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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Can you imagine one day your smart phone will also have a car key function, allowing you to enter your car smoothly and start driving away? Recently, as one of the world's leading auto parts suppliers, Continental Group brought us their latest PASE keyless entry start system, making it a reality for smartphones to replace car keys.

Compared with the original PASE keyless entry start system of Continental, in the latest system, Continental has improved the door handle sensor, adding a near field communication (NFC) reader and a low energy Bluetooth (BLE) transceiver .

The two technologies of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can both unlock and start the vehicle, but the difference is that the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) method can send commands to the vehicle at a far distance, making The connection between the vehicle and the mobile phone is more convenient and faster, and when using the Near Field Communication (NFC) method, the smartphone must be close to the door handle. However, when the smart phone is out of power and cannot be turned on, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) method cannot be used, and the Near Field Communication (NFC) method can still work normally, avoiding the possibility that the owner cannot unlock and start his vehicle due to the lack of power on the smart phone. It happened.

Edit comment:

Compared with the increasingly popular keyless entry system, the mobile phone virtual car key will bring certain convenience to car owners. Although the car key is not a big item, I believe that many people have the experience of not being able to find the car key when they go out in a hurry. When some car owners who are afraid of trouble are too lazy to carry a bag but have to take all kinds of things to go out in the summer, it should be quite good to save a car key space in the pocket. The virtual car key may bring great convenience to the car rental industry. After the customer places an online order, the car rental company can send the authorized virtual car key data to the customer's mobile phone. I believe that after getting off the plane, taking the luggage and walking directly to the parking lot, using the mobile phone to unlock the rental car, it will be more convenient than going to the rental car shop to get the car key.