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[YesAuto Design Palace] The 2019 Shanghai Auto Show is coming to an end. The major manufacturers brought hundreds of new cars at this auto show, bringing a visual feast for Chinese consumers, whether it is Traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles have tried their best to attract everyone's attention in the slowing Chinese market. Therefore, there is also a special edition of the auto show in the “bystander” section-impressions in the eyes of designers. The most profound model.

Who are the bystanders?

In the past two years, design has become an important part of the new car publicity campaign of car companies. Everyone likes to use a series of stories to illustrate design inspiration. “What's like here, there are unique Chinese elements” stories are not uncommon. In fact, most of these are just to meet the needs of media communication. In the real development process, the designer considers more factors than this.

Therefore, we found a professional third-party design company-Ikona (ICONA), through the perspective of professional designers, to interpret those new cars that are quite topical. In the future series of topics called “The Spectator” , you will see these third-party designers analyze the models that are worth talking about on the market. The opinions, entry points and opinions of these insiders are sharp, objective and true.

If you are worried that Volkswagen designers will favor their own works, you may wish to listen to the neutral evaluations from third parties. For this reason, we specially contacted the Chinese and foreign designers of Ikona Shanghai Design Center during the Shanghai Auto Show.

Don't underestimate this third-party design company. Like Pininfarina, it has undertaken many model remodeling designs that we are familiar with, but due to commercial confidentiality, we will not introduce them in detail.

Because there are too many new cars unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, we cannot comment on these cars one-on-one with the designers, so here we will pick out a few representative works. Some of them are concept cars that show pure concepts, some are concept cars that indicate mass production, and some are new cars that have reached mass production. Among these hundreds of new cars, which ones have left a deep impression on the designers? Let's take a look.

-The most beautiful SUV concept car: Infiniti QX Inspiration

During the Shanghai Auto Show, many designers stopped at Infiniti's booth for a long time, and their eyes were all attracted by the same car: Infiniti QX Inspiration. As a medium and large SUV concept car, QX Inspiration is undoubtedly in the C position on the entire Infiniti booth, but what really makes it attract the attention of many designers is that it can be called the most beautiful SUV concept car in the entire auto show .

Infiniti QX Inspiration does not use a lot of lines, but uses a large number of curved surfaces to show a kind of softness, but as an SUV, it is blindly soft but it is difficult to show the sports genes of the Infiniti brand. Therefore, the use of local sharp lines can produce a strong contrast with the curved surface, and the cut surface has a better visual effect.

In addition, the traditional fog lamp area also forms a visual shadow area through two fold lines and profile differences, which is in line with people's traditional aesthetic inertia. The ridgeline raised in the center above the LOGO is a small detail common in the 1950s. Its existence also gives Infiniti QX Inspiration a retro fashion sense.

Why do you care about this waistline? Not only is it difficult to mass produce, but also because it divides this large surface of the car door into two different curved surfaces, which form completely different visual effects under the light. Because the existence of this sharp waistline makes the whole side look distinctive and fuller.

The penetrating taillights are a very popular element in the design field in recent years. Many people will feel like fried rice when they see the penetrating taillights, but the taillights of Infiniti QX Inspiration are not penetrating for the purpose of penetrating. In fact, the upper and lower profiles of the taillights are not on the same plane, so the installation position of the taillights can be said to be naturally formed by the profile difference, which is not abrupt and does not violate the overall design of the rear volume.

From the warmer colors of the interior to the placement of Japanese flower arrangements, all are expressing a style of home. The partially transparent sunroof shade gives a visual effect of blinds under the light, and the exquisite and delicate feeling embodied by the solid wood and seat materials, the whole interior brings a very Japanese style of home. , And this is also the embodiment of Infiniti’s integration of Japanese culture into the design of concept cars as a Japanese luxury brand.

-The most technologically-sensing electric car: Audi AI:ME

This time Audi brought a concept car named AI:ME to Shanghai to show Audi's answer to exploring the future of high-end travel in the city. When it comes to Audi, what are the most notable features? Unlike a thousand readers who have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts, I believe most people will talk about big mouths and headlights when they mention Audi!

The so-called parametric design is to use the same pattern to arrange in a gradual manner, thus showing a unique rhythm. This kind of design can be found not only in Audi, but also in concept cars launched by many other brands. Although it is not a recent product, parametric design is still widely regarded as a fashionable and novel design technique.

All these design elements make Audi AI:ME look stylish and smart, complementing its name. The hexagonal “big mouth” and the hollow aerodynamics kit above the LOGO are exactly the same as the concept car Audi Aicon unveiled in Frankfurt in 2017, but on both sides of the “big mouth” some of the same parameters as the headlight design have been added. The pattern further weakens the outline of the headlights.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of creating this family design is the ridge line that runs through the entire side window, and the line extending from the front fender traverses the entire window, all the way to the rear C-pillar. This design is used in any production car today. It is difficult to see, because the existence of this ridge makes it difficult for the windows to rise and fall, but it is undeniable that it has greatly improved the sporty and technological sense of the concept car.

