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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Mitsubishi plans to launch a rearview mirrorless intelligent system for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles in 2018, and name it: Maisart. According to the news, vehicles equipped with the system will be on the roads in Japan this year.

Mitsubishi said that the rearview mirrorless intelligent system will use advanced artificial intelligence image capture to ensure the safety of drivers. The camera that replaces the rearview mirror can detect objects as far as 100 meters, and the artificial intelligence system will judge pedestrians and vehicles. , And prompts the approaching vehicle.

According to the report, this system can provide a better field of view. For example, some CMS configurations (image capture) of similar technologies in the market only start to detect objects within 30 meters, but “Maisart” can be more effective in image recognition and capture. Competitors are about 70% higher. In addition to camera technology, this system also has a leading intelligent algorithm system that improves accuracy in both hardware and software.

Since 2010, the automotive industry has been committed to establishing relevant international standards for rear-view mirrorless systems. European and Japanese regulatory agencies also issued research and development invitations for this design system to automakers in 2016, and work together to make this This technology can be used as early as possible. The development of this technology is also the only way for future cars to lead to intelligent development. (Source: CNET; Wen/Car Home Yao Jia)