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[YesAuto Model PK] Since the launch of the 2.0T model, Ford Sharp's attention has continued to rise sharply. This phenomenon is definitely not accidental. It shows three problems: first, people have always recognized the domineering appearance of the sharp American SUV; second, the star effect of Ford 2.0T direct injection engine; third, from less than 30 Judging from the starting price of Wan, Ford is going to make a real move this time. And Ford’s newly-designated opponent for Sharp is the current triple-good student at this price-Toyota Highlander. Can it challenge success?

Of course, how manufacturers decide on their opponents is a matter for manufacturers, and has nothing to do with consumers. The reason for comparing the two models together is to solicit the opinions of the majority of netizens. After all, these two cars are very close in terms of pricing and displacement, and they are both new models, so they can be regarded as the most direct competitors at this level.

● Appearance: the two cars have different style orientations

Among the SUVs in this price range, the size of the two cars is considered to be relatively large, and the appearance looks domineering. I believe that appearance is the advantage of both, as for who you like can only vary from person to person.

At present, the sharp world is relatively small, so in addition to the domineering appearance, it can also give people a fresher feeling. The body design of Ruijie takes a simple route, without using too many muscle lines to show the sense of strength. The huge, shiny metal grille and wheels are a strong American SUV style, rendering the sharp world full of murderousness.

The Highlander is a model that has been on the market for a long time and is popular, so everyone is no stranger to its appearance. Last month, GAC Toyota introduced the mid-term facelift Highlander, with minor changes in appearance. The most obvious change is the front face, the new Highlander uses a hexagonal center net and sharper triangular headlights. In addition, the styles of the taillights and wheels have also changed, and the overall model feels younger.

From the perspective of body size, Highlander has obvious advantages in terms of length and height, while in terms of width and wheelbase, Sharp is leading by a small advantage, so overall, Highlander looks larger. One thing that needs to be emphasized here is that the difference in length between the two cars is obvious because some Highlanders use 7-seater design, while all Ruijie series are designed with 5 seats. Highlander is better than Ruijie in terms of practicality. World, we will introduce in detail later.

Ruijie uses Michelin tires with a specification of 245/60 R18 and a spare tire specification of non-full size, while Highlander uses 245/55 R19 Dunlop tires with a specification of 245/55 R19 except for the entry-level elite version. The spare tire size is Full Size. Both tires are used in cities with the same tire width, but the wheels of Highlander are larger in size. However, the sharp wheel hub has a strong American rough style, and most Chinese people still hold a fresh sense of this style, and the shiny multi-spoke hub is also very eye-catching.

The design of the headlights of the two cars is relatively ordinary, without the popular LED light source, which is also the common feature of most American cars and Japanese cars. However, due to the design of the shape, all models of Ruijie are not equipped with front fog lights. Instead, there are two vents for heat dissipation of the front wheel brake system. The Highlander is equipped with front fog lights as standard. From a practical point of view, the front fog lights are still very useful when driving in rainy and foggy weather.

Interior: Ruijie takes the sports route, and the Highlander design is more humane

In terms of interior style, the two cars are also taking completely different routes. The pure black interior of Ruijie strives to create a sporty interior atmosphere. The silver metal veneer on the center console, steering wheel and door has a good effect to set off the atmosphere, and the overall design is more youthful. The interior color matching of Highlander's upper and lower shades clearly follows the home comfort route. The center console uses red imitation peach wood veneer to give people a sense of maturity and stability, and the overall design is more atmospheric than sharp.

After my personal experience, from the point of view of convenience, I think the Toyota Highlander is more humane. First of all, Highlander's central control panel is relatively large, the button partitions are very clear, and the buttons and knobs are relatively large, and the 8-inch display screen can also be touched, which is very convenient to operate. The sharp world's central control interface looks more scientific and technological, but in terms of convenience, compared with Highlander, it is still slightly inferior.

Both cars are equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, and all have Bluetooth hands-free phones and fixed-speed cruise function, so the ease of use is evenly divided, and both have reached an excellent level. However, the sharp three-spoke steering wheel may be more pleasing to young people. The thickness and grip of the steering wheel are slightly better than that of the Highlander. After all, the Highlander's steering wheel is a bit thinner, which is somewhat inconsistent with its body shape.

