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[YesAuto Design Palace] Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy has always been a product that is very popular with consumers in the domestic compact car market. Although the old model does not have too prominent advantages in terms of styling, it is compared with the same in terms of space and comfort. The class model has a relatively large advantage, so many consumers who buy a car for the first time in a family will regard it as one of the target models. Without losing the fuel consumption and cost performance of the opponent, some online car-hailing drivers choose it as the first choice when choosing a vehicle. Now a new generation of Sylphy (hereinafter referred to as the new Sylphy) has been officially launched. Regardless of the above advantages, can it attract consumers by its appearance?

Who are the bystanders?

In the past two years, design has become an important part of the new car publicity campaign of car companies. Everyone likes to use a series of stories to illustrate design inspiration. “What's like here, there are unique Chinese elements” stories are not uncommon. In fact, most of these are just to meet the needs of media communication. In the real development process, the designer considers more factors than this.

Therefore, we found a professional third-party design company-Ikona (ICONA), through the perspective of professional designers, to interpret those new cars that are quite topical. In the future series of topics called “The Spectator”, you will see these third-party designers analyze the models that are worth talking about on the market. The opinions, entry points and opinions of these insiders are sharp, objective and true.

Past review:

If you are worried that the designer of the car company will sell melons to Wang Po and favor your own work, then you may wish to listen to the neutral evaluation from the third party. For this reason, we specifically contacted the Chinese and foreign designers of the Econa Shanghai Design Center.

Don't underestimate this third-party design company. Like Pininfarina, it undertakes a lot of the design work of models that we are familiar with, but due to commercial confidentiality, we will not introduce it in detail.

If you choose a young and dynamic compact car, you may think of Honda Civic, or Volkswagen Golf, or Ford Focus. As for Nissan Sylphy, are you kidding me? Indeed, before the replacement, Sylphy's popularity in the Chinese market can be said to be high cost-effective, large space, comfortable ride and many other reasons, but if it wins by style, I believe most consumers will not agree. .

In the same way, Honda first used the latest generation of design language on the Civic. Although it was very young and dynamic, the Accord that was later renewed made people look like a bigger Civic in every way. The first model equipped with Nissan's latest generation design language was the Teana that went on the market last year. Therefore, when the new generation of Sylphy was released this year, everyone unanimously called it Xiao Teana, earning a lot of money from the replacement strategy.

For Nissan's new design language, both Hans and Anton said they look very young and sporty. If the idea of designing a car ten years ago was to look grand and luxurious, then what has become popular in recent years is obviously young and sporty .

Why is there a design trend like Shark Nose? This is because the design of cars now pays more attention to pedestrian protection than in the past. After the more vertical front grille collides with pedestrians, it prevents pedestrians from hitting their heads. It may be helpful to the engine compartment cover.

So, for Xuan Yi, which is called “Xiao Tian Lai”, is it that the designer is lazy in style and has not made obvious changes with Tian Lai? In fact, this is not the case. It can be seen from the positioning and price of the models that Sylphy and Teana have different audiences and different costs, which will naturally have an impact in many places.

-Does the difference in appearance come from cost constraints?

The most obvious difference between the front faces of the two cars is the functional design of the fog lamp area. Since my country's laws and regulations only require rear fog lights, the space for designers to play in the front fog lights becomes greater. Tianlai arranges the turn signal and fog lights in this area. Although a black special-shaped piece is used to make them look like a whole, it is still slightly messy and does not have such a strong sense of design.

The chrome-plated V-shaped decorations on the front face of Teana and the new Sylphy have become larger than those on the old model. Although they look more beautiful, the production cost will be increased accordingly. After all, you get what you pay for. goods. Teana, which is positioned as a mid-size car, can afford this increase in cost, but the price of Sylphy is there. Some designs used on Teana cannot be moved over intact, otherwise the cost of the new Sylphy will definitely increase a lot. .

The engine compartment cover of the new Sylphy, like the Teana, does not use too prominent lines to highlight the muscles. This is the way many European and American cars use to create a sense of movement. However, the shape and area of the engine compartment cover of the new Sylphy is also different from that of Teana.

After reading the difference between the front face, let's take a look at the side of the body. The most prominent “Nissan feature” on the side of the body is definitely the little tail of the C-pillar. The reason why some people think that Nissan’s latest design language started with the LANNIA Bluebird is because the C-pillar is similar to the suspended roof design.

There is a concave straight line extending obliquely upwards under the door. Since the height of the door is slightly larger than that of the side windows, the existence of this straight line can improve the visual center of gravity to a certain extent and prevent the new Sylphy from looking at it from the side. It's too bloated. We can also find the same technique in Tian Lai, but the specific form of expression will be slightly different.

The new Sylphy adopts a hidden exhaust design. In order to highlight the sporty feeling, a black mesh decoration and a diffuser-like structure with the same color as the body are added to the rear bumper. It is exactly the same as the design of Teana, but there are some differences in color. .

-The interior is more advanced than Big Brother?

The new generation of Sylphy has undergone tremendous changes in appearance. Not only has it become younger and more sporty, but it also has a high similarity to its elder brother Teana. So in terms of interior, has it also undergone drastic changes?

The overall layout of the new Sylphy interiors is basically the same as that of the same door brother Teana. You can see the shadow of Teana from the dashboard, steering wheel shape, display screen and shift lever.

Secondly, although they are all layered dashboards, the wood grain decoration used on the Teana has been cancelled on the new generation of Sylphy. Everyone knows that wood grain will bring some help in enhancing the luxury of the interior, but it will also make people feel less young and fashionable. Therefore, it is reasonable and reasonable to position the young and fashionable Sylphy to cancel the wood grain decoration.

Maybe it’s the color of the interior. Seeing the light brown and black contrasting color interior of the new Sylphy and the round air-conditioning vent, I always think of how the Italian Prancing Horse is back in my mind. thing……

In general, in the interior part, the new generation of Sylphy also has a high degree of similarity with the same door brother Teana. Although the sense of luxury is not as good as the nature, it has certain advantages in the creation of youthfulness and sportiness, and it looks even better. With a sense of high-level, it will be more attractive to young consumers.

to sum up:

The whole new generation of Sylphy has been renewed from the inside out. It is no longer the modest person who is balanced in all aspects and makes people unable to fault but cannot fall in love at a glance. It has become more dynamic, younger and more advanced. Although it inherited the design language from Teana, it has also made some changes due to positioning and cost reasons. It can be said that New Sylphy spends every penny on the blade. Except for a few configurations, it almost has With all the features that Chinese consumers like, coupled with reasonable pricing, I believe that the new generation of Sylphy will be hot. The question now is, how good will it sell?