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[YesAuto Design Decoding] The current Chinese car market has undergone qualitative changes compared to 20 years ago. Consumers' car buying concepts have not only become mature, but they also have a clear understanding of their own needs. Need a large space or a business reception? Should I buy groceries at home or go to that far away place? If you don't do anything else, but just want good-looking styling and a high return rate, a car with a fastback design can meet your needs. Some people may say that when they see the fastback models, not all the fastbacks are good-looking, right? This is true, so how can we create a good-looking fastback car? In this issue of the bystander's topic selection, we will dig out the answer to this question together.

Who are the bystanders?

In the past two years, design has become an important part of the new car publicity campaign of car companies. Everyone likes to use a series of stories to illustrate design inspiration. “What's like here, there are unique Chinese elements” stories are not uncommon. In fact, most of these are just to meet the needs of media communication. In the real development process, the designer considers more factors than this.

Therefore, we found a professional third-party design company-Ikona (ICONA), through the perspective of professional designers, to interpret those new cars that are quite topical. In the future series of topics called “The Spectator”, you will see these third-party designers analyze the models that are worth talking about on the market. The opinions, entry points and opinions of these insiders are sharp, objective and true.

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If you are worried that the designer of the car company will sell melons to Wang Po and favor your own work, then you may wish to listen to the neutral evaluation from the third party. For this reason, we specifically contacted the Chinese and foreign designers of the Econa Shanghai Design Center.

Don't underestimate this third-party design company. Like Pininfarina, it undertakes a lot of the design work of models that we are familiar with, but due to commercial confidentiality, we will not introduce it in detail here.

-Coupe has a long history

In fact, counting carefully, the use of fast-back sedans and SUVs are no longer niche in the market. Not only many luxury brands have launched products in this field, but many Chinese brands have also launched one or two models to see the market response. So how did this model come about?

Whether it is Coupé or Sportback, they are both words that can be used to describe the shape of a slippery back. In terms of history and scope of use, Coupé, a French vocabulary born in the 18th century, has a longer history and can better represent the true meaning of the shape of a slippery back; and Sportback is more used to describe the four-door version of the car.

In French, Coupé actually means “cut off”, so when it is used on a carriage, it means that a row of seats has been cut off, and when used on a modern car, it means that a part of the rear row has been cut off. top. At the beginning of the 20th century, when some cars with only two doors and only 2-3 people were born, people gave them the Coupe name because they had no advantage in terms of interior space compared to ordinary cars, and their The selling point is obvious: it looks good.

Therefore, although the fastback body design has no advantage in the interior space and is also vulnerable in terms of cost performance, this model with beauty and performance as its selling point has always retained a place in the car industry in the 20th century and continues to this day.

-Why have four-door Coupe models suddenly increased in recent years?

When time comes to the 21st century, there are many derivatives of fastback models suddenly, and among them are the Mercedes-Benz CLS class released at the New York Auto Show in 2004 and the new SAC (sports activity coupé) model BMW X6 released at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2008. It has the greatest impact on people.

Although the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is not as good as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class on the same platform in terms of space, but the price is much higher, but thanks to its excellent design, its performance in the market still meets expectations, even many others. After seeing the performance of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-class, car companies have launched similar models.

If a car with a fastback design is not too much to subvert the tradition, then it is really unprecedented to put a fastback design on an SUV. At the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, such a weird big guy appeared on the booth of the BMW Group: BMW Concept X6.

In April 2008, less than a year after the concept car debuted, BMW released the official production version of the BMW X6. Its design drawings were finalized as early as 2005, the concept at the auto show a year ago. The car, in fact, is just to try the market's acceptance of this brand new model.

Why in the two years of cold winter in the auto market, the fastback, which is more attractive than practical, will usher in a blowout? As a designer, Anton feels that this is actually related to the maturity of the Chinese automobile consumer market. If, ten years ago, when private cars had just begun to gradually enter millions of households, as the first car purchased by a family, it would definitely meet the needs of the vast majority of the occupants of the family, so the large space, practicality, fuel economy and even Price will be taken into consideration with higher priority than “good-looking”.

