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[YesAuto Design Palace] When it comes to luxury brands, the first thing that comes to mind in my mind are three German brands that are rooted in red. However, the dominance of one party is bound to not last long. Japanese brands have gradually gained the right to speak in this market after several years of painstaking management. Among these, Infiniti, who was ridiculed by many friends as Japanese-French mixed blood, has its own personality. One of the important reasons is that its shape is very topical, so-called professional people do professional things, so we found some insiders “bystanders” whose views have never been heard before.

Who are the bystanders?

In the past two years, design has become an important part of the new car publicity campaign of car companies. Everyone likes to use a series of stories to illustrate design inspiration. “What's like here, there are unique Chinese elements” stories are not uncommon. In fact, most of these are just to meet the needs of media communication. In the real development process, the designer considers more factors than this.

Therefore, we found a professional third-party design company-Ikona, through the perspective of professional designers, to interpret those new cars that are quite topical. In the future series of topics called “The Spectator” , you will see these third-party designers analyze the models that are worth talking about on the market. The opinions, entry points and opinions of these insiders are sharp, objective and true.

I know that when you first read the article, you must still have a grudge against this design company, especially doubt its strength. Here you can use their previous results to prove it. In addition to serving European car companies, they have also undertaken many design tasks for Chinese brand models. Many of the models you are familiar with are from here. However, for confidentiality reasons, the specific names of these models cannot be announced here for you.

■ Talk about posture, don’t talk about cats

Automobiles are industrial products, but because of the design, different products have different personality characteristics. For luxury brands, design is an excellent tool to demonstrate self-tuning. Shuai and Anton believe that compared with the German troika, the young Infiniti has the capital, or is more motivated to make a fuss about the design. So this time we found an Infiniti QX50 (hereinafter referred to as QX50) to let Shuai and Anton analyze the results of the Japanese thinking.

Infiniti has started to resurrect its family design in recent years, which is not unrelated to the leadership's desire to change the overall brand image. In today's increasingly fierce competition for luxury brands, creating a younger image through design helps to open up new market segments and gain new consumers. From this perspective, the Infiniti design team shoulders a heavy responsibility, so their results are bound to be significantly different from the thinking of their German opponents.

■ The core of appearance: special position relationship

For the design team, catching eyeballs is a must-have homework, but more importantly, how to make consumers remember the brand tone. Different from the idea of winning a full house many years ago and trying to satisfy multi-tier consumers, Infiniti pursues the aesthetic needs of specific consumers. From the result, they chose the route of exercise. Of course, this is different from those sports cars that pursue the ultimate. What the Japanese want is luxury plus a touch of sporty flavor.

The front of the car is like a human face, and the exquisite facial features are naturally a bonus, but only if the ratio is right. In terms of location processing, Infiniti designers have created a buried relationship between the A-pillar and the engine compartment cover through a new overlap relationship. Anton believes that this makes the overall posture of the vehicle appear to be lower in center of gravity, and it uses cats as a selling point compared to the market The way of promotion is more interesting. Of course, this ingenious design requires the cooperation of manufacturing processes such as stamping and welding.

■ The core of appearance: make the plane more three-dimensional

The sense of movement is the overall feeling that QX50 designers hope to create, and one of the ways to achieve it is to process the lines. Different from the traditional impression that the design depicts the relationship between points, lines and surfaces, Shuai and Anton feel that they are more like using lines to draw different shapes and surfaces. To put it in a more general way, it is to use lines to describe the visual perception of whether it is convex or concave.

The side of the car body actually tests the designer's skill. Although this part can be displayed on a large area, the overly complicated lines will make the overall design trivial, and if the ink is less, the whole will appear flat. In this regard, Shuai can feel that Infiniti designers deliberately create a clear relationship through the waistline, and through the silver lightning-shaped decoration, breaking the dull atmosphere of SUV models is an approach that Anton appreciates.

■ The core of appearance: a tiger's head is not a snake's tail

In the world of love, there is a saying that it is love at first sight. In fact, one of the highest realms of car design is to capture the observer's eye in a limited number of seconds. There are various methods, and the Japanese choose a route that uses lines to create a unique sense of movement. From the result point of view, this effectively weakened the low-level feeling brought by the horizontal platform. Thanks to the cooperation of the design and engineering team, the whole vehicle has a full sense of volume.

Many models have over-designed front and side designs, and the rear of the car will look a little weak, and some people will make it an anticlimax. QX50's processing in this part still continues the previous sense of movement. The combination of lines and changes in materials create a rich sense of hierarchy.

■ Interior core: flaws in jade

For a long time, Japanese luxury brands have tended to be conservative in interior design. The leading advantages of electronic products at the end of the last century made their designers more willing to show a sense of technology in this way. Anton believes that the interior of the old QX50 is a typical example. With the rapid iteration of aesthetic orientation, many details of this design can only be described as antiquated today.

Afraid of everything but two words, although the QX50's interior has changed the old-fashioned overall thinking of the previous model, it is not perfect. Shuai and Anton believe that the problem lies in the dual-screen area that can be called the bright spot of the entire central control.

Full text summary:

As the saying goes: people rely on clothing, and Buddha rely on gold. Although 20 years have passed since its establishment, Infiniti is still a pupil in the field of luxury cars. As more upstarts enter the market, it is also facing the problem of changing its image. At this time, design becomes a bargaining chip to increase the likelihood of victory. From the results, creating a unique sense of movement is the answer they handed in after thinking about it. Well, the onlookers of the first issue come to an end. I don't know which car design you are interested in in front of the screen. We will select the topical models and leave it to the designer to interpret.