The same is true for the dashboard, the sharp world is younger and the sense of technology is stronger. And as an imported model, we are very happy to see that the content of the trip computer has also been Chineseized. On the contrary, the design of the Highlander instrument is relatively simple, and the trip computer display is designed in the area above the center console. Drivers who are accustomed to the conventional layout may have to adapt for a while.

Highlander has advantages in riding space

Highlander has obvious advantages in terms of riding space. It is no longer comparable to SUVs in the same price range. The 5-seater design of Sharp World is obviously not the rival of Highlander's 7-seater, and Highlander's seats are very flexible in folding and moving. , So if there is a higher demand for space, then Highlander will be the best choice.

●The trunk Highlander is bigger

Both cars performed very well in the storage capacity of the entire trunk. Let's take a look at the sharp world first. Under normal conditions, the trunk already has a good storage space. After the second row of seats is down, the space is further expanded, and the back of the seat can almost be flush with the floor. Not only that, another feature of Sharp is that the back of the front passenger seat can be folded forward into a horizontal state. In this way, a channel of more than two meters can be obtained.

The officials of the two cars did not clearly indicate the specific number of the trunk volume, but from the visual and body length inferred, the Highlander should have a certain advantage. But don’t forget that the back of the front passenger seat of Ruijie can also be folded forward. When accommodating very long objects, Ruijie is absolutely unambiguous, but in this way, the passenger will no longer be able to have passengers. So in this link of the trunk, it is still Handaland's victory.

Storage grid Highlander more

Ruijie has a total of 8 cup holders for use, and the design of the cup holders on the center console and the rear center armrest is also more delicate. However, there is no square storage compartment on the sharp world that can hold wallets, mobile phones and other personal items, so these items can only be placed behind the center control panel or in the center control cup holder.

Most people may not care about the storage compartment in the car, including me. But this also reflects the concept of a certain brand from the side. Toyota has indeed done a better job in the humanized design of the details.

Each configuration has its own strengths

There are three different configurations of the elite type, elite sunroof version and Zunrui type in the whole series of the sharp world. Among them, the elite sunroof version only has more panoramic sunroof than the elite model, but the price is 24,000 higher. So I think when buying Sharp, you must choose the lowest or the top. The Highlander, which is the closest in price to these two models, is the luxury version and the supreme version.

Sharp Elite vs. Highlander Deluxe Edition

From the configuration point of view, the Highlander Deluxe Edition not only has more sunroofs and reversing images, but also has independent air conditioning in the rear. These configurations are more focused on the comfort of the car. In comparison, the standard features such as tire pressure monitoring, rearview mirror heating and automatic headlights of all Ruijie series pay more attention to driving convenience and safety. Therefore, the focus of the two cars is not the same, the sharp world is more like a driver's car, and the Highlander is more for passengers.

Sharp Jumbo vs. Highlander Supreme Edition

The above are the top models of Ruijie and Highlander respectively. The biggest feature of the sharp world configuration is the SYNC central control panel and panoramic sunroof, but unfortunately the SYNC system does not have functions such as DVD and GPS. The Highlander's performance in this area is much better. The 8-inch touch screen is not only powerful, but also highly sensitive and quick to respond. The mobile phone G-BOOK function also appeared on Highlander for the first time.

Power system comparison

Comparison of sharp world 2.0T and Highlander 2.7 power

Both cars have two displacements. It is believed that the 2.0T model will also become the flagship of Sharp in the future. Compared with the Highlander 2.7L, does Sharp have an advantage in the power system?

There is no doubt that Ford’s 2.0T engine is now regarded as a star engine. It is not only used in its winning models, but even big-name SUVs such as Aurora and XC60 have chosen it as their heart. Its strength is evident. In contrast, this 2.0T turbocharged engine technology is more advanced, and the power and torque are significantly better than Highlander's 2.7L naturally aspirated engine.