Therefore, products with young appearance, individuality, and not too modest can meet the car purchase needs of these people, and the fastback design is one of the few design techniques that can meet these characteristics. It is precisely because of the above factors that we will see that more and more models with fastback design are born in the market, whether it is overseas or Chinese brands.

-How to build a good-looking fastback SUV?

As the creator of the fastback SUV segment, BMW currently has two products: BMW X6 and BMW X4, and Mercedes-Benz also has two models, GLE Coupe and GLC Coupe, as the first two brands to launch this model. , They are equally unparalleled in the types of models.

In the early days of its birth, such a rare appearance can indeed bring a refreshing feeling to consumers. However, after the replacement, perhaps because the German brand is more cautious, these SUVs with a fast-back design are still attractive. Just see their blood relatives. In other words, the freshness is not as good as before.

So what kind of fast-back design SUVs on the market are amazing products in the eyes of designers? In Anton's words, Jaguar I-PACE is such a product. From its appearance, you can find the most beautiful design technique for SUV models with a fast back.

Although Jaguar I-PACE is an SUV model, its passenger compartment is not placed on the body like traditional SUV models. It is integrated with the body. On the contrary, its passenger compartment is more like a separate one. The parts are placed on the body, which gives it a completely different impression from other fastback SUV models. But why does it make people feel this way?

The drop-shaped passenger compartment shape will not only make the vehicle look more elegant and special, but also an important advantage is that since the passenger compartment gradually shrinks inward from the B-pillar, a part of it will be exposed at the rear of the car. The body, the entire passenger compartment looks like it is placed on the body, rather than integrated with the body.

The design of the shoulder can be called the sexiest part of Jaguar I-PACE, and the technique used by the designer on the side of the body is also very interesting. The first is the lines that run through the front and rear of the body. Although the Jaguar I-PACE does not have a very obvious waistline, the smooth contour line under the windows provides a good balance between the sense of power and elegance.

Since the B-pillar of the fastback SUV starts to drop after the roof, the upper part of their body will appear smaller compared to traditional SUV models, so the lower part of the body will appear very heavy. How can we break this visual effect?

In addition to these means, the change along the curve of the car window is also the finishing touch. The sunken design at the front door not only reduces the area of the front door, but also increases the daylighting area in the car. For this type of passenger compartment, the space is not rich. In other words, it can reduce the depression of the occupants inside.

It solves the depressed feeling of the front-row drivers and passengers. Let's take a look at the problem that the fast-back style will face: the head space of the rear-row passengers. In order to ensure that the appearance of the vehicle is good, the styling of the fastback body is often at the expense of rear head space, which is why it is generally believed that this type of vehicle is less practical.

The method of hollowing out the roof like the Jaguar I-PACE, on the one hand, ensures the appearance of the car's exterior profile, and on the other hand, it steals a part of the interior space, which is a design technique used by most fastback models. It's just that the special-shaped hard top panoramic sunroof used by Jaguar has played a multiplier effect in this regard.

However, with the development of technology, in-car streaming media rearview mirror technology has developed very mature, and many automakers have also invested this technology in mass-produced cars. Although Jaguar I-PACE still uses traditional interior rearview mirrors, it is believed that it will use streaming media rearview mirrors like XE/XEL to solve the problem of poor vision.

Of course, the interior of the Jaguar I-PACE also needs to complain. As a model that uses an electronic shift button, its space utilization rate has to be said to be relatively low. The center console is equipped with two independent hidden spaces, but the size of each space has to be said, and there are too many things to fit.

to sum up:

As the saying goes, luxury is selfish, it is not practical. There are many jokes on the Internet that the quality of luxury goods is not good. Clothes fade after washing, and the soles of shoes wear out after a few steps. But are these things practical when they are designed and manufactured? No, they exist for good looks and allow users to get people's attention.

To some extent, a car with a fastback style will also have this problem. When people complain about its high price and poor practicality, how do you know that its owner is not paying for the design and happiness? Zifeiyu, know the joy of fish? I believe that as consumers increasingly pursue individuality and beauty, the visibility of fastback vehicles on the road will increase.