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[YesAuto News] From June 5th to 6th, the 2018 (Ninth) Global Automotive Forum co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Committee, the China Chamber of International Commerce Automobile Industry Chamber of Commerce and the Chongqing Auto Show Organizing Committee was held at Chongqing Yuelai Held at the International Conference Center. The theme of this forum is “Shaping the future of the industry in an era of change”. Guests from the automotive industry from all over the world gathered together to discuss new changes and trends in the automotive industry under the new generation of technological revolution. The following is the speech record of Cai Suping, deputy general manager of BAIC Group:

Dear Chairman Wang Xia, leaders, experts, colleagues in the automotive industry, and colleagues in the media, good morning! I am very pleased to participate in the Global Automotive Forum. The theme of this forum is to shape the future of the industry in an era of change. We are indeed in an era of unprecedented rapid change. The global transformation of new and old kinetic energy is accelerating. Innovation strategy has become a common demand of the world. Manufacturing will become a new driving force for economic development, the Internet, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud services, big data and other new generations of information communication and data technology deep integration. New technologies, new economies, and new business formats continue to emerge and develop vigorously. In the future, automobiles will be new energy, shared, interconnected, and rapidly iteratively upgraded.

This is a major transformation proposition put forward for each global auto company from the perspective of the harmonious and unified development of people, vehicles, and resources. This is also a major subject of our BAIC Group's continuous thinking and exploration. To this end, in 2014 we proposed a transformation and development strategy from a manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented enterprise and an innovative enterprise. In 2017, we proposed the implementation of the Group 2.0 strategy. At present, BAIC has realized joint venture cooperation with its own brands, new energy vehicles, parts, and services. The ten major business sectors of trade, industrial finance, internationalization, general aviation, travel services, and reform and adjustment are advancing simultaneously and developing rapidly. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, BAIC will focus on key areas such as new energy, internationalization, intelligence, networking, service, and sharing, develop high-precision manufacturing, maintain its leading advantage in new energy vehicles, and create differentiated brand characteristics. To achieve high-quality development and enhance global competitiveness, our move is that a new strategy triggers a new revolution. When the world is experiencing a green energy revolution, new energy has become the mainstream trend of the development of the automobile industry. As the pioneer and main force of China's new energy vehicles, we formally proposed to use comprehensive new energy as the main feature at the end of 2017. The leading strategy of 2025 mainly includes the following four levels:

The first is to develop the theme of comprehensive energy. Manufacturers should expand from the original new energy vehicle energy sector to complete vehicle units and secondary platforms related to complete vehicle units to form a joint fleet. The second is the comprehensive new energy conversion of product technology, which requires a shift from a single pure electric technology route to a three-line EV and PHEV. The third is the comprehensive energyization of the industrial chain layout, and the establishment of a new energy vehicle full industrialization with efficient coordination and support such as new energy vehicle parts, service trade, and shared travel. The fourth is the comprehensive new energy of the service ecology, providing customers with a green and intelligent urban travel solution that integrates products, services, charging and operations.

New technology breeds new models. BAIC is implementing an intelligent strategy, and will use the three major areas of intelligent manufacturing driving, intelligent networking, and intelligent cockpits as breakthrough points to realize highly intelligent vehicles. Based on the application of intelligent and networked new technologies, constantly innovating travel service models, leading the new travel concept of technology + humanities, the main business of automobile manufacturing, BAIC has initiated a lightweight, intelligent, and forward-looking technology transformation in the auto parts sector. At the same time, it strengthened horizontal technical cooperation with industry partners, achieved rapid accumulation in the financial field, and injected financial and capital power into the main business of vehicle marketing. In the field of service trade, an important industrial chain support has been formed around the aftermarket of automobile products circulation services. In the context of the sharing economy wave, we have established a time-sharing leasing and car sharing platform, which covers 16 provincial capital cities across the country in one year. The new era calls for new talents. With the disruptive changes in the auto industry triggered by the new round of technological revolutions such as new energy, the Internet, and artificial intelligence, as well as the intensification of international competition, talents in the auto industry will be redefined and must have cross-field and diversified knowledge. Skills and a more open and forward-looking global vision, we have completely jumped out of the traditional talent concept of car companies, conformed to the requirements of the times, looked at the global talent market, and attracted a large number of professional and diversified compound talents with Internet thinking. Establish a better human resource mechanism for attracting, training and using management core talents. Activate and empower differentiated, diversified and international talents.

The new environment meets new challenges. At the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference held not long ago, my country announced major measures to expand opening up, and the significant reduction of automobile import tariffs. This is an important opportunity and will also face a challenging international competition. After years of international development, BAIC Group is confident and capable of meeting: on the one hand, it vigorously strengthens the building of independent innovation capabilities; on the other hand, it has more extensive cooperation with vehicle brother companies, upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain, and new Internet technology companies to take the lead. Building the country's first new energy vehicle technology innovation center is an opportunity to create an innovation ecosystem. At the same time, we will consolidate and strengthen cooperation with international partners such as Hyundai, and continue to expand cooperation in new energy and new fields to form a community with a shared future. We believe that with our joint efforts, China's auto industry will surely complete the historical transformation from big to strong in the new era and create a better future. Thank you all!