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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] The news of Xiaomi making cars will come out almost every now and then, but this time it’s true, it’s just a kart. Want to buy the Mi 9 balance bike for 1949 yuan? Now you can get a kart at the same time by adding 2999 yuan. On August 2nd, the Mi 9 Balance Car Kart Modification Kit (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi Kart) officially began to book.

The Mi 9 balance car has always been favored by young people and disgusted by the transportation department. Most people think it is a very good means of transportation, and some people think that it is just a toy and not suitable for road use. Now it has launched a kart modification kit, which greatly improves its toy properties and becomes a new toy for old urchins and children.

The Mi Kart uses the Mi 9 balance car as the rear wheel to provide power. The No. 9 balance car uses two 350W motors and has a cruising range of 22km. In terms of speed, it is definitely not as good as a real kart, so don't expect its performance too much. But to say that there is no control fun at all, it is not at all. After all, it is driven by an electric motor, and the instantaneous maximum power can reach 2100W. After installing the kart kit, the starting acceleration G value reaches 0.7G, which is more powerful than the ordinary car in the kart hall.

The control of the Mi Kart is also simpler, and the 2.1:1 steering ratio is more friendly to the driver. The steering ratio of standard karts is 1:1 (16:1-18:1 for general cars), which is one of the reasons why karts are hailed as the cradle of F1 drivers, just like F1 racing cars, but such steering compares the driver’s arm strength There are certain requirements, ordinary people will have sore arms when driving for a long time. The 2.1:1 adopted by Xiaomi Kart lowers the driving threshold while retaining some sense of racing as much as possible. And it also has a handbrake, so theoretically it can be drifted, but its body rigidity is naturally far less than that of a standard kart, it depends on your heart.

Mi Kart provides three power modes, the sports mode can reach 24km/h, the normal mode is 18km/h, and the novice mode is only 8km/h. As for reversing, you can switch forward/backward by double-clicking the brake pedal.

The car is suitable for a wide range of ages. The length of the body can be retracted, and the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted, so it can adapt to drivers with a height of 130-190cm, and the load can reach 100kg. The maximum size of the kart after unfolding is 1383/822/600mm, the length, width and height before unfolding are respectively 1004/822/459mm, and the total weight is about 40.6kg. It can be placed in the luggage compartment of the vehicle.

Editor's comment: It should be noted that from the legal point of view, Xiaomi Kart is not allowed on the road and can only be driven in a closed venue. In fact, the No. 9 balance car is also not allowed to drive on the highway, which poses a great safety hazard. Therefore, parents who have purchased a Xiaomi kart must be supervised, otherwise, even in the community, a child with a speed of 18km/h will become a fierce cannonball. (Car home article / Wei Jiangpeng picture from the Internet)