes 10W/cash Few cars Supply and demand Can't Yes/no Currently only black/blue

“Because most of the dealers need to increase the price before they can buy, we tried to find out about several dealers who imported in parallel. After consulting, the other party said that there is no Raptor model at present and it is not clear when the import will be made. This model. Among them, a staff member said that due to the large price fluctuations of the current Chinese version of the Raptor, they cannot import this model.”

According to the configuration and the price of the car, the official price of the Raptor is very reasonable. From the dealer's point of view, it does not make much sense to import the Raptor separately. In addition to the Raptor, the other models of F-150 are relatively complete. Compared with the Raptor, which focuses on play and wildness, other versions of the F-150 have stronger tool attributes or better luxury. From the perspective of conventional use In terms of not going off-road, they are more suitable than the Raptor, the length of the cargo compartment is also greater than or equal to the Raptor, and the loading capacity is self-evident.

Of course, when buying this car, you also need to consider various inconveniences, especially in first-tier cities, the car is large, commuting is inconvenient, parking is difficult, and even some basements are not easy to enter. In addition, there are many restrictions on traffic restrictions. Take Beijing as an example: you are not allowed to enter the 5th Ring Road from 6 to 24. You will be waiting for 3 minutes and 200 as soon as you enter. Shanghai is similar. The outer ring is a restricted area for the whole day. Aside from the city, on high speeds, pickup trucks such as the Raptor cannot drive into the leftmost lane, and the speed limit is lower than the 120km/h for small passenger cars. If there is only this car at home, daily travel will be very restrictive.

The above mentioned are all problems that we can actually see and can be explained by data. Buying a pickup truck like the Raptor has to bear far more than these. It is mandatory to scrap it in 15 years, and the vehicle is inspected once a year. Maintenance costs The high problem coefficient exists. Without modification, these are enough to cause trouble. Once modification is involved, the additional expenses will be a bottomless pit.

If the Raptor is a toy, the Raptor is definitely the most troublesome toy in this price range in China. Although we will pay for playing, you really have to weigh whether it is worth the effort to play the Raptor. From a rational point of view, the Raptor is the best choice if you must drive a pickup truck to play off-road, or if you must buy a high-profile pickup to go to the streets.