Since the sharp world 2.0T and the New Highlander are both newly redesigned models, we have not conducted in-depth acceleration and braking tests on them. However, the old Highlander 2.7L model's 10.7 seconds of acceleration to 100 kilometers can be used as a reference. And our colleagues feel that the test drive of the sharp world 2.0T is full of power, and the overall feeling is not much weaker than the 3.5 sharp world, and it is better than the Highlander 2.7L. Of course, the two cars can handle daily driving without any problem, and the Highlander's 10.7 seconds acceleration of 100 kilometers is not slow. We will also conduct detailed performance tests on the two models in the future.

3.5 model power comparison

However, in our previous accelerated tests on the 2011 Sharp Sector 3.5 and 2009 Highlander 3.5 models, Highlander's performance was even more unexpected. This Highlander 3.5 engine not only has plenty of power, but also has good noise and vibration control. The most important thing is that it matches the 5AT gearbox very well. The entire gear shifting process is clean and neat, and the gear shifting during daily driving is also quite smooth.

In the previous brake test, the Highlander 3.5 was also slightly better than the sharp boundary 3.5. But for the current more mainstream sharp world 2.0T and Highlander 2.7, we will do a comprehensive performance test in the future.

Comparison of suspension form

In addition to the power system, the influence of the chassis and steering on the driving experience is also very important. Sharp's suspension adjustment is a bit hard, and the high-speed driving stability is excellent. The suspension adjustment of the Highlander is soft, and the daily driving experience is more elevated to that of the Camry, and the steering force is lighter than that of the sharp world. So if you talk about the handling, the sharp world drives more to European cars, solid and stable, while Highlander all demands easy driving.

Maintenance costs

Although the maintenance cycle in the manual is 10,000 kilometers, the maintenance cycle of the two cars recommended by 4S is 5,000 kilometers. As the 4S store does not have a clear maintenance price for the 2.0T model of the sharp world, only the 3.5 model is compared in the above table. It is understood that the maintenance cost of the Highlander 2.7 model is about 150 yuan cheaper than that of the 3.5 model. In terms of maintenance, the Ruijie 2.0T is also expected to be cheaper than the 3.5 model.

to sum up:

The editor has learned from Ford 4S stores in Beijing that there are only four models currently on sale in Ruijie, including three newly-listed 2.0T models and a top-equipped 3.5 premium model, while the other two low-end models Sales of the 3.5 model have been suspended after the 2.0T model was launched. The 2.0T Ruijie has already accepted reservations. The deposit ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 yuan, and the booking period is at least one month. The only 3.5 model has a small number of existing cars, and there are certain discounts. However, the editor believes that the sharp world 2.0T is not weaker than the 3.5 model in the daily test drive, and its fuel consumption is lower. Even with the four-wheel drive system, it cannot be wild like the Wrangler. If you drive in the city, If you occasionally go out for an outing, 2.0T Sharp is obviously more cost-effective.

So if you were still hesitating between Sharp World 2.0T and Highlander 2.7 before, you must already know who to choose after reading this article. Compared with the Highlander, the sharp world is more fresh. Although small, when you see a real car, I believe you will be just like me, impressed by its domineering appearance. So if these two cars are driving on the street, Sharp will be able to win a higher rate of turning heads. Secondly, Ruijie is a driver-focused SUV. Not only does it have stronger power performance than Highlander 2.7, but it also has a more solid chassis. These two points will be very attractive to young people like me. So if it were me, I would choose the sharp world decisively, just because we are young and pay more attention to driving pleasure, and the performance of the sharp world in space is good enough.

On the contrary, Highlander's performance in terms of comfort and space is much better than that of Sharp, and it is more cost-effective. If you are not a person who likes early adopters, but is extremely pragmatic, then Highlander will be very suitable for you. It can make every passenger in the car think that this is a very good car, because it is not only large in space, but also comfortable to ride. If you do not have high requirements for power, the 2.7L Highlander is more recommended.

The result of the contest between the 3.5 models is obvious. Highlander has already beaten the sharp world in terms of power performance, space comfort and maintenance costs.

The article is not over yet, there is a comparison table of the specific configurations of the two models on the sixth page, and interested readers can compare them in detail.