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[YesAuto News] Recently, BYD Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002594) released a July production and sales report. Among them, new energy vehicles sold 18,793 units in the month, and the cumulative sales this year were 93,677 units; while fuel vehicles sold 18,522 units that month, and the cumulative sales this year was 168,135 units. It is worth noting that the monthly sales of BYD's new energy vehicles surpassed the sales of fuel vehicles by a margin of 271 for the first time.

Looking specifically at BYD’s new energy vehicle performance in July, passenger vehicle sales were 18,203 (excluding Tengshi Motors), an increase of 12% from June. Counting the sales of 590 new energy commercial vehicles, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales For the first time, monthly sales surpassed the 18,522 sales of fuel vehicles, and the part of fuel vehicles dropped by about 10% from June.

In addition to the general background of the low season of industry sales in July, the main reason for the decline in the sales of BYD's fuel vehicles in July is that the sales of the product Song MAX decreased by 1,768 units compared with June, which is a decrease of nearly 15% from the previous month. This is already the first consecutive song MAX. Sales fell nearly 15% in two months. However, the new generation of Tang fuel version sold 3506 units in July, ranking second in BYD fuel models, second only to Song MAX.

In the new energy sector, BYD Yuan EV360 surpassed e5 with 4174 sales, ranking first among BYD's new energy models, and is expected to become BYD's leading product in the pure electric field. In terms of hybrid power, Qin DM and Tang DM also have relatively higher sales. Robustness has promoted BYD’s sales in the new energy sector as a whole.

On the whole, BYD’s new energy sector was significantly stronger in July, while fuel vehicles were slightly weaker due to the decline of Song MAX. In this regard, people from BYD told us that BYD will also make efforts in the field of fuel vehicles in the second half of the year, and models such as Song MAX, Tang, Song and Qin Pro will be vigorously promoted.