Unlike Audi Aicon's L5 level of autonomous driving, AI:ME “only has L4 level of autonomous driving capabilities, so in concept cars we can also see the presence of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals. However, in the automatic driving mode, The steering wheel can be folded and hidden in the dashboard. The sense of science and technology will completely explode Aicon without a steering wheel.

Audi brought their solutions for high-end commuting in future cities through AI:ME. From the perspective of the concept car, it not only has a sense of science and technology in appearance and interior, but also deliberately wants to create a warmth that is different from industrial atmosphere. In addition, the obvious family characteristics between it and Aicon may indicate that the day to see them on the road is not far away.

-The most luxurious MPV: Lexus LM

Speaking of Lexus LM, of course I have to mention Toyota Alpha, which is popular in the domestic market. Alfa’s price of about 800,000 yuan has put it at the top of the food chain in the MVP market. Coupled with the market price increase of more than 300,000 yuan per year, the fact that Alfa is equivalent to rich and face is beyond doubt.

As a quasi-production car, we don't see the exaggerated styling similar to the concept car and the design that is difficult for mass production on the Lexus LM. Although the shape of the front face spindle grille is exaggerated, after so many Lexus models, consumers still accept it very highly.

In addition to the headlights, the Lexus LM also has two smaller circular fog lights installed on the bumpers on both sides of the front of the car. From the perspective of the layout and shape, one can't help but think of fellow fellow Elfa.

As an MPV model, the most important thing is not its appearance, but the interior and ride comfort. The reason why Toyota Alfa is so sought after in the domestic market is that in addition to being sought after by the rich, its ride comfort is also a major reason for attracting consumers. Therefore, the Lexus LM based on Elfa should be better in terms of comfort, but the most important improvement is the creation of a sense of luxury in the interior.

The space previously used for arranging two rows of seats now only has one row of seats installed, and the amount of space can be imagined. However, based on the show car, it cannot be regarded as the final production version. I believe that the last Lexus LM will be available in 6-seater or 7-seater version in addition to this 4-seater version.

Lexus LM class car, the creation of interior luxury is the most important thing. Judging from the situation at the auto show, it has indeed achieved this and has become a new reason for the rich to spend money. It can be seen from the joke that “Lexus LM did not increase the price of 800,000 yuan” on the day of the auto show media day, everyone has no doubt about its future hot sales.

-Most enterprising: Weilai ET and Xiaopeng P7

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, domestic new car companies who are fighting at home have participated in the exhibition. A total of more than a dozen new power car companies have gathered on the beach and brought their latest products to the show. This is really a major attraction in the history of the auto show. Some of these brands have been mass-produced and put on the market, and some are still in the concept stage, but among the many models of these start-up car companies, the two most aggressive cars are undoubtedly the Weilai ET and the Xiaopeng P7.

Why do you say that? Everyone knows that SUVs have a very broad market in my country and have been booming for more than ten years. Therefore, many traditional car companies will choose large or small SUVs as a breakthrough when they transform. In the same way, among the new car companies that have been on the market, everyone chose SUVs for their first cars.

Although everyone knows that SUVs are better to sell, how many brands in the world that only manufacture SUVs but not cars? Except for Land Rover in the United Kingdom, Jeep in the United States and Haval in China, you can hardly find a third that only relies on production. SUV is a very moist car company!

What is the biggest advantage of electric vehicles? No limit? Wrong, although electric vehicles have the inherent disadvantage of long charging time, but its advantage lies in the use of electricity as a source of energy: fast acceleration. The advantage of electric motors providing maximum output torque instantly is beyond the reach of traditional internal combustion engines. Therefore, electric vehicles have inherent advantages in terms of acceleration. It is only because new car companies have been doing SUVs before, this advantage is not clearly highlighted. .

The lengthening of the engine compartment cover will undoubtedly make the cockpit move back, coupled with the shape of the sloping back, from the side, it can give a feline crawling on the ground and ready to go. This has a comparison to the creation of a sense of movement. Big help is exactly what Weilai ET and Xiaopeng P7 need.

Why do you want to make a mid-size car? From a design point of view, a mid-size car can have enough display space if it has a fastback shape. If it is a compact car, the final shape may not be stretched enough due to the insufficient length of the body. As for the medium and large cars, it is not the area where Chinese brands can attack the city, so the medium car is indeed a very suitable choice.

to sum up:

As participants in this field, designers often see a new car from a very different perspective from consumers. Factors such as design concept, difficulty in mass production, vehicle proportions, use of materials, etc. will affect the designer’s perception of a car. score. In this special edition of the Bystander Auto Show, we explored the cars that left a deep impression on the insiders at this auto show. Which cars are you interested in mass-produced and listed, do you hope designers can comment? You can leave a message in the article, maybe the protagonist of the next issue of the bystander is the one